parkway drive dark days

Thy Art Is Murder//Reign Of Darkness

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Parkway Drive//Dark Days

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Darke Complex//Invertebrate

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I’m honestly so angry about this. A guy goes on a talent show and performs Dark Days by Parkway Drive. The crowd starts laughing, the judges act like condescending little pricks and the host makes fun of the contestant. That is not acceptable. Ridiculing a form of art just because you’re not familiar with it is not okay. It shows a complete lack of respect towards the contestant, and highlights the incredible narrow-mindness of television. The guy literally just performed a song, like the majority of people on that show do, and I might add, he did it pretty damn well. Winston Mccall’s are big shoes to fill. His performance was completely disrespected and wasn’t even taken in serious consideration, because of the “unusual” genre. Is screaming not a talent? Is metalcore not music, and therefore art? If a well-grounded critique (on his technique or stage presence) had been made, I wouldn’t have such an issue with this, but the fact that the validity of the performance was dismissed purely because of its unorthodoxy makes me incredibly mad.