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The late greats: 18-plus TV characters who buoyed shows midstream

Ben Wyatt, Parks And Recreation

It was Scott’s tightly wound but thoroughly decent government auditor Ben Wyatt who became central to the show and its creative success, as he became both a well-matched love interest to Leslie, and an ideal straight man to the rest of the cast. 

Sue Ann Nivens, The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The fourth-season premiere, “The Lars Affair,” introduced Betty White as Sue Ann Nivens, chipper host of WJM’s Happy Homemaker (and, in her off-hours, an unrepentant homewrecker). Ed Weinberger’s script described Sue Ann as “an icky sweet Betty White type,” a fit for the actor who rose to prominence hosting NBC’s presentation of the Tournament Of Roses Parade—but the character came to define a completely new “Betty White type.”

Professor Buzz Hickey, Frankie Dart, and Elroy Patashnik, Community

Each character compensated for what the departed characters took with them, but in a subtle way that never made them seem like imitations. It helps that each character was brought to life by actors with crack comic timing, which is even funnier since none of them looks the part. 

Worf, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Worf provided the show with yet another character capable of carrying entire episodes, adding still more to its storytelling arsenal. Besides, it’s damn hard to imagine the Dominion War storyline reaching its greatest heights without the franchise’s most fearsome warrior along for the ride.

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The cast of Parks and Recreation for Entertainment Weekly.

  • Adam Scott:[Aubrey Plaza] does this thing with me, where when we arrive for a scene -- just like camera blocking or when we're just reading through a scene -- she'll introduce herself to me as if we've never met... like, as if she forgot who I was. And then through the whole day makes small talk, like get to know you chitchat and everyone knows we know each other, but it just keeps us on our toes as a cast. I guess it's a really good thing.
  • Amy Poehler:Who's talking right now? Wait, who was that talking?
  • Adam Scott:It's Adam Scott. You know who it is.
  • Amy Poehler:Hey, Adam. Hi. I'm excited to get to finally work with you. It's nice to meet you.
  • Adam Scott:Oh god, Amy. All right whatever. Nice to meet you, yes. Hi, Ms. Poehler, nice to meet you.
  • Amy Poehler:Thank you for addressing me as such.
  • Adam Scott:Oh god.

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“People often say to me ‘you can grow a mustache and use a hammer; how did you become so manly?’ And I remind them that in my family I’m the one that went to theater school, and studied ballet and Shakespearean elocution. My sisters could beat the snot out of me.”