parksrec: april


(Click them! They’re PNG files, so you can see them without the white background! Looks cool, doesn’t it?)

(Lol sorry I had to repost it, but I forgot to color the whites of her eyes. 😂😅)

I digitalized my Reboot April drawing for Inktober Day 15! I also liked the look of a darker red outline, so I posted that, too!
(April is one of Daisy Duck’s nieces. (April, May, and June))
For more info on April, check my Inktober Day 13 post! Thanks!

What do you mean it’s not Apritello Week yet? Pssh I don’t have time for calendars, man.

These hoodies were suggested by kleptotello who said: Oooh! Going back to one of your previous comics, you could do one with April wearing a hoodie that points to Donnie: Too Tall and Donnie wearing a hoodie pointing to April: Too Smol. OR, for Raph and Casey: Casey wearing a hoodie that says something like “If found, please return to *insert something hilarious here*” and Raph wearing the corresponding hoodie, “I’m *hilarious thing.* ;)