Re: my last post

I’m not saying its easy or anything, it really does suck. But it forces you make your emotional, rather than physical, relationship grow: it’s good for a girl like me. It may not be the same for you but I’ve found, it makes whenever we’re together that much better. It makes the time we spend physically in the same proximity mean the absolute world. I don’t see the harm in me enjoying that. This is the healthiest relationship I’ve been in and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the distance. Yeah sure it sucks when I’m tired and lonely and just want to talk to my boyfriend but I know that 6 hours away, he’s there and and he’s lovely. I can’t ask for anything more really. I think when people read my last post they thought I wasn’t seeing the shitty side of things. I do, I really do. I just like long distance, it’s just a preference. I don’t see the harm in me having a preference.