what y’all call jungkook

yes i’ve been looking at the tags on my post n kept a tally 

so far the most popular names for him are

  • jungkook
  • jk
  • kookie

but some of you have interesting names for him n imma shout a few of my faves

the cute ones 

  • baby boy
  • nochu
  • my little star
  • mi conejito
  • mi bebé 
  • every version of ‘bunny’

the meme ones

  • roach
  • mr thighs
  • brat
  • little shit
  • jungle book
  • junk jingkook
  • a chode

Sherlock: I made tea.

John: I don’t want tea.

Sherlock: I didn’t make you tea. This is my tea.

John: Then why did you tell me?

Sherlock: It’s a conversation starter.

John: It’s a horrible conversation starter.

Sherlock: Oh, is it? We’re conversing. Checkmate.

John: What are you doing tonight?

Sherlock: Me and Molly are going out.

John: You and Molly? You finally asked her out on a date??

Sherlock: Calm down, its not a date.

John: Well what are you going to do?

Sherlock: Going to Angelos for dinner, might go for a walk around the town, get matching tattoos, normal stuff.