People with allism react to ASHU

From the extensive research we put into finding a cure and prenatal test for allism to the intensive sessions of Behavioral Intervention Through Child Harm (BITCH) therapy, we here at ASHU occasionally wonder what people with allism think about our research. Today we’re bringing you a special post with 2 opposing viewpoints from real people with allism, interviewed by our public relations specialist Ben Dover:

I began my research on the opinions people with allism have on ASHU by interviewing members of the allism activism organization Allistic Revolution. The members there were more than happy to tell me what a terrible organization ASHU is, accusing us of promoting eugenics and justifying violence against people with allism. These poor sufferers of allism also have the audacity to refer to themselves as allistic people instead of people with allism. They insist that people with allism are able to lead happy and meaningful lives, and they claim that allism isn’t a death sentence. My organization works too hard to ensure that these people will cease to exist for me to just sit there and take all that slander.

Next, I interviewed a person with allism who would like to remain anonymous. When I met him, he was wearing a paper bag on his head, stating that he does this because he’s ashamed of his allism.

I reached out to shake his hand, but instead he got on the floor and licked my boots so thoroughly that they glistened. This is an impressive feat, considering that I was wearing suede boots.

This poor thing man with allism told me that he strongly supported our efforts to erradicate allism. He lamented the fact that his parents insisted so strongly on ensuring that he wore his seat belt as a child, and he feels as though he can have no sense of identity outside of autism, making his life meaningless since he has allism.

It feels great having our hard work appreciated by people with allism. Thank you all very much for reading and supporting ASHU.

ASHU, bless you!


Buzzfeed Unsolved: Into the Multiverse!

Imagine if all the au’s were actually alternate universes! There were so many au’s I wanted to fit in but I couldn’t get to them all,,, and this was taking a reallyyy long time and I wanted to share it!


What if Godzilla adopts King Kong instead of fighting him…I mean Kong is like… super small compared to Godzilla…

Or maybe this is just an excuse to draw another shitpost…


I need to get this outta my system so that this frikin vine won’t keep haunting me anymore haha

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