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top 5 parky rec scenes/running jokes/wardrobe choices idc parky things

NICE THANKS!!! parks is too good and these asks are impossible so these are mostly abt you know who but >:)

2. “watch out for that fence”
3. the gloria estefan get on your feet ice rink debacle
4. singing along to letters to cleo HYPER GAY @ the unity concert
5. ben punching the dude in bowling for votes then making the same noise as when he does shots


bens wardrobe choices lmao bc who watches for anything else:
2. letters to cleo shirt
3. WINDBREAKER+SHADES in freddy spaghetti
4. disheveled trans at the end of flu season 2

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charlie day, ben wyatt, bojack horseman??

OK im gonna assume u mean charlie kelly bc lmao
Sexuality Headcanon: GREY ACE!!!! hes so fkn..ace…. i think he doesnt actually feel sexual attraction for the waitress its just.obsession/delusion u kno. and w dee hes def always thought shes Beautiful but doesnt wanna sully her w his gross self/thoughts… i love him so much i do
Gender Headcanon: look at this agender shitboy… i mean we all know he just Doesnt get gender he doesnt care for it its never crossed his mind
A ship I have with said character: CHARDEE CHARDEE CHARDEE
A BROTP I have with said character: charlie+mac…. an autistic powerhouse….
A NOTP I have with said character: CHARLIE/DENNIS LIKE ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!
A random headcanon: good lord.,, ok so dee is trans(obviously) and when they were in high school charlie was the first person to ever like. call her dee (before she even chose deandra…like when she came out to him he just started usin it as a nickname) and he’d wag class to go smoke weed under the bleachers and she’d go sit w him when school got Too Much and just Chill out and unlike her brother he would actually listen to her… and charlie’s the only one in the gang who never misgendered her??? bc gender is so Null to him he doesnt understand why u’d call someone anything they didnt feel… i love charlie
General Opinion over said character: #me

ben wyatt
Sexuality Headcanon: ben does Not Care abt sexuality imo…
Gender Headcanon: trans??trans trans trans trans TRANS
A ship I have with said character: BENRON!!! +benralphio (ive just decided this is what its called good hsit)… and for the more conventional ships benchris + benleslie
A BROTP I have with said character: ben and chris ACCOUNTING BROS!!! also ben and jerry’s friendship is so good and hold… ben and ann :’)
A NOTP I have with said character: ben+tom literally the only ben ship i am against
A random headcanon: ben wyatt is a drug addict no questions asked.. also hes a fkn sex worker everyone knows this… how tf else do u think he ‘dealt’ w ice town when he was in college theres only 1 answer….. i love this autistic ptsd bpd shitman
General Opinion over said character: me!!!!!

Sexuality Headcanon: ?he def fucked mr pb at some point. also bojack/todd is real
Gender Headcanon: horse
A ship I have with said character: bojack x Suffering
A BROTP I have with said character: bj/diane is so good
A NOTP I have with said character: bojack/diane is weird in a romo/homo way like. i love them being friends w mutual Suffering and attraction but not more??
A random headcanon: i feel like i dont need to have hc’s for bj bc all the Suffering i could ever want is just canon…… hes bpd tho (i mean its canon but) bpd bojack forever
General Opinion over said character: The Horse Man Hurts Me

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leslie knope and ann perkins for that ask game

Sexuality Headcanon: leslie knope is a FLAMING BISEXUAL
Gender Headcanon: cis but not shitty about it
A ship I have with said character: leslie/ann…forever…
A BROTP I have with said character: leslie has such a good friendship w EVERYONE  but i love leslie+jamm bein pals its so weird and bad i love it
A NOTP I have with said character: leslie/tom
A random headcanon: leslie is f*cking everyone tbh…. my fav thing is like. the concept that everyone on parks is fucking and leslie tops everyone and ben bottoms everyone but only when theyre together they switch >:)
General Opinion over said character: lorellaigilmore

Sexuality Headcanon: Ann Perkins is a Big Ol’ Queer
Gender Headcanon: TRANS?? if u havent thought abt this please think about it ann perkins is so trans
A ship I have with said character: leslie/ann… ann/donna is p fuckn hold
A BROTP I have with said character: ann/ron bffs forever
A NOTP I have with said character: ANN/PISTOL PETE >:(
A random headcanon: ANN PERKINS IS A SEX WORKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (honestly think abt all those times leslies been like ‘i would never ask u to perform sexual favours on men for me but …. im a little offended u wouldnt…’ like. just e. everything. ann is a sex worker and i love her)
General Opinion over said character: i love this beautiful sunfish

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parky rec

favorite male character(s): BEN
favorite female character(s): april…..punch me thru a wall
least favorite character(s): jerry
best looking character(s): ben, april, ann, s6 andy, DONNA
funniest character(s): andy and donna
favorite season(s): 6 bc more donna and more developed characters
favorite episode(s): “leslie and ben”, the one where ben gets shitfaced on blueberry wine and gets lost
favorite ship(s): leslie/ben,  april/ben (HYPOTHETICALLY…)