Question Concerning Parle Productions Video Deletion on Youtube

The cosplay group, “Parle Productions,” has recently broken up, and it is terribly sad loss of such talent. However, not only will there be no more videos made by the whole group, but the vast majority of their hilarious and heart-warming videos have been deleted on the youtube page and it’s very unlikely they will be reposted any time soon. 

I understand that the breakup was a very painful one and my heart does go out to Jack and Kelly. I do not mean to undermine any decision they’ve made. My intention is, rather, to try and show how much the Parle Production team is loved by their viewers and fans from around the world. 

I live in the USA, and I have been a passionate fan of theirs since 2010. Over the years I have been so inspired by their talent and cosplay that I decided to start cosplaying myself.

Personally, I think that so much effort was put into the making of those movies and so many smiles and endless amounts of laughter and joy have been made as a result of their work. Since Parle Productions had nearly 79,000 subscribers on youtube, not being able to watch these videos ever again would be tragic.

Could someone upload the pre-downloaded episodes of “Some Assembly Required,” “Stuck in Savannah,” or any other video of theirs onto Tumblr? 

Or does anyone know where I can find their videos outside of youtube? 

Parle Productions was the cosplay group that got me more involved in the cosplay world. They taught me to be silly and have fun with the cosplay, not just wear it. I started making videos because of them and I’m so heartbroken to see them go. I really wish them the best and that they will keep doing what they love.
I’m just so upset about this. 
But thanks for all the amazing years and all the inspiration you have given me! I’ll miss y’all! 

I know that with everything that has occurred in the past few months, there has been a lot I’ve wanted to say. By now, everything I’ve tried to find the words to express has already been said by a great multitude of people, so I’m going to make this very simple.

Thank you, Parle Productions. Thank you for being so real and so human and so relatable. Thank you for making me laugh when I didn’t have the strength to smile. Thank you for teaching me to love everyone unconditionally, including myself. Thank you for letting me know that I mattered and that I had a reason for living. Thank you for giving me the chance to grow as a person right beside you and everyone else that followed you. Thank you for being dorky and flawed and imperfect, and thank you for the memories.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. My love will always be with you.


I have a story to tell you guys.

If you don’t know already, the two lovely ladies embracing me in this picture are Kelly and Jenn from Parle Productions on Youtube. They come to Metrocon every year, though I’ve never actually had the chance to meet them; and this year, I wanted to change that.

I couldn’t spot Kelly at first, though I did see Jenn, and my friends had to literally shove me at her because I was too scared to even speak. Intimidated, I managed to utter out a small hi–and then, wordlessly and understandingly, she hugged me. I swear, I nearly fainted. Anyway, I told her how much of an inspiration she is to me, and how she and Kelly and the rest of Parle really keep me going, and she enveloped me in this almost crushing hug (which I didn’t mind at all). After that, I got a picture with her and went back to my friends.

And then I started to sob.

My friends didn’t understand why I’d become so emotional all of a sudden, and somehow, I was ale to convey that I’d never met them in person before; and then I turned to one friend and proceeded to cry into her shirt.

Then, my second friend, without me knowing, goes over to Kelly. He tells her that I’m pretty much emotionally compromised because of all of this, and she comes running over and stands so close to me that when I realized it was her, I very nearly screamed. She hugged me tightly and told me that it was alright, and for a few moments, she just stood there with me. Once I could speak clearly again, I told her exactly what I’d told Jenn, and she promptly ushered me over to her–and what you see in the pictures happened.

I swear, Jenn and Kelly are absolutely wonderful, both to their fans and as people in general. They showed me such kindness, such understanding, and such love that I’m tearing up as I think about this. Jenn and Kelly, if you ever read this, I want you to know that you made me so unbelievably happy, and that your kind words were not lost on me. I’ll remember this for a long, long time.

Oh, and thank you.

Also, the entirety of Parle Productions touched my face, but that’s a story for another day.

My first encounter of Parle Productions was on a sleepless night nearly 2 years ago. It was sometime in the middle of the night, maybe around 3, and I was wide awake and scrolling through Tumblr and Instagram and AO3 to find anything associated with Left 4 Dead 2. That’s when I came across a link to Stuck in Savannah.

I binged the entire webseries that night. I was extremely tired by the time I finished, but it was worth it. It was funny, well-planned, interesting, and overall just entertaining. I got so giddy every time Parle uploaded a new episode of SIS, and it wasn’t until a few months after watching it that I decided to begin Some Assembly Required.

To say the least…I love Parle Productions. Their videos bring joy to me in every way possible, and admittedly, I’ve felt a hole in my heart ever since Jack announced the end of the channel. No more new content from the channel that has delighted me more than I thought a cosplay group could do is just devestating to me.

But I will continue to support Jack, Kelly, and everyone else who was in the group. Something happened that broke them apart, and even if I don’t like it, I will respect their decision of ending the channel. I will continue to follow the few of them over at NyxRising, but I will always know deep down in my heart that it just won’t be the same.

So, here’s to Parle Productions. Thank you so much for the countless hours of entertainment, and I will always remember and love you