@racefortheironthrone was discussing the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion earlier today, and the discussion touched on who might have supported the Reynes. RFTIT’s asker was specifically discussing support from other regions of Westeros, but the ask reminded me about my thoughts on House Parren. 

(I honestly can’t remember if I’ve talked about this before, or if one of my friends around here has already talked about this, but I can’t find it on @asoiafuniversity or my personal blog, I cant find it on Butterfly’s blog, I can’t find SLAL talking about it, I can’t find it on google, etc, so idk where this idea came from, I don’t even know if this idea is original to me or if I got it from someone else, but ANYWAYS)

House Parren was a noble house from the Westerlands which participated in the Ashford Tourney in 209, but which went extinct sometime before 298. Their arms are divided into four, with two black lions on a golden field, and red and white stripes. 

The Reynes were First Men who originally spoke the Old Tongue, and I don’t know how the Old Tongue works precisely, but if the evolution of Parren was something like (”Per Reyne” –> “per”=“by means of” –> “per”≈”par” –> “parreyne” –> “parren”) you could easily get Parren derived from Reyne, the way Karstark has its roots in Stark. 

If the first Parren was a second son or (legitimized?) bastard of House Reyne that founded the House centuries or millennia ago, it would make a lot of sense to me if House Parren was sworn to House Reyne. 

(The black lion on the Parren arms might represent an origin story surrounding a long-ago black sheep of House Reyne, the way Brynden Tully is the black sheep of House Tully.) 

The Westerlands rough draft says: “Lord Reyne had sent forth ravens to his own friends, allies, and vassals, but few had turned up”.

So A FEW Reyne vassals turned up. Not many, but some. If Parren answered the call, Tywin must have exterminated them along with House Reyne. So that’s how I think House Parren went extinct.

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