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Michael: …Those were the worst few months of my life. I never want to go through that again.

Stephen Colbert: Doctor Banner, I have a serious question for you. It’s about your pants. Now, obviously they’re an amazing feat of engineering. Very stretchy.

Bruce Banner: Yes. Specially developed by Stark Industries.

SC: Okay, so here’s my question: why don’t they shrink back down? Because we keep getting stories from all of these random farmers and security guards, always finding you out there in your altogether. And that doesn’t seem right for a serious scientist such as yourself.

BB: Yeah, it’s a funny thing. I keep asking Tony if he can do something about that, and somehow he never gets around to it.

—  The Colbert Report, 3 June 2014.
So it’s the Fourth of July weekend, and the holiday seems to have gotten everyone kind of stirred up about the SHIELD leaks again. And we just have to say…it is so nice to see everyone in Washington find something they can agree on. Democrats and Republicans, both sides of the aisle have come together to officially declare that they are opposed to Nazis covertly taking over the U.S. Government. And about time, too!
—  Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! broadcast 5 July 2014.

A new thing has launched.

I released this on both my Voice Acting channel and the Stuffington Press channel to drum up some publicity.

But in the future it will probably only be on the Stuffington Press channel


5 Second Theatre (#1 | A Midsummer Nights Dream)

All your favorite theatre in just 5 (or more) seconds. What more could you ever need?


Written, animated and voiced by James “Biggs” Highfield

abitterowl  asked:

19 saphael

19 → “The paint is supposed to go where?”

“I need a favor.”

Simon’s eyes snap open to look at the man lying next to him. Raphael’s hair is a Simon-inflicted mess and his lips are still swollen and bruised, slightly parted as he waits for Simon to reply.

“That’s not something you want to hear right after sex,” Simon jokes.

Raphael rolls his eyes at him and moves to gently bump his nose with Simon’s.

“I’m serious, Simon.”

“Fine. What’s the favor?”

“I need you to come see my mom with me.”

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WATCH: Stars spoof Koch Brothers in new climate change music video

A slew of Hollywood stars — including January Jones, Estelle, Atlas Genius and Darren Criss — have joined forces with the Funny or Die production team and a liberal climate advocacy group to produce a new music video mocking the Koch Brothers and prominent Republican politicians.

In a spoof on the 1985 collaboration “We Are The World,” the celebrities have recorded the song “The Earth’s Not Getting Warmer” as part of‘s ongoing effort to counter the conservative movement in the United States and promote aggressive cuts in carbon emissions., previously known as Forecast the Facts, was originally formed to target meteorologists who questioned the link between human activities and global warming.

So, what you’re saying is that the only thing that kept the rest of the U.S. intelligence apparatus from being completely compromised by HYDRA the way that SHIELD was, was that the CIA, the NSA, and all these other other agencies are fundamentally unwilling to talk to each other.
—  Jon Stewart interviews the author of “The Many-Handed HYDRA: How Inter-Departmental Rivalries Saved America,” The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 25 June 2014.
The leaked SHIELD documents often raise as many questions as they answer. Read reports from the ‘Budapest Incident’ for example, and it’s clear that everyone involved remembers what happened there very differently.
—  “Congress’ Investigation of the SHIELD Leaks Continues…and Will for a While,” All Things Considered, 10 June 2014.