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Amy is the best person you could possibly work off of. She’s my favorite actress. We’re good friends [in real life], and then when we have scenes together, there’s just this thing that clicks. Honestly, when I see on the call sheet that we have a scene together, I still get really excited. It’s always something different. It’s not like we revert back to some holding pattern that we have. She always totally surprises me, and I always try to surprise her — although I’m a much less agile performer than she is in a lot of ways. [Laughs] We’re just genuinely having a lot of fun when we’re doing these scenes, no matter how short or long or serious or funny.


“I was a total tomboy,” Plaza says of her childhood in Delaware, where she attended an all-girls Catholic school and was raised, along with two younger sisters, by a lawyer mother and wealth-manager father. “I was really shy and really quiet until middle school, I guess.” That’s when she discovered community theater, which changed everything. She eventually moved to New York in 2002, attended NYU film school and performed improv comedy with the Upright Citizens Brigade. “I’m actually not that great at long-form improv,” the actress admits. “I like doing characters, but long-form improv is really hard. It requires a lot of mental acuity. I had some great moments, but I had really embarrassing awful fails.”

Aubrey Plaza for The New York Post | February 2017

  • Taako: [storms up to Carey, face covered in glitter]
  • Taako: Carey, what the hell?!
  • Carey: *laughs*
  • Carey: I put glitter in all your moisturizers and lotions. I’m calling it Midnight Sky by Fangbattle.
  • Carey: *finger guns towards the camera*
  • Carey: Twinkle, twinkle, big star.
  • Taako: Carey! That was an amazing idea and I will buy it from you, but what the hell?!