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Omg your tags on you ore monogatari post. Imagine Nino having Marinette do the same thing and when she's done confessing Nino just looks under his bed and Marinette is like "What are you doing????" and Nino's goes "Just remembered there was something I needed to get...." and he just pulls Adrien out.

Based on this. Once again, thank you for reading my tags lol.

Last Night’s Aftermath

Summary: Natsu wakes up with a massive headache and tries to comprehend what the hell happened last night.


Pairing: Nalu, hint of Gavy

Rated T (foul language)

Notes: Inspired by the movie “Hangover” and dedicated to @nalufever/DanceswithSeatbelts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE!!!! Hope you enjoy your gift ^^

(According to a court of law, I do NOT Own any rights to the Fairy Tail franchise…and sadly its true)


“Lucy do I have to wear the stupid suit?”

“Stop complaining!” The blonde called from the hotel’s restroom as she finished applying her lipstick. “And it’s not stupid!”

Seriously, she and the rest of their friends were getting ready in their rooms so why couldn’t he just-

“But I don’t like it!”

Lucy scrunched her nose in annoyance and glanced at herself in the mirror one last time before she flicked the lights off.  She entered the king size bedroom she was sharing with her boyfriend but all his complaining was made her wonder why she just didn’t share a room with the girls instead.

She stopped a few feet away to admire her lover’s form in the dark colored suit. Though the sleeves covered his arms and shoulders, his body still displayed that he was lean and strong.

As Natsu finished adjusting his shirt in front of the bedroom mirror, he caught Lucy staring at him through the reflection. He turned around and gave her a large puppy-eyed look.

She lightly blushed; though surprised she was caught, she still walked over to him. Once their toes touched, the male placed his large hands on her hips and pulled her towards him. In return, she planted her hands on his shoulders and gave him a quick look over.

“I don’t get why you’re complaining.” She commented. “You look great.”

“But I thought we were here to party!” The pinked haired adult whined louder.

“We’re celebrating our graduation, idiot. So we have to look nice.”

“But you always look nice.” He pointed out. This caused his girlfriend’s cheeks to flush in a rosy color. “So we really don’t need to get ready for anything!”

Instantly, Lucy’s bashful facial expression was replaced with one of annoyance. She lightly slapped his bicep. He merely yelped.

“How about a little deal? If you stop complaining about the suit,” His lover leaned in closer to his ear and whispered in a seductive manner, “I’ll give you a little reward when everyone goes to bed.”

“Hm…” Natsu stroked his chin and Lucy gave him an irritated look when he even had to ‘think’ about her proposal.

He sent her a giant smile. “Nah!”

The woman’s jaw dropped and before she could pull away for denying her, he crushed her against his chest. One hand slide to grope her ass and the other moved to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear. He lowered his face closer to hers and muttered, “I’d rather have that reward now.”    

She released loud squeal when he attacked her neck with kisses. The warm sensation caused Lucy’s eyes to close as her breathing become heavy and uneven. “N-Natsu, n-no…. everyone’s…. waiting.”

“So?” His voice was muffled, due to his mouth latched onto her skin. “They can wait…”

“Or we can watch.” A new voice interrupted them.

The two hastily pulled away as their turned their attention to Cana. The brunette leaned against the doorway with a wine bottle already in her hand and a teasing smirk on her face. “Aww…. I didn’t mean for you to stop.”

“Are they almost done?” Gray called before he made his appearance into their bedroom.

“We’re more ready than you are you prevy popsicle!”  

The black haired male glanced down and noticed that in less than a second he lost the shirt he had on when he entered the room.

“Shit! When did this happen!”

“I don’t know but mama likes!” Cana laughed.

As their friends exited to find his missing clothing, Lucy sighed and walked over to where her purse was resting. “Come on, let’s go before they grow more impatient.”

“I guess.” Natsu grumbled before he laced his fingers with hers. He followed along and declared, “But we’re not stopping at night!”


Rays of morning light illuminated the hotel’s penthouse; however, anyone passed out on the floor ignored it. Even the group of graduates failed to hear the main door open and close.

Natsu would have continued sleeping if something soft and purring wasn’t right by his face.

Groaning, the male opened his eyes and blinked at the gray feline that was staring at him. At first, the human lacked any facial expression. It was only when his felt his headache that he was able to react. He lifted himself up; his movement startled the cat and with a hand holding his throbbing head, he was able to scan the room.

What was once a luxury room envied by many was now a nightmare for any resident.

Just in the living room alone were about a dozen cats wandering or sleeping. Besides his friends on the floor were party cups and real swords. Some of the weapons were nailed into the walls. Bras hung together as if they were room decorations and scribbled on the wall were a variety of random words, written in pen and ketchup. Some of the furniture was flipped over, others were burned; their 50” inch televisions were split in half, and in the middle of the hallway was an ice cream cart.  

So many things wrong and yet Natsu couldn’t take any of it in.

Moaning a little louder, he buried his face into his hands as he tried to make sense of his situation.

‘Shit…. what happened? Where the fuck am I? Argh….’

He vaguely remembered that Erza, Gray, Gajeel, Levy, Cana, Lucy and himself were celebrating something and they went to Las Vegas and somehow they got a penthouse. He figured Lucy had something to do with it but he couldn’t really say.

The male sat for another minute, unaware that one of his roommates was in the restroom until he came out screaming.

Gray dashed out and accidentally kicked Gajeel, who was sleeping a few steps away from the bathroom door.



Gajeel and Natsu merely stared at him.

“Gray…” The redhead on the opposite room spoke; her voice hoarse and a dark aura surrounded her, clearly upset from being woken up. “If this is a prank-”

“I’m not fucking joking! Check it out yourself!”

“Let me see.” Gajeel shoved the shorter male to the side as he entered. In two seconds he was out. He slammed the restroom door shut and laughed.

“He’s not kidding. There’s a living panther in there!”

“Seriously?!” Despite his throbbing head, Natsu sprang up eagerly. “I’m gonna tell Lucy!”

The sun-kissed skinned graduate hopped over the swords and any trash as he made his way to the bedroom he and Lucy were supposed to be sharing.

Speaking of which, why wasn’t he sleeping next to her? He tried to recall the last time he saw her and only remembered a slight glimpse of last night.

They were in their room; he recalls they were giggling and there was a lot of making out. Were they even wearing clothes?

He looked down and saw he was shirtless but still had pants on. 

His head began to pound again. As he tried to force more of the memory to play, he found that he couldn’t. The last thing he remembered was getting intimate with Lucy before their door had been slammed open.


“Oh no….” Levy grumbled as she stared at the room. “The hotel is going to kill us.”

“Ghihihi. You just had to write on the walls.” Her boyfriend teased from the side.

The smaller adult gaped at him. “I would never-”

“Ah come on shrimp! Some of these words are in Latin and you know as much as I do that you’re the only who knows it!”

Levy blushed in response. The long-haired male looked around the room. “And what’s with all the fucking cats!”

Meanwhile, Erza was frozen to her seat as her gaze was fixed on her left hand. “A-a-a-th-th-there’s-a-a-a”

Cana, with a beer can in her hand, bounced next to the flushing redhead and glanced over her shoulder. “What’s got you so- WOAH!” The brunette laughed. “ERZA GOT HITCHED!!!”


Everyone in the room looked dumbfounded before they quickly looked at their own left hand to make sure there wasn’t a matching ring. Much to their relief, there wasn’t.

“I-this-” Her fiery temper took over; she grabbed a sword and waved it in the air. “I WILL SLAY THE BEAST WHO DARED TO BESMIRCH ME!”

As the oldest vowed to inflict numerous pain on the man who wed her without her permission, Gray ‘shoo’ed a cat off the couch and took the seat for himself.

He laid down, only for his head to crush a crumpled piece of paper. He pulled the note from underneath him and moved it in front of his eyes. He wasn’t in the mood to read but when his eyes skimmed the end of the paper, he couldn’t help but ask, “Who’s Juvia?”

No one responded as everyone was lost in their own minds, trying to recall the events from last night. Before they could try to force themselves to remember further, they heard heavy stomps going in their direction.

Natsu marched into the room; his eyes were blazing and a furious look overtook his normal goofy smile. He pointed at them and snarled.



Okay but seriously everyone who loves harry potter and likes hamilton should have seen this.

  • Akashi: Okay everyone, remember: Sexy.
  • Everyone: *tries to do a sexy pose*
  • Kuroko: *walks by without noticing them*
  • Kise: Akashicchi! It didn't work!
  • Akashi: All right, which one of you wasn't being sexy?! Was it you Shintarou?! I bet it was you!
  • Midorima: Well it wouldn't have happened if someone didn't take my glasses! *glares at Aomine*
  • Aomine: I thought glasses would make me look both sexy and smart af.
  • Kagami: You're even wearing them wrong!
  • Aomine: I was going for style!

pangako sa’yo aka the show that deserved so much better than that disastrous ending (x)


Is Hux gay or european? I have too much time, hope you enjoy this :D

I told @battlebunnyviktor / @honordeathandhangovers that I should draw a Sith Viktor next to his Jedi Yasuo and even though I don’t think Viktor fits a Sith completely he has potential for the Dark Side. Oh and Dan actually beat me to it -> [x] 

Onision is a dipshit


Okay, rant time. First, let me say this: I’m not a Melanie Martinez fan. I don’t consider myself a part of the ‘crybabies’. I’m very indifferent about Melanie Martinez. I think she’s conceptually very different from mainstream artists, as she doesn’t sing about love, break-ups, sex, parties, etc, so there’s an obvious originality to her content. But I also think that the stuff she sings about doesn’t do anything for me, personally. Her music isn’t particularly exceptional, even though she has a nice voice. So I think she’s an okay artist, but I’m not a huge fan or anything. So prepare to back the fuck up, Onision fans. I’m not butt-hurt because Onion-bitch insulted Melanie Martinez. I’m upset because he’s a dipshit. When you make a parody, it is okay to cruelly insult an artist’s talent, or lack thereof. If you feel like Justin Beiber has no talent, feel free to mock his singing skills and his songwriting skills to no end. That’s your opinion. Nobody has the right to close your mouth when you’re expressing an honest thought on a person’s book, music, acting, etc. Eg: I think the book Twilight sucks. That’s a proper opinion. Similarly, when a person did something publicly that you felt was rude, arrogant, homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. You have the right to voice your thoughts on their behavior. If a person is a fucking asshole, say so. That’s what you feel about their actions, so why not let the whole world know? Eg: I think Donald Trump is an asshole. You don’t, however, have the right to call someone an asshole just because they don’t act, sing, dance or draw well. Why the fuck would you even do that in the first place?Just because you don’t enjoy a person’s music, it doesn’t make them a bitch or an asshole. A person is not their art! Criticize what a person produces, not the person themself! Which brings me to Onision. In his video, this fucker called Melanie Martinez a crackhead and a gross human being. He said her teeth looked ugly, and that Melanie is an idiot because she hasn’t fixed it yet. He also proceeded to say how she looked inbred because of her front teeth and that she was not attractive at all. Now, here’s a side-note. I know that this is supposed to be Onion-bitch’s trademark sense of humor. I know that he does this in every single one of his videos. I’m commenting on the Melanie Martinez one alone because this is the only video of his that I’ve seen recently and completely. This applies to all of his videos, so don’t think I’m defending Melanie Martinez alone here. Her video is just an example for an overall rant on Onision. The main reason why I fucking hate Onision is because he’s not honest. He’s not blunt. He’s so basic and so familiarly offensive, he could pass off as a bully. Yes, you guys. Onision is no more than a twelve year old bully. If he wanted to parody Melanie, he could have mocked her musical abilities. He could have mocked her singing. That would have been an honest opinion, because every body feels differently about everything. But no. Instead, he had to cheaply target her appearance. He completely ignored this woman’s career, only to superficially mock her level of attractiveness. How disgusting can you get? Commenting on someone’s appearance, something they have no control over, is never, ever, ever okay. The only time that he actually made some sense was when he was commenting about Melanie’s somewhat rude behavior to fans. Even that wasn’t very redeeming at all, as I felt like Melanie was actually right about the purse issue. So fuck you, Onision. Fuck you and your stupid juvenile sense of humor. Rant over.

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Hexes and Moans

Billdip Parody of Elle King’s ‘Exes and Ohs’

Well, I had me a Pine Tree turned into a man
I showed him all the things that he didn’t understand
Whoa oh
And then I let him grow

Now he’s back in California and he’s cursin’ my name
Cause I made him my lover and then I went away
Hey hey
What can I really say?

One, two, three, he gonna run back to me
Cause I’m the only baby that he ever wants to keep
One, two, three, he gonna run back to me
He’s always wants to come, but he never wants to leave

My hexes and his moans
They haunt me like ghosts
He wants me to make him whole
He won’t let go
Hexes and moans

He was my summer lover down in New Orleans
I made him hot in the winter left him dry in the spring
My my
How the seasons go by

He loves to get high when I get down low
Til his heart is poundin’ and his head just lolls
You know
That’s how our story goes

One, two, three, he gonna run back to me
Cause I’m the only baby that he ever wants to keep
One, two, three, he gonna run back to me
He’s always wants to come, but he never wants to leave

My hexes and his moans
They haunt me like ghosts
He wants me to make him whole
He won’t let go

My hexes and his moans
They haunt me like ghosts
He wants me to make him whole
He won’t let go
Hexes and moans

One, two, three, he gonna run back to me
He’ll be climbing over mountains and sailing over seas
One, two, three, he gonna run back to me
He’s always wants to come, but he never wants to leave

My hexes and his moans
They haunt me like ghosts
He wants me to make him whole
He won’t let go

My hexes and his moans
They haunt me like ghosts
He wants me to make him whole
He won’t let go
Hexes and moans