“I love Sofia the First, and I wish she had an actual face character at the parks instead of the mascot head. I know she’s supposed to be a kid, but I think they could just hire shorter, younger actresses and no one would care. Sofia has such a kind and bubbly personality that should be conveyed through an actress instead of the lifeless mascot head! Wendy and Alice are also canonically children and they have face characters, so why not Sofia too?”

“I’m auditioning to be a face- or fur character/parade performer soon, and I still haven’t told my parents. It’s not that they won’t let me, I’m 19 y/o so I can basically do what I want. It’s mostly my dad’s reaction that I’m worried about. I’m not sure if I should tell them before the audition, so that they won’t be angry with me if I tell them what I did afterwards, or tell them after, so that if it doesn’t work out, I don’t have to deal with my mom’s pity and my dad’s ‘i told you so’ attitude.”