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lol some random doodles from twitter again… [my original tweets]

i love pisuke & usagi….. because they are totally kookmin xDDD so first one is based off one of the stickers, with jimin/pisuke wanting kookie/usagi’s love. and then… we have lettuce crop top jimin (hahahhaahahahah idk either) and bagel jiminnn, both requested by friend on twitter xD

“I went to Disney World and was so excited to try and find like super exclusive merch from all their different properties that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. And I’ve got to say, little underwhelmed by the selection. The most diverse in terms of franchise were the pins. I mean, I could not for the life of me find Hunchback, Great Mouse Detective, Moanna. And even when I did, it was far and few between.”

I wish more people would realize that the audience determines the popularity of princesses & the merchandise they see. At Disney World, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Moana, Brave, etc all had the same amount of merchandise pre-release and very similar promotional events. Frozen was the one that blew up among children and adults. In Summer 2014, when I worked in the Magic Kingdom, the merchandise was EVERYWHERE and was constantly selling out to the point where parks had to limit 3 of one item to the customers. People waited as much as SIXTEEN HOURS (according to the attractions cast members) to meet Elsa & Anna during the event when MK was open for 24 hours. Originally, Elsa & Anna was just met at the Norway pavilion in Epcot but that QUICKLY changed due to demand. The crowds and sales determine what Disney focus on. Now that the Frozen hype has died down, stores previously filled with Frozen merch has been replaced by Elena merch. YOU determine what brands/titles Disney focuses on. Buy the merch, talk about the movie, request this and that, then your favorites will get more love from them.