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Tai Tai Swift - I Know Places (parody) taylorswift


Coming Out as Trans-Everything



地下室を増やしました。風の谷の地下室といったらアレですよね。誰もが憧れたアレ。もう少し広くできたらもっとうっそうとさせたんですけど、今は、これが精一杯(なんでもないですよ) 水路はみやびさまの料亭のを流用w




Steal His Style - "Why do I drive a Lincoln?“

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - $149.95

Hanes® Men’s White 3-Pack Classic Tank - $38

Levi’s Grey Denim Trucker Jacket -  $74.99

Patches - Priceless

Alexander McQueen 2 Tone Leather Belt - $795

Ludlow Tuxedo Pant In Italian Chino - $158

Under Armour Crew Socks - $16.99

Vans Half Cab™ Core Classics - $65

Total - $1,298

Should we do more?

Man with a box of candy bars

Haha Finally! I finished. This is a parody-crossover-fan art of Boy with a Basket of Fruit and Adam Jensen, the hero of new Deus Ex series. The most prolonged painting was Sleeping Dogs fan art, but this painting takes long time, too. Almost a month. I got interesting in texture and lighting by this painting. It was hard but good challange to me.

Original size: 3400*3600

Tool: Clip Studio Paint

P.S. I`m not an English speaker. Please let me know if I use obviously wrong or awkward expressions.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, China has invited world leaders from Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe to take part in a large military parade on September 3. The disruption to people’s daily lives and the absence of national leaders from Western Europe, among other aspects of the parade, were hot but censored topics on Chinese social media.

China Won’t Tolerate Anything but Praise for Showy World War II Parade

DBZ Mean Girls!AU is what makes it hard for me to be productive

- “Hi, I’m Son Goku, and up until now I’ve been living on my own in Mt. Paozu. Then it was goodbye Earth, and hello Planet Vegeta.”

- Goku totally goes to high school and falls in almost immediately with Bulma and Piccolo, who fill him in on the school’s hierarchy.

- Bulma: Watch out for the Saiyans.
  Goku: Who are the Saiyans?
  Piccolo: Your worst nightmare.

- “First, you got Nappa. He’s the dumbest guy you will ever meet.”

“Hey, I think I can see the future. It’s like I’m a brilliant scientist or something.”

- “Then there’s Raditz. He knows everything about everyone, and keeps his secrets in that horribly long hair of his.”

- “And evil comes in the form of Prince Vegeta.”

  Vegeta: So you’ve never blown up a planet before?
  Goku: No….?
  Vegeta: Shut up.
  Goku: …
  Vegeta: Shut. Up.

- “Hey guys, Vegeta doesn’t seem all that bad.”

*hover car honk* “Get in loser, I’mma beat the crap out of ya in training.”

- “So Goku, anyone catch your eye yet?”

“Well there’s this girl in my home economics class, Chi-Chi Mao.”

*gasps* “No!”

“That’s like, Vegeta’s ex-girlfriend!” “You can’t go after her! That’s like, the rules of Saiyanism!”

- So Vegeta gets his revenge by eating all of Chi-Chi’s cooking in the next home economics class, and Goku feels it’s time for payback.

- “If this was Mt. Paozu, I would’ve beat him black and blue with my staff. But I forgot to bring my staff with me, so I’m gonna fight a bit sneaky.”

- “Hey Vegeta, check out this gravity room my friend Bulma just made!”

- “Vegeta, why are you training in 150G?”

“Spit it out, Nappa!”

“That’s like, the natural gravity of the planet. You’re kinda just…doing regular training.”


- “How dare that clown make a fool out of me! I invented him!”

- And then hijinks galore. Including a cooking contest where Goku does a sudden brainstorm on the meaning of life.


All About Those Books

#bringingreadingback #backtoschool

In our days the main reason for blessed event is accident.

The countries of a third world are overpopulated because birth control is not very popular there. But the U.S. citizens have learned enough about contraception and still stork visits them without permission. America is turning into emerging nation, but people keep on spawning, giving the Earth the new souls with troubled childhood.

picture by Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros


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Pan ball

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Cigarettes and alcohol were always a normal thing to show children in the cartoons. Following the new laws, kids have the right to explore some new aspects of so called adulthood. Isn’t it? As for me, I never was happy even with depicting of booze and cigarettes.

Pictures by Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros