parks and rec [4]

  • Korra: You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Korra: Mako, code name: Been There, Done That.
  • Korra: Asami is Currently Doing That.
  • Korra: Bolin is It Happened Once in a Dream.
  • Korra: Opal is I'd Be Lying If I Said I Hadn't Thought About It.
  • Korra: Tenzin is... Eagle Two.
  • Tenzin: Oh thank God.

Policeman: Are you two a couple? 
Newt: No, tragically we are both heterosexual. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 5, episode 12: Ann’s Decision)


Jacob:I think I need to call child services and have Newt taken away from himself.

(Parks and Recreation; Season 2, Episode 14: Leslie’s House)

A mashup for every episode (20/125)


Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.


Newt: Credence, is that your real name?
Credence: Yes.
Newt: Oh you could do better than that. I’m gonna help you out right now, your name is Angelo. Angelo thank you so much for coming out. Get a thicker tie, it looks weird on you. It makes your head look like a fish.

(Parks and Recreation; Season 4, Episode 2: Ron and Tammys)


Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children