Casualità 2

(In biblioteca)

Alzo gli occhi dal libro
Lo vedo
Mi piace
Lui mi vede
Gli piaccio?
Abbasso la testa e faccio finta di niente
Abbassa la testa e fa finta di niente
Alzo lo sguardo e lo fisso con la penna tra le mani
Alza lo sguardo e mi vede
Mi sorride
Gli sorrido
Ride (ma perché?)
Fa un gesto con la mano (mi sta salutando?)
Nel dubbio ricambio imbarazzata
Torno a studiare
Torna a studiare
Arriva un’amica
Mi dice ‘che hai fatto?’
Mi dà uno specchio
Mi specchio
Mi sono scritta intorno alle labbra con la penna
Lei ride a crepapelle
Lui ride a crepapelle
Corro via e scompaio

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

I’m so fucking angry right now!!!!!!!!!!!


To all you fucking Harry girls out there; get this through your fucking thick, conceited ass heads!!!


STOP dressing like Harry Styles!!!!!

Stop buying YSL BOOTS nobody wore them before he did, now all of a sudden it’s like your magical ticket into “Harry will love me” land!

He got a brand deal; what the fuck is your excuse? Oh right, you are fucking stupid!!!


Now I saw some chicks rocking aggressively patterned unbuttoned button ups? Fucking REALLY?!?!?!

It only works on Harry; how the fuck do you get up in the morning and unbutton your blouse and think “oh I look like Harry” and walk outta your fucking bedroom with a conscious!?


You want Harry to like you? Be yourself and stop dressing just like him. He knows when he meets fans if they are wearing EXPENSIVE AS FUCK clothes it’s because he does that’s fucking weird!

You got no fashion sense, so you need to steal his? Fucking rich!!!!


Those of you who are so extra you talk like him, you have his tattoos, you wear the clothes he wears…. FUCK YOU!!!!!!