Friendly Salesman

You ever noticed how when you go to buy a product from any retail store their’s always that sales person who comes over and puts on their best sales pitch . With hopes that you might just buy the product. They make sure they mention all the benefits and how well it that specific product is going to work but never mention the latter. They forget to mention the negative side effects that may come with that product or the things that may go wrong with it and how that product might fall apart and how you wasted time and money going after. 

Notice any similarities ? How about with relationships ? Notice when you first come in contact with a person they resemble that sales man. They give you their best sales pitch to get you interested and to start paying attention to them . They tell you all the pluses , benefits  and perks that come with the product but never do they tell you about the side effects . The difference with a relationship is their is no such thing as a warranty for your time or for the heartache you will have to endure , depending on how far you get with that person. 

Just like when you buy a product from a store you leave there going home feeling good , and once you get home and unwrap or open your product or begin in that relationship things start to fall apart and break. Dont invest all your eggs into one basket and dont be in a rush to buy that product from the store that you just walked in to. Listen to the sales person’s pitch , but its on you to research on that product go to other stores do your price checks and see which place has the best offer and the best buy for you. The person who is giving you the best sales pitch could be only out looking for “commission” (out for personal gain) and only looking to gain something from you to better them selves.  
It’s on you if you want to shop name brand or purchase after market products . Do you want to invest the time and buy something that costs that much more but you know thats it’s going to be worth your while or will you just buy the item that you can afford now that will come apart later and will be a waste of your funds. 

The difference is , in relationships their is very rarely a customer service to go for a return and once you buy that product you are stuck with it and their is a no return policy to get your money back . (Money would equal time in this matter as well as it would equal feelings). Be smart , make sure you spend your money wisely and watch out for the “Friendly Salesman”

S4E10 of parks and rec when they build the office gingerbread house and promise to help Leslie with her campaign made me tear up I love this show so much it makes me want to be a better person

Now that I’m finished w parks and rec I feel so lost? It only took me a month to watch all 6 seasons that’s so short it took me 8 months to finish nip/tuck but that’s bc I kept having to take month long breaks so my concept of healthy sexuality and body image could recover