parma diaries

Location: The Grand View, Fairfield
Consumers: Giorgio Parmani, The Dalai Parma, Parmasutra, The Parma Disarmer
Distinguished Guests: Andy ‘LaParma’ Lamarca
Overall Rating: 73

The Tuesday lunchtime sit was now becoming as tried and tested as your Dad’s new car when your parents go overseas but nonetheless it was chosen to do the job. The Grandview Hotel in picturesque Fairfield was the venue and upon entrance the TAB terminals and abundance of widescreen televisions was noted as a definite positive in the serenity department mainly due to the gambling nature of todays crew. The drive to the venue was also a positive as we passed the RMIT field station which left those members of the Parmada who had graduated Wayno’s year 12 Geography class especially aroused. When we finally ventured out of the well appointed TAB to order our meals we were confronted by what could sympathetically be described as an abnormality but which was actually an absolute disgrace. We had to pay extra for our salad due to it being Parma Tuesday. Now we understand as much as the next group of vagabond chicken connoisseurs that it is not actually possible to make friends with salad but that in no way excuses a venue for thinking it is alright to charge for what should be a god given accompaniment for a poultry and potato dish such as ours. Only two members of the crew actually forked out the extra $2 for the salad and upon arrival of the dishes they were not disappointed. The salad was not the only highlight of this meal with the crumb actually outdoing its usual role of bonding sauce to breast and performing as well as BJ Goddard in St.Kilda’s ill-fated first grand final attempt of 2010. Some downers on the plate included the lackluster chips which were comparable to Master O’Reillys last three Melbourne Cup runs and a Napoli which although rich in flavour did not seem to understand that it was supposed to compliment the chicken, cheese and ham and not overpower them. Overall the day was a success with the late picking of several winners at Rangiora Harness providing a nice touch to an otherwise prosperous sit.

Location: The Country Club Hotel, Yea
Consumers: Parmello Anthony, Parmye West, Parmasutra
Distinguished Guests: Pat ‘Skater Boy’ Carne, Curtis 'Well’ Dunne
Overall Rating: 72

Due to the relocation of Parmye West’s senior to a more rural setting, members of the Groove Parmada were provided with the opportunity to sample a Parma at the Country Club Hotel in Yea. The main dining area of the hotel had quite a humble backdrop, making members and guests alike feel at home as we sat down to wait for our meals. When the plates arrived we were greeted with an almost glowing Parma, perched atop a crunchy cliff of chips and backed by a well-dressed garden salad. The Napoli was quality and noted by all diners, the significant crunch of the chips also received a mention. The salad included cameos from carrot and capsicum, something not addressed by all chefs but it added to the ‘home-cooked‘ aura of the place. The only Malcoms on the dish were probably its value/breast quality and noticeable lack of ham but having eaten a Parma or 47 on our quest; the standards aren’t what they used to be. All in all another good sit and solid meal, worth a check in if you are in the area.