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Fighting Fake Anti-Trump News

In the interests of not spending the next four years fact-checking my own side, I would like very much if we could all exercise good judgment on what we reblog.

I’m pissed off about the trend of twitter screenshots posing as “news” with no source. I’m also pissed off about people posting their own unsourced, inaccurate summaries of something they heard somewhere. This makes us look no better than Trump supporters sharing lies on Facebook, and it often causes unnecessary fear. Here’s a guide on what I want people to do instead.

Easy Mode: If there’s no source, don’t reblog it. This requires no effort on your part, but it’s still helpful. Don’t disseminate information that could be inaccurate.

Regular Mode: Add a source. Google some key words. If it’s legitimate, you should find news stories about it. Reblog and add some source links. While I’m not a huge fan of how the mainstream media has been handling things lately, for this purpose I recommend sticking to established print media, because they have better fact-checking than Internet-only outlets and they’ve been firmer in their opposition than TV news.

If it’s not legitimate, reblog anyway and add sources refuting it. You don’t have to write up a whole explanation if you don’t want. Linking to a source with the note “This shit didn’t happen” will suffice.

Hard Mode: Question the source. If there is a source link, check it. If it’s from some outlet you never heard, of or one that you don’t feel is reputable (like, say, The Daily Mail), go see if they have sources to back themselves up. They may not. Google key words again. See if anyone else is reporting on their claims. If not, wait a bit. It’s possible they have an exclusive scoop. It’s also possible they’re fearmongering based on misunderstood or inadequate information, or they’re just flat making shit up. Don’t discount the possibility of fake “progressive” outlets run by the opposition to discredit us. And remember, The Onion is not the only parody news site out there – not by a long shot.

Again, though, if you do nothing else, stop reblogging unsourced stories. It’s already going to be a long, bad four years. We don’t need to make it worse.

from now on no millennial is allowed to make fun of old people for believing clickhole articles or taking sensationalized headlines out of context and drawing wildly inaccurate conclusions from them if they genuinely at one time believed JK Rowling tweeted about group masturbation sessions at hogwarts (photoshopped tweets from a parody site) or that a Pottermore article claims that most present-day wizards just shit themselves where they stand and use magic to quietly clean themselves up (from an article discussing the wizarding world over 1000 years previously, when the English didn’t exactly have the high ground when it came to pooping anyway, before the invention of the modern toilet)

HBO bringing Game of Thrones and Westworld to Comic-Con

Westworld and Westeros are heading to San Diego for Comic-Con next month.

HBO announced panels for Game of Thrones and Westworld on Thursday.

Aside from the July 16 premiere and that parody musical debuting off-site during Comic-Con, fans should mark Friday, July 21 in their calendars. The 1:30 p.m. PT panel in Hall H will feature cast members Alfie Allen, Sophie Turner, Gwendoline Christie, Jacob Anderson, and more. An unnamed “special guest from Westeros” will moderate.

Also in Hall H, the Westworld panel will take place on Saturday July 22 at 4:15 p.m. PT and will include appearances from Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, and more, as well as creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Beatboxer-comic-musician Reggie Watts will moderate the panel.

Autograph signings will follow both panels in the Warner Brothers booth. And if you can’t be at SDCC, you can follow live coverage of the event on Twitter using the hashtags #GoTSDCC and #WestworldSDCC, as well as right here on

painscale  asked:

hey sorry to bother you and i might be wrong but i think people are taking the marvel and nick spencer fans thing seriously when it looks like a joke. i think it’s a parody of npr's july 4 tweets and it's not the official marvel twitter and the fans are fake accounts of marvel writers and it just looks like something someone photoshopped. it seems like it’s making fun of marvel’s shitty decisions with hydra cap and i just don’t want marvel getting credit for turning it around when they didn’t

I just looked up the account that posted those tweets and turns out, it doesn’t exists. It’s just weird that that article would claim those fake tweets to be real, yanno? Maybe that site is a parody site?

anonymous asked:

I think you missed the story of how Oreimo's author is no longer on speaking terms with his sister because of Eromanga Sensei

No I didn’t? It was from a parody site. It’s not real. It’s fake news

Pamela Anderson?! Saint-Etienne player denies 'weird' rumours of glamour model relationship

Saint-Etienne striker Nolan Roux has rubbished the reports of a parody site linking him with Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

The 29-year-old, who is married, saw suggest that he was getting close to the American actress.

He has been able to laugh off the rumours, with his family as understanding as he is that gossip will always be concocted in a modern world driven by social media.

Messi, Pogba and footballers on holiday

Roux told France Football: “I do not know what guy pulled out that, but congratulations to him.

“I do not see how we can get things out like this! So yes, it’s funny for a minute because parody sites do not know what to write. 

“But I wonder how the reporter could believe it and not take it back! Pamela Anderson in Saint-Etienne? It would be a little weird.”

Anderson was recently linked with another Frenchman, having been pictured dining with Sevilla defender Adil Rami.

She is the latest celebrity to have become caught up in a storm surrounding the antics of high-profile footballers.

Lille sign Mendes and Malcuit

Birmingham City manager Harry Redknapp caused controversy in May when he suggested that Benoit Assou-Ekotto was not a realistic transfer target for the club as he intended to become a porn star!

The former Tottenham defender was quick to distance himself from the comments and Roux believes more “respect” needs to be shown to those at the centre of the allegations.

He added: “What bothers me is that it affects personal life. 

“I think no one believes in it, and so much the better. 

“This story reminds me of an article that Benoit Assou-Ekotto stopped football to get into porn. That was also a lack of respect.”

While frustrated to have been dragged into an unnecessary debate, Roux insists that those around him have been able to see the funny side.

Assou-Ekotto laughs off porn star claims

Asked what his wife had made of the story, he said: “She also laughed. But it is always a bit annoying to receive text messages from people who wonder how it is possible. 

“Our friends and family do not believe it, fortunately! 

“My friends laugh even. I sent the picture to my mother, she told me they did not know what to invent.”


You are such gigantic fucking idiots for thinking this was ever a real movement.  Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to watch you people practically fist-fighting over obvious bait?  Not to mention how easily you’re manipulated into making complete asses of yourselves (including by your own fellow tumblr users).

For starters, “meninism” isn’t even a word.  The proper term would be “Masculism”.  The fact that it is clearly–CLEARLY–a mishmash intended to rhyme with “feminism” should have been a giant red flag to anyone with a brain.

And if there is anyone actually taking it seriously, they’re just as foolish as the women who continue to give feminism a bad name, and are the ones whose behavior spurned the creation of the “meninism” joke in the first place.  The behavior you see on tumblr abusing the label is NOT feminism.  It is what is being mocked.  It is not that anyone is actually against men and women being equal.  It is the fact that some women have turned it into what our current Pope has referred to as “chauvinism in a skirt”.

As someone who was around during the ill-fated “Girl Power” movement of the early 90’s, I can tell you with certainty that there’s a reason why it died out alongside “hyper color” shirts and slap bracelets:  It’s just not a necessity in first-world nations anymoreA lot of the myths you’ve been fed about inequality between men and women are just that–myths.  When it comes to the very organization that began the “Ban Bossy” campaign, they had conflicting data regarding the advancements of girls vs boys in schools ON THEIR OWN FUCKING WEBSITE.  We’re in a time where people actually DON’T question, nor are against, the idea of gender equality (and if they are, they’re not the people that anyone is actually taking seriously, just like your great-grandpa that still complains about minorities).  We’ve made more strides than you wish to believe.  Notice how all of this major backlash came about only within the last couple of years, around the time when it suddenly became fashionable to take out your personal frustrations about men (more likely the result of your own personality) on over three billion diverse human beings.

What’s sadder still is that this isn’t even the first fucking time you gullible assholes fell for a parody site.  Remember “Princes”?   Remember how you helped get all of us so super hyped by passing around a post claiming that Disney was making an animated film with two gay princes?  Remember how crushing it was to discover that the original poster got that info from a joke blog?  Remember all that other shit you’ve fallen for without bothering to check the veracity of?

The people that started “meninism” as a joke are all laughing at the fact that you actually fell for it.

The fact that the way feminism is being practiced these days is so highly criticized is not “why I need feminism”.  It’s why you should seriously reconsider how you’re representing it, because chances are, if you’re the type that applauded the setting on fire of the book of a noted feminist (the woman above), or are the type to belittle and demean other women when they say that they don’t support modern “feminism”, then you’re probably doing it COMPLETELY FUCKING WRONG.


Who’s F**king? (Dating Site Parody)

The NRA censored 38,000 websites because of one parody site

A parody site created by activist performance duo the Yes Men drew such heavy fire from the NRA on Tuesday that the pro-gun lobby managed to censor 38,000 sites just to take it down. The site they were after is called Share the Safety — a fictitious charitable campaign where the NRA will, for every firearm you purchase, donate a gun to a disadvantaged urban youth. It didn’t take much then for the NRA to shut it and 37,999 other sites down.

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If “teen trend” didn’t set off your bullshit detector before…

4 BS Stories That Fooled Facebook This Week: Extinct Gingers

#3. No, “Vamping” Is Not a New Trend Among Teenagers. Come On

It looks like the trend reckoning to end all reckonings is upon us, and it’s called “vamping” … otherwise known as teenagers staying up too late. Wait, what? … Have the N.Y. Times, Yahoo, New York Magazine, and Medical Daily officially become parodies of their own sites? The N.Y. Times even points out that some of these kids are reading under the covers of their beds, because it’s not like that is something that’s been going on since the invention of electric light.

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used that google parody site that instead of searching what you type it redirects you to whatever the last person to use Google searched and… I want to die