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Opposites Attracts

| Pixlpit | Jacksepticeye | Youtube | From: Dont Starve Together #2 |

So, yeah, I couldn’t stop myself, because I always laugh my ass off when @therealjacksepticeye and @pixlpit are playing together, I love them so much XD
I’m so ready for this show ;w;

EDIT: There was slight letters misplacement in ‘Jacksepticeye’ I had to fix, sorry, it’s late here ;;;

So no one told you life was gonna be this gayyyyyy *clap clap* 

It’s ya girl Elliot back at it again with the Thomas Sanders Art (after way too long but shhhh) When the joke was made in the video I knew I had to parody a Brady Bunch Poster. But, since it was 2am, you get it now, plus a bonus speedpaint! Here’s the sappy note part: Thank you, so much, @thatsthat24, @welcome-to-the-joangle, @tallykat3, @jayisjo and everyone else. I’ve struggled a lot with my identity this year and just the support and love you all radiate means the world to us. Thank you. 


One time Francetown got a Disnerland.  And when the global gets the Disnerland the global childs get MUNSTERS.

Look! Out!

- - - - - - - - - 

Want to have THE PHANTOM MENACE chest tube? Go here!

The Last Jedi Poster #5 (Probably Not)

“Tale As Old As Time
Song As Old As Rhyme
Romance Starts On
Starkiller Base!

C3PO is beside himself with shock! His ship has just become canon! Thank the maker!

‘Cause you know he shipped Han & Leia for a long time, too.

Anyways, yeah, decided to jump on the Beauty & The Beast bandwagon this week.

Decided to badly do this cover, cause it’s actually been colder this week than Christmas.

Thank you to all the original artists, nothing is mine, I just mashed it together, like those cauliflower mash potatoes my mom was telling me about last week. Which aren’t potatoes.

But, yeah, probably not.

The Last Jedi poster won’t be like that cause 3PO prefers to look stoic in posters.

And BB needs an oil bath. That’s like not combing your hair on picture day.

And, yeah, we’ve already had a snow setting.

‘Sniff, probably won’t be a Reylo holiday special either…