parle i love you

So metrocon was, essentially, a dream come true. I probably (definitely) acted like a huge incoherent fanboy when i finally got to meet Jack, Kelly, Becky, Sasha, and Lauren. I was definitely not sly or smooth about bringing Jack coffee on Saturday. I am definitely a huge dork.

But either way, these people are so ridiculously kind, and talented, and very very gracious when people are speechless upon meeting them. Kelly chatting with me casually and Becky complimenting my cosplay and Jack fanning me when I was near-hyperventilating are some of the most surreal things that have ever happened to me. I have loved and been inspired by parle since I was thirteen and I am so glad that, six years later, I can finally say that I got to cross this off the bucket list.

It’s actually quite ridiculous how I couldn’t find a photo were I’m not crying With these two.. Anyways I had the privilege Of meeting Jack and Kelly from parle productions These two are single-handedly are The sweetest and kindest people You could ever meet. They treat their fans so nicely as if they’re part of their friends group. (Which came as a big shock to me cause I thought I could only interact with them during a panel then afterwards I had to Leave them alone) I was even more shocked when I found that you could just hang out with them.. They didn’t mind it. I’m so lucky to have made friends at the Panel otherwise I would’ve just went to one Panel and then Stopped because I would be afraid that I would annoy them. Well unfortunately The last time I saw them I didn’t get to thank them for this. I can’t thank them enough for being so nice to me and treating me so nicely and dealing With my crying ass. I hope they enjoy their gifts and that I didn’t bother them too much. Thank you for making this my best Con ever

1.5k follow forever!!

I just hit 1.5k followers which is inSANE?? but I’m super glad that my blog has been able to make so many people smile!! so here are some really cool people that I enjoy following/enjoy talking to in abc order:

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ok that was sort of a lot but I love you all

and everyone else thank you so much for following me and giving me something to do this summer bc I originally had absolutely nothing planned!! I love you