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Inktober 2017 Day 19

October 19th

Yummy BBQ!!!
Kazan can’t wait to eat a piece of those dead delicious animals.
Remember in my universe, we have humans, anthro animals and regular animals, so livestock and agriculture is pretty normal XP
So we can enjoy a juicy piece of roast beef

It was also done with color inks: yellow, brown, orange, green, black and blue (as the BSB album)


13373 by Peter Baker
Via Flickr:
Middle Bass Island, Lake Erie

It’s that time again! Tomco Week 5 is coming soon, and I hereby dub it: The Summer of Tomco!

It’s in June. School’s out, it’s summertime, and there’s all sorts of fun things to do. Season 3 might get intense so why not give the boys a fun vacation before it all goes to heck? So without further ado, here are the prompts.

Day 1 - Jun 4 - Summer Outfits

Let’s be real, when summer comes, it’s usually time for a change in wardrobe so you don’t sweat to death. How about some adorable summer-themed outfits? Tank tops, shorts, sundresses, flipflops, sunglasses! Make it fashionable, make it tacky, whatever you like best.

Day 2 - Jun 5 - Water Balloon Fights

Nothing says “I love you” like pelting someone with a balloon full of water.

Day 3 - Jun 6 - Ice Cream

It’s hot. Which means we need plenty of ice cream to cool off with. Go wild with the flavors and toppings. Make the Ultimate Scoop.

Day 4 - Jun 7 - Swimming

Nothing beats the heat like taking a dive. Time to go swimming, whether it be in a pool, a lake, or even the ocean. Tom personally probably doesn’t have much experience with swimming in water; most lakes are full of lava where he’s from. But hey, Marco can teach him.

Day 5 - Jun 8 - Picnicking/Barbecue

It’s lovely out. Time for picnicking in the park, or having a BBQ at home, with friends and family and eating lots of delicious food. I’m sure Rafael will be overjoyed to cook for everyone. Maybe the guests bring their own dishes too? Lots of opportunity to share favorite recipes, for sure.

Day 6 - Jun 9 - Zoo Trip

Plenty of free time, might as well go to the zoo, right? And hey, maybe the animals won’t all be hiding out in the shade, but if they are, at least you can interact with birds at the aviary so it won’t be a total loss.

Day 7 - Jun 10 - Summer Activities

Anything else you enjoy doing over the summer that wasn’t mentioned above. Kite flying, camping, biking, climbing trees, whatever else you want. This is essentially a wild card. Have fun!

So those are the prompts, and here are the rules, same as always. They can also be found at if you need to reference them.

1. Please use the Tomco tag on everything you post for a week. You may of course use main show tags, such as svtfoe and Star Vs, since they are from the show, but just make sure Tomco is also tagged for blacklisting purposes.

2. You may also want to use ‘Tomco Week’ as a tag as well, just to make it easier for me to find your work. I’ll be reblogging everything on the relevant days.

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4. If you miss the day, don’t worry. I will reblog them as soon as you get it posted. Again, shoot me a message if I miss it. I’ll be tagging things by day for searching purposes.

5. I’m gonna say that NSFW is allowed, but nothing too explicit, please. I’m not going to check ages but if you want to post more mature content, just make sure it’s got the proper tags and put it under a read more. I do want this blog to be enjoyed by all shippers, and some may not want to see explicit stuff. Let’s keep it tasteful. If something is merely suggestive, I will still use the tag ‘suggestive’ in case you want to blacklist that too.

I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

I’ll reblog this again about a week out from the first day. I’m looking forward to the summer and I hope you guys are too! :D


I just offloaded like two and a half months of photos from my phone, so I thought I’d share some of the photos that didn’t ever get posted when I meant to. 

Top to bottom, left to right:

  • Seal exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago
  • Amazing Korean BBQ in SoCal
  • Why NOT dress Darth Vader up in your football team’s colors?
  • Brick mosaic work at the State Park Bathhouse at Indiana Dunes  
  • Sunrise over my stepfather’s bonsai tree in Texas
  • CAMPGROUND FULL, neener neener
  • A building demolition I have watched all summer in Gary, Indiana
  • A pirate treasure trove at a truck stop in Michigan
Not so Weekly Update #5

I have been busy lately, but i’m still working on the project. I haven’t updated that much, since i haven’t really got enough things to show around, and didn’t wanted to post something meaningless.The official name of the game it’s called Bittersweet. It would feature a white collar Red Panda and a chef Polar Bear. It’s a small, love story visual novel.I will post more details in the next weeks.

Any help it’s very welcomed!

Meanwhile, i’m leaving some sceneries from the game.

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Seattle/Tacoma Friendos:

Want to help me out with some research for the harder-to-google things for the book?  

  1. What are some real seedy, liminal diners?  Like, the place you’d go to meet a hitman and/or the Elf Queen?
  2. What’s the really shitty neighborhood?  like, not to live in, but the buisness/manufacturing district that’s weirdly full of homeless people?
  3. are you more likely to see raccoons or opossums?
  4. Where do all the rich bastards live?  the OLD money people with the old freaking houses, not the mcmansions
  5. parks that have both dog parks and bbq pits?
  6. a good map for commute times?
  7. Asian markets?  the unexpectedly huge one that’s got maybe two things in english in the whole store and a fish counter that looks like a sampling off the endangered species list?
  8. or other ethinic markets?
  9. Particularly haunted places, or parks you just don’t go into after dark?
  10. weird local jokes or obsessions?  (the one pun everyone tells/fuckign hipsters/seahawks?)
  11. regular local complaints? (bitching about traffic/trains/sportsball/specific families/buisnesses)

axdrxyx  asked:

The Sabertooth holding Fiore's first pride parade headcannon makes me really excited because there is so many little headcannons that can be put into this and just the visual of all the guilds helping Sabertooth putting it together is awesome *squeals* Putting it out there: Mermaid Heel has gotta have some lesbian love in there somewhere. Care to elaborate on what you think would be going down - I know theres already been a post about it but... Details ^___^


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  • It is originally Sting’s idea, and he comes up with it on a whim one day when they were all discussing holidays and someone jokingly says they should have a day to honor their guild, and Sting thinks up of the parade.
  • Almost instantly after he thinks of it he gets to work planning, dumping all of the paperwork on anyone else he can find (minus Rogue, whom he drags with him for some of the “planning”. Sometimes they get only a few ideas down and then Minerva decides it would be a good idea if she supervised them. They both sat there wide-eyed staring at her the whole meeting, and they don’t even get one idea down. Minerva decides that as long as they’re brainstorming she’s cool with them getting a little off task. Rogue gets extremely flustered and Sting laughs).
  • Eventually they get serious and talk to the mayor of their town, who thinks it is a wonderful idea: however Sabertooth must pay for everything, despite Rufus’ 20 page essay about how LGBTQA+ representation is important in society.
  • They all pick March 5th as the date, leaving them with two weeks to prepare (which is barely enough time in the end, but they pull it off).
  • They end up all making posters and trying to make little witty catchphrases for each sexuality/gender. Sting’s ideas are extremely cheesy (and mostly puns) and keep getting brutally rejected, Orga’s are too sexual, Rufus’ only make sense to him, and Rogue has no good sense of humor. Yukino, Dobengal, and Daniel end up making most of them.
  • Minerva contacts all of Mermaid Heel and asks if they’d like to join, and soon finds out all of them are lesbians (and a few are transgender), so she instantly invites the entire guild.
  • Sting contacts Fairy Tail (of course), and they all accept, even though quite a few are straight. They all agree to spread the word. Even though Fairy Tail’s methods of spreading the word were a little bit…questionable, they were able to lure in a good amount of people.
  • Orga is put in charge of contacting Quatro Cerberus, who say they’ll come, but end up being a no-show because they all partied too hard the night before.
  • Rufus asks Blue Pegasus, and they instantly agree to not only participate, but to make decorations. They come over to Sabertooth for a few days, and Sting discovers that most of the men in Blue Pegasus are bisexual, and with Rufus’ help sets up quite a few of their guildmates with Blue Pegasus members.
  • Rogue calls up Lamia Scale, who agrees to attend, but Toby doesn’t understand what was going on because Rogue’s description wasn’t the best to anyone who didn’t know what a Pride Parade was, so Toby wore tons of sock themed things and claimed he was “sock sexual”. The others were so weirded out that later Toby was found knocked out in an alleyway (it was probably Fairy Tail’s fault…okay, it was Natsu.)
  • The day of the parade comes, and Rogue wakes up extremely nervous for some reason. He spends the few hours before Sting wakes up pacing the house in his sweatpants panicking that something is going to go wrong. When Sting wakes him up he calms Rogue down and promises him that there will be no homophobes there, and if there are, Sting would personally deal with them.
  • On the day of, Sting, Rogue, and a few other Sabertooth members passed out different shirts, each that were the colors of various pride flags, and also shirts that were black and white and read “Straight Supporter”. If someone had two things they wanted to represent (like gay demisexual Rogue), they also had buttons, hats, bracelets, and flags/banners.
  • Overall it was a huge success, they all marched with posters and did face paint and played silly games in the park along with a BBQ picnic. It was a sunny day with a breeze just enough to keep everyone cool, and all of Yukino’s pictures turned out excellent.
  • They also set up a mini carnival and got jumphouses (it was Sting’s idea, and surpringly, everyone did have fun on them. Well, on the ones that didn’t end up broken by the end of the day).
  • They also had a fireworks show in the evening, to which every member of Sabertooth used their magic to create the show. It was a rousing success, even though Orga and Sting went a little overboard.
  • The next Sorcerer Weekly was filled with pictures Yukino submitted and stories written by Lucy and a few other writers that had attended. Sting kept the articles and pinned them up on Yukino’s photo wall in the guild as a reminder of the wonderful day.
  • For the next month or two, Sabertooth gets letters thanking them for the parade, telling them it gave them courage to come out, or that it was a wonderful inspiring day that really boosted some people out of depression, or even that they made some people stop being homophobic. There is a particular letter about how the parade saved someone from suicide that causes Rogue to break down sobbing, and he actually goes and visits the young lesbian who sent the letter and sits and talks with her for a good 4 hours, and then he gives her a huge hug and tells her he’s proud of her for staying in this world, and to never give up the fight. She cries and claims that it was the happiest day of her life.
  • The parade was twice as big the next year, and each and every year it only grew, until soon it was held in Crocus instead of Sabertooth’s hometown. Eventually Fiore adopted it as “National LGBTQA+ Pride Day” and made it an official holiday. Sting and Rogue Eucliffe-Cheney were names remembered for centuries after in textbooks as the gay couple that brought the world to finally see that no matter your sexuality/gender, you should be proud of who you are and not be afraid to show it.

Happy National Burger Day, fuckers! Randy shows us how to create a perfect bacon cheeseburger.