We made a new video. It is about My Hero Academia. Some friends and I tried to recap the series by taking turns speaking only one word at a time.

What came out was both a trainwreck and a masterpiece.

Some of my favorite moments:

parody show where it looks like a bunch of kids in HS are going to be dragged into a Magical Destiny, but their middle-aged teachers are accidentally instead


  • PE teacher has to turn into a Magical Girl
  • Science teacher is a reluctant cynical alchemist 
  • Math teacher is a beserker, usually a wimpy nerd until stuff starts going seriously nonsensical (then they berserk)
  • History teacher is a rogue who brought whiskey and a sense of disbelief, UST with the bard music teacher
  • LA teacher is The (self-proclaimed) Chosen One after reading too many fantasy novels, solves a lot of puzzles by seeing patterns no one else can
  • Elderly school principle kicks ass and calls everyone babies
  • They all collectively agree they are happy to be doing this instead of grading tests