parks and meth


Favorite Television, 2016

  1. Mr. Robot (USA, Season 2)
  2. The Girlfriend Experience (Starz, Season 1)
  3. Atlanta (FX, Season 1)
  4. Stranger Things (Netflix, Season 1)
  5. Transparent (Amazon, Season 3)
  6. Looking: The Movie (HBO, Television Movie)
  7. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix, Season 4)
  8. The Night Of (HBO, Limited Series)
  9. Bojack Horseman (Netflix, Season 3)
  10. High Maintenance (HBO, Season 1)

Honorable Mentions: American Horror Story: Roanoke (FX, Anthology Series) / Black Mirror (Netflix, Season 3) / Broad City (Comedy Central, Season 3) / The Get Down (Netflix, Season 1) / Gaycation (Viceland, Seasons 1 and 2) / Girls (HBO, Season 5) / Hairspray Live! (NBC, Variety Special) / Lady Dynamite (Netflix, Season 1) / Luke Cage (Netflix, Season 1) / The Path (Hulu, Season 1)  

Favorite Episodes:

  1. Mr. Robot / “eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes” / dir. Sam Esmail
  2. Transparent / “The Open Road” / dir. Jill Soloway
  3. Bojack Horseman / “Fish Out of Water” / dir. Mike Hollingsworth
  4. Atlanta / “B.A.N.” / dir. Donald Glover
  5. Black Mirror / “San Junipero” / dir. Owen Harris
  6. Gaycation / “Orlando” / executive producers Ellen Page and Ian Daniel
  7. Girls / “The Panic in Central Park” / dir. Richard Shepard
  8. High Maintenance / “Meth(od)” / dir. Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair
  9. The Get Down / “Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure” / dir. Baz Luhrmann 
  10. The Night Of / “The Beach” / dir. Steven Zaillian

idesin  asked:

I'll admit that I don't know enough to really dig into this ,but as far as the "We need to appeal to the low-income whites" - Are we going to tell rural, poor whites that they are 'suffering', while black people are being murdered by cops, Jews and Muslims are having their places of worship bombed, the queer community is being tortured into submission, and immigrant families are being ripped apart? To tell minorities the impacts to their lives carry the same weight as impacts to white wallets?

No, I don’t care about their wallets. I care about the real world impact poverty has on people of all colors.

I want you to care about poor white kids in trailer parks where meth labs are busted three times a month the same as you care about kids in inner cities.

Because statistically those people are incarcerated at similar rates as people of color and experience some of the very same problems. They’re just more spread out and disagree with you.

I want you to care as much about poor white families who are torn apart by opioid abuse, alcoholism, and the lack of economic opportunity that helped create those problems as you do someone’s right to love who they love and live a secure life without fear of violence.

I want you to stand with single mothers who can’t leave their abusive relationship because they can’t afford it economically as steadfastly as you’ll stand with Muslim families if Trump tries to register them.

Nowhere in any of my rants did I say those issues need to take priority. I just don’t see them taken as seriously and to me that’s a huge problem.

I don’t see posts about those kids or those families. I don’t see posts about those problems.

And when I bring them up, while acknowledging the very real need to be intersectional and appreciate how race and sexual orientation or gender identity can impact people’s lives experiences, I’m chastised for it. That’s a problem and if it’s not solved the left will keep losing.

The fact that you just boiled it down to “whites wallets” proves you don’t know what poverty really is.

It’s about being careful not to lump all white peoples lives experiences together because poverty and economic stagnation shape those experiences immeasurably. The same is true of people of color, but if you’re a middle class person of color or member of the LGBTQ community or some other group, you might not appreciate class struggles the same way you do other types of oppression.

     “I got dragged out of the closet when I was very young, so I never had the opportunity to be normal. I’ve always been queer, and it’s been my biggest strength and biggest frustration.
     “I grew up as the queer kid in a small, traditional, conservative town where nobody wanted to be my friend, and so I didn’t fall into some of the traps that my peers fell into. My family is fundamentalist Christian, and most of them don’t want anything to do with me. With those who do, I have a much deeper, richer relationship. I grew up in a trailer park next to a meth lab, and along the way I got a full-ride scholarship to a good university, and for that I credit being queer. It’s what has made me strong, but it’s bittersweet, and sometimes I wish it had been easier.
     “Being dragged out of the closet early has taught me a lot about love, and what it means to care about somebody. I reject the idea that to qualify for love, I have to meet a certain set of criteria or else I don’t deserve to be loved in the way that they love each other.”

Boulder, CO

flamboyantflower  asked:

I was playing the game "Stick of Truth", and OHMYGOD! Tweek is that true that your parents put meth in their coffee? That's why you're so addict to it?? I'M CALLING THE COPS! D:<

Tweek: Ergh, yeah they do. B-But don’t call the cops! I haven’t had any since middle school when I caught them and I’m legal now. S-So if they go down I’ll lose my job!

Why should others define her pride when she can define it herself, and the history books can paint help paint that picture when they’re not painting murals of horrendous Native American slaughters? She is the Walter White of polite reconciliation, subbing numbers in bacon with an excess of waffles.
—  This is my very favorite thing anyone has ever said. Especially that last sentence. It is possibly the best.