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where can we write a petition to have the Isle of the Lost / Auradon incorporated into your parks? Disneyworld would be an easy solution for some of your vandalism and trespassing problems. That abandonned swamp that used to be Discovery Island / River Country?  Yeah the SAME one that people constantly try to make youtube videos of where they trespass then get themselves banned for life from your parks? Well here is my pitch, Disney.

With the popularity of Descendants and the sequel Descendants 2 you could make a LOT more money by opening an Isle of the Lost / Auradon resort in this unused property. Why not? What would you be losing, honestly? Discovery Island would make the PERFECT Isle of the lost. Imagine with me - - boat rides over to the Isle where kids meet up with Uma and her crew and can meet all of the Disney Villans and VK’s that they dream of meeting during the year. This would make customers immensely happy, seeing as how you abandoned your idea years ago about creating the Villain version of Disney World. Many customers wish their kids could meet their favourite villains. Hell, there was a girl named Lilah ( i think? ) that had cancer and was terminally ill and her dying wish was to meet Ursula. She couldn’t because your parks do not have year round meet and greets with villains ( outside of the few more so popular characters ).

Need more reasons? Okay. Imagine all of the fun things you could do. Hades Souvlaki restaurant on Discovery Island, Uma’s Fish and Chips, some sort of water ride or at the very least a sword fighting show. You could even do sword fighting / fencing lessons with characters for the kids with foam swords. Do you know who would love that? Everybody! That’s who. Disney you are missing out on a huge way to capitalize on Descendants and Descendants 2. 

To summarize -

  • you would use up currently abandoned space that would deter trespassing and be able to open up a new resort.
  • disney fans of all ages would love it.

  • auradon resort could open where the camping grounds / old river world location is.
  • villains would get their time to shine for those that cannot make it around disney during halloween.
  • Disneyworld could make the PERFECT testing grounds for this idea ( which i believe would do great)
All fans of all ages feel free to reblog / boost this idea so it can make its way around to Disneyparks. Also feel free to add in your ideas for the parks and resorts around Descendants :) what would YOU guys, the actual fans like to see that is villain related?

Magical Mornings! by Andrew Carter

“Grizzly River Run” R. Tom Gilleon, 2001

Disney California Adventure’s Grizzly Peak area has grown into one of the most peacefully serene theme park environments on the west coast. Framed by tall trees, explorable areas and beyond the berm by the Arts and Crafts Grand Californian Hotel, everything contributes to a tranquil atmosphere of being in a national park. The signature attraction, the water rapids attraction Grizzly River Run, features beautiful rock formations, waterfalls and rustic architecture. The peak’s sweeping grizzly bear rock formation, shown here in art by R. Tom Gilleon is, for some, the true icon of the park.

Art ©️Disney


“Remember Dreams Come True” Fireworks Spectacular in Disneyland

Photographer:  George Landis


Explosion of Light by Jared Beaney


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“Remember, we must always believe in our wishes, for they are the magic in the world!” by Andrew Carter


“Remember … Dreams Come True” Fireworks Spectacular at Disneyland 

Photographer: George Landis


Full Moon! by Andrew Carter