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Ready! I got people. I’m very happy that I was able to finish this short comic. It took me a long time to finalize them because of some of the commitments I had over the past week: travel, purchases of materials, projects, finally …!

I hope you have enjoyed this parody (or not).

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This is the story of highschool boy Kuro who one day accidently picks up a stray cat. Soon this cat turns out not to be a normal cat but a vampire  and Kuro finds himself caught up in a vampire war. Goodbye lazy, peaceful days~

Servamp AU
This is a parody of the first three pages of the manga



- remaking the rwac comic (i’m redoing the whole thing b/c i feel like the story is kind of iffy), it should be coming in 10 page bursts from now on

- finishing the hcat animatic (this is gonna take some time, guys)

- actually drawing out the ‘monty hall’ b99 short

here’s a preview:


- a comic adaptation of Temper by Bullfinch. Read it here!

- more First Strike parody pages. I had one planned out for Jack but the guy I drew didn’t look at all like Jack so I need to re-do that, too.

- another animatic? after i finish hcat? here’s what i’m considering:

NO GOOD DEED – by Idina Menzel, from Wicked

It’s about the rise of Soldier 76 and Reaper, plus it features science-witch Mercy.

DEAR THEODOSIA (REPRISE) – by Leslie Odom Jr., from Hamilton 

It would be about Reinhardt helping Fareeha after Ana’s death, with Gabe and Jack being bitter in the background.

I AM DAMAGED – by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe, from Heathers

All about Jack and Gabe’s final interactions during the explosion @ Watchpoint: Zurich.

THIS ISN’T THE END – by Owl City, from the Ultraviolet EP

A sad, but ultimately optimistic story about Fareeha and the rise of New Overwatch. 

WEST COAST – by the Neighbourhood, from The Love Collection

A super self-indulgent, Gabriel-centric thing that highlights Gabriel’s relationship with Jack.


TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME – by Idina Menzel & Tracy Thoms, from RENT

More R76, obviously. I figure that Jack used to be pretty promiscuous before Gabriel tied him down. 

A HAMILTON SONG (mostly about the Omnic Crisis)

could be






ALWAYS GOLD – by Radical Face, from The Roots

Also about R76. Honestly, that’s all that’s really going on here.

Also here’s some extra r76 doodles:

plus some Coast Guard AU:

PS: in case it wasn’t clear, i’d like a vote on what to do next.


This gave me life


The Hunt for Rogue’s BFF

Four parody pages from Uncanny Avengers #1.
Art by Daniel Acuña, text by me.

This was a Parody Request from spasticatt, good choice.

Not sure if this is what you had in mind spasticatt, but I hope you enjoy it.

anonymous asked:

I didn't know much about Spoof on Titan until stumbling upon this blog. Thank you for the information about it--and you were right. They laser in on the character interactions extremely well. Do you have any favorites Spoof moments?

Oh I’m glad that I peaked your interest in the series. It’s a right gem all its own. 

As for favorite moments, here are my top 3 favorite comics, in no particular order, from Spoof on Titan:

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 of Spoof on Titan covers Mikasa’s first night with the Jaeger family. For a four page parody comic, it’s full of tender moments. The comic opens with Carla hugging Mikasa and telling her that “she’s part of their family now” and ends with the Jaeger family sleeping together in one bed because Mikasa doesn’t want to be alone. 

I like this little scene in particular. In this strip, Mikasa tries to tell Eren how much “wrapping his scarf around her” means to her. The little reference to the cold vs warm theme in the manga here is also a nice touch. 

 All in all, this comic is a very sweet way of showing why Eren and the Jaegers are so important to Mikasa. They give her a home in both the literal and symbolic sense after she lost her own. They’re family.

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 of Spoof on Titan is all about the friendships/parallels between Reiner, Bertolt, Ymir and Historia. Nearly everyone in the group interacts with each other and there are some very touching/humorous moments in this comic. The usual shenanigans between them do occur: Reiner hits on Historia and fails, Ymir is protective of Historia, Bertolt tags along with Reiner etc. but I think my favorite moment from this comic is when Reiner finally gets his “date” with Historia.

Bertolt tags along with them and Historia ends up having a better time with him than Reiner. Even better, Bertolt and Historia bond over their dependency on Reiner and Ymir.

It’s a nice moment of friendship for the both of them...and hilarious because of jealous Reiner. 

Reiner later gets to bond with Ymir as well. Ymir was out because she wanted to find a way to thank Reiner for helping her earlier. Reiner is actually a little abashed at Ymir’s gesture and he invites them all out to eat in a gesture of friendship to her. Overall, this comic is a lot of fun and nice commentary on the Reiner/Bertolt+Ymir/Historia dynamic. 

Chapter 35

Chapter 35 is about Historia coping with Ymir’s absence. It’s sweet in that everyone, even Levi, tries their best in helping Historia deal with the loss, but the best moment comes at the end of the comic when Historia laughs at Eren getting into trouble with Levi. 

On one hand, it’s terribly funny how worked up Historia is about the Christa/Historia dichotomy, but on the other, it’s satisfying in that Historia in canon was able to settle the parts of her that are Christa and Historia. I think this adoption so to say is most evident in Historia’s desire to help others. She selflessly wants to help those who have felt like her.

Anyway those are my top three comics and if you haven’t yet, you should check out the series. It’s short, funny, and free.  

Noragami Chapter 62

Noragami chapter 62 is now available in English.  Feel free to redistribute and use for non-English scans.  Also includes the Volume 15 bonus material.

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Hiyori steals the show this month by refusing to take Trash Dad’s crap and kicking him to the curb and back.  Chapter 63 is out February 5th.  Translation notes below the cut

Preview Images:

Translation Notes below.  Page numbers are based on those in the original zip file, not manga sharing sites, as multi-page spreads throw off their numbering:

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