Just a little practice doodles with some of the Manga characters. Some are old, some are new, some are borrowed, some are…blue.

Some Sonic family AUs/Headcanons & More

Idk what to call this AU, since it’s technically not an AU, but also one at the same time. Anyway here it goes! These are just some character profile thingies (minus illustrations cause I’m not done lol) I came up with, + other headcanons about Sonic’s world/society and whatnot.

The Parlouzer Family

Paul “Paulie” Parlouzer 

Status: Alive

Age: 45

Occupation: Professional pilot

Brief Personality/Other info: Paulie is Sonic’s father. He is strong, brave, and confident. He served as Sonic’s first role model. He’s very proud of himself and his family, and has a protective instinct unlike any other. He’s very welcoming, though, and a friend of his children is a friend to him.

Brenda Parlouzer 

Status: Alive

Age: 42

Occupation: Owns a family diner

Brief Personality/Other info: Brenda is Sonic’s mother. She is humble, kind, and wise. She has a very close relationship with Sonic despite how little they see each other. She taught him to be humble and to never judge others. She also serves as a foil for Paulie, who can be quite proud.

Anita “Sonia” Parlouzer 

Status: Alive

Age: 20

Occupation: Part-time Waitress at her family’s diner, hula dancer

Brief Personality/Other info: Sonia is Sonic’s older sister. Her nickname was actually her middle name, which is her grandmother’s name. The similarity between her nickname and Sonic’s nickname is merely coincidence. Like Sonic, she’s snarky and proud, but is more thoughtful and likes to plan things out, other than her younger brother.

Nikki “Sonic” Parlouzer

Status: Alive

Age: 15

Occupation: No job, but he’s a part-time hero. He makes money through the JMPP (Juvenile Mobian Protection Program).

Brief Personality/Other info: He’s the Sonic you know and love! His real name is NIkki, and he hates it with a burning passion because it reminds him of his awkward and embarrassing childhood. He only allows family and very close friends to call him by his real name…sometimes.

Extra stuff

 The JMPP (Juvenile Mobian Protection Program) was created 75 years ago. It was a national agreement to protect anthropomorphic citizens that were under the age of 18. Because these creatures mature much faster than a human child, most of them become independent and self-reliant very quickly. Most are ready to move out by the age of 10. The program requires the government to provide a home, steady income, food, water, and electricity for a juvenile who is living independently until they become 18 years old. 

The reason Sonic is referred to as “The Hedgehog” and not “Parlouzer” is purely because he just wants to be called that. The “Blank” is just a title that anthros use to identify themselves. Its the equivalent to Mr., Ms., Mrs., and so forth.

So I kinda had a tiny art block for a like a full day; so I wanted to do something with drawloverlala ‘s ‘ Sonic Skyline ‘ AU. This is more like a design tribute than anything else. So the two technically three characters I’ve used for this was Cream the Rabbit/Cheese and Nicky Parlouzer (from the 1992 Sonic Manga; Because he’s super adorable and an opposite Sonic so, why not? ).  

I really like the flow of ribbons and scarves in Skyline, So I tried giving Cream the same kinda style the best I could. Nicky on the other hand.. he has some weird looking glasses? Anyway, Here’s my gift to you, Draw. I hope you like this!


OK! So after literally EONS not posting anything, I’ve finally posted something on this little project!

I’m sorry I haven’t doing anything with this comic for a while, since my sister, blab this off to my mom, I’ve have this as a part of my “creative writing” thing for homeschooling this year, So, I’ve been revising some of the elements and story and that’s why it’s been taking so long.

So anyway, here are some concepts that I have been working on for a while  now, I wanted to keep some artwork in a group rather than separately. These are just practice doodles of me trying to grasp the style. Also the first picture I’ll make a colored version soon so that will more vibrant. And possibly a Sonic variant?

More will be on the way so, stay tuned!

Again, I’d like to apologize that I haven’t gotten anything in like AT ALL. I’m going to be taking a big GED test soon, so I have been busy with that, along with my lack of motivation on this for a while, heh…

So, working on this will be a little slower for a while but, I promise that before Election day in the US, You’ll see more concepts and potentially some first pages.

 hello, 2013 is coming to an end and i just wanna say thank you for all those people with awesome blogs.

i can’t put this in words cus i’m more of a silent blogger lmao but i really love you guys and you made 2013 a really enjoyable time on tumblr.

i wish everyone good luck and health for 2014, hopefully we’re having another great year together.

thank you.

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