Music video for PARABOLA (パラボラ) by Parquets (パーキッツ) of which a shortened version of the song was used in Bemani’s rhythm arcade game Pop’n Music 18 せんごく列伝. The group made several songs for the series as well as other video games.


I come to you with another wooden floor sets - this time 3 crammed into 1 post because they are quite similar in style. So this download consists of 3 different sets and although they are under 1 link/zip folder they are 3 separate DBPF files inside so it’s easy to delete the ones you don’t like and also it’s easier in the build mode to have them as 3 different catalogue items.

I think they would look good as ceiling tiles as well but until EA gives us the option to do that to ceilings they are only good for the floors…. 

Sims 2 versions of these are coming in a different post….

My other cc can be found here on my blogspot.

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)


Buurin a la Mode - Parquets


As promised here are the 3 parquet floor sets for Sims 2 as well. (I think these will also look nice as ceiling tiles.) This download consists of 3 different sets and although they are under 1 link/zip folder there are 3 separate folders inside (representing the 3 sets and their recolors) so it’s easy to delete the folders/sets you don’t like.

The sims 4 version and my other cc you can find here on my blogspot.

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Malle’s Rufio Woods
in iCad’s wood colors & in 3 sizes

After so much concrete, how about some fishtail parquet wood floors? I really love the ones in this set by Malle, so I recolored them in iCad’s Wood colors and added an extra, smaller size. All files are labeled and a collection is included as well! Hope you enjoy them, and I wish you a very fun weekend ;)

Download links: OneDrive - Box - Mediafire

La fermeture éclair a glissé sur tes reins
et tout l’orage heureux de ton corps amoureux
au beau milieu de l’ombre
a éclaté soudain
Et ta robe en tombant sur le parquet ciré
n’a pas fait plus de bruit
qu’une écorce d’orange tombant sur un tapis
Mais sous nos pieds
ses petits boutons de nacre craquaient comme des pépins
joli fruit
la pointe de ton sein
a tracé une nouvelle ligne de chance
dans le creux de ma main
joli fruit
Soleil de nuit.
—  Jacques Prévert - Joli fruit sanguine