parks and first dates

the signs' bts boyfriend + their first date
  • aries: jin; amusement park
  • taurus: taehyung; arcade
  • gemini: jungkook; beach
  • cancer: namjoon; mini golf
  • leo: jin; picnic at the park
  • virgo: taehyung; zoo
  • libra: jhope; laser tag
  • scorpio: yoongi; art museum
  • sagittarius: jimin; ice cream date
  • capricorn: namjoon; bowling
  • aquarius: jungkook; concert
  • pisces: yoongi; drive-in movie theater

this is not love - the unhealthy and unhappy relationships of musical theatre

the party goes with you - 35mm: a musical exhibition // the right girl - follies // the guilty ones - spring awakening // the great compromise - bloody bloody andrew jackson // the little things you do together - company // poor monty - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder // this is not love - lizzie // maybe i like it this way - the wild party // what is it about her? - the wild party // in love with you - first date // you belong to me - murder ballad // ever after - bare: a pop opera // dividing day - the light in the piazza // could i leave you? - follies // the ladies who lunch - company // we do not belong together - sunday in the park with george // why stay? / a promise - next to normal // nobody needs to know - the last five years // the i love you song - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // 



Newt: Do you have like a first-date outfit I could borrow? Like, I don’t know, a pair of cargo pants?
Graves: Yeah I wouldn’t go with the cargo pant.
Newt: What about like a sexy hat?
Graves: I don’t even know what that is.
Newt: Helping already.

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 4: Practice Date

Being In A Relationship With Carl Would Include!

Pure, cute, slow, nice, loving, adorable relationship with Carl would include.

  • + You two are Relationship goals
  • + Fiona ships you to
  • + The little kisses you and Carl share are so cute
  • + You both are adorable
  • + You both share your first kiss after 1 month of dating
  • + Y'alls first date is at the park
  • +  Debbie wants a relationship like you two
  • + The amount of love you have for one another is so strong
  • + Taking things slow because you don’t want to rush into things

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Reasons To Date Jay Park

When he first saw you 

Couple looks…

When he dances for you 

And when he dances for you 


And then this..

Doing literally everything together

Hanging with him 

Taking pictures of him 

When you diss him 

Making him laugh 

When you’re hanging out with his friends 

Mmm… well… 

Being able to do this to him 

Dinner dates

And just this 

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Dating Yugyeom Would Include

Can you make a “date Yugyeom would include..” please? Brazil loves your blog Jagi xoxo

Note: You’re so adorable thank you so much! You called me Jagi and I nearly died of fluster and happiness. I am so happy you requested this and I really, really hope you enjoy the outcome! (I loves Brazil too, I’d love to visit some day!~)

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GOT7 Masterlist ~ Main Masterlist

Jackson Wang || Jinyoung || Yugyeom ||


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  • Let’s start off by saying that he is so selfless and kind in a relationship, like, he will text you to remind you to do basic everything things like eating or resting before he even thinks of doing it himself
  • And he’s going to be constantly thinking about you
  • “That reminds me of the time when {y/n} and I went to-”
  • “The park on your first date? yeah you mentioned it about thirty times in the last ten minutes, we get it.” 
  • Teasing by the other members
  • Of course it’s never nasty
  • Always fun and playful 
  • And Yugyeom gives zero fucks because he doesn’t have time for them basic bitches
  • “{y/n} has rather a few love marks at the moment”
  • “They’re beautiful right?”
  • Him admiring you from afar
  • And blushing when you notice
  • But never turning away
  • Staying at home dates because it’s one of the places he loves the most
  • Because at home is the place where the two of you are well and truly alone with no disruptions from band members or paparazzi to disrupt or stop the two of you. 
  • Sometimes he’ll want to do every day things with you like laundry or cooking because it reminds him of a normal life and allows him to forget about being idol and being famous for a while
  • Which to be honest is good for him, because it can get to anyone’s head if they’re in it for too long.
  • Of course, he loves being and idol and his fans mean so much to him as well as his band members
  • But sometimes he just likes to escape it, even for a little while
  • And you’re his best escape 
  • Him being shy
  • But it’s just so cute 
  • Him singing in the house
  • All the time
  • Like you’re pretty sure he’s having a mini X Factor competition in the shower every night as he sings at the top of his lungs 
  • You can’t complain though, not when he has the voice of an angel 
  • Cuddling whenever he can 
  • And kissing
  • Generally having a beautiful relationship with a beautiful man


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  • He’s rather shy, but that’s not going to stop him from being sexy af in the sheets
  • Those dancing hips being put to very good use
  • Careful what you say, because you might just find yourself regretting it not
  • “Yugyeom, you’re such a crybaby”
  • “Really? even when I make you cry baby every time you orgasm because it’s so good?”
  • “Okay fair point.” 
  • Him cuddling you in bed like his life depends on it
  • Shy smiles when you tell him that you love him
  • And even those he’s flustered he won’t hesitate to return the same words 
  • Him kissing you on the forehead as you fall asleep
  • And running his hands through your hair
  • Him singing at night as well
  • When he’s getting ready for bed and putting his PJ’s on
  • When he’s shaving
  • When he’s brushing his teeth
  • He almost loves singing as much as he loves you
  • and that is a lot. 
ShikaTema Date in Amusement Park♡

The first piece, I drew yesterday. And today, I did some very, very rough drawing of some continuation out of the piece.

Ready for some amazingly rough scribbles?? Here we go!

(I didn’t even do rough sketches - right into drawing with a drawing-pen tool! Good thing about digital drawing, you can click “go back” button anytime!)

I personally like Shikamaru being sorta wimpy dude on a date - trying to be cool, but it never works out. Hahaha.

Boyfriend Haechan

First time seing you:

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Being friends with you:

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Realising he have a crush on you:

Confessing to you:

“I like your ugly face”

First date:

amusement park

Couple things:

Holding hands:


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Hope you like it!

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What would the akatsuki members want to do on a first date?


  • Deidara would be cool with pretty much anything, but preferably somewhere public so everyone can see him and his significant other together (he’d want to show them off).
  • If him and his date were to go see a movie it would have to be one with a lot of action and explosions otherwise he’d get bored and start complaining about how it’s absurd that movie making of all things is considered an “art form”.
  • Alternatively, if they were to take a walk through a park somewhere together there’s a high chance he’d want to make a good first impression by showing off his explosive talents in an attempt to wow his date.
  • Starts with him denoting a few small clay creatures.
  • Ends with seven injured passers-by, a lot of damage done to the local foliage and one very unimpressed park attendant.


  • A first date with Hidan would begin with an attempt from him to persuade his date into preforming a sacrifice to Jashin with him, once that idea is debunked however he’d settle for anything providing it doesn’t fall under his definition of “boring”.
  • Unfortunately Hidan’s idea of “boring” covers a wide majority of things 
  • He might enjoy going to a concert with his date, as long as it’s a genre of music that allows him to scream as loudly as he wishes.
  • Any location that is okay with a weird grey-haired immortal raising his voice to complain about something or preach the word of a religion no one’s heard of before every ten minutes and isn’t “boring” by said weird grey-haired immortal’s standards is an instant go to for any date with him.


  • Kakuzu isn’t about to splash out on someone he’s only just now going on a first date with.
  • It’s very likely him and his date will end up doing something rather cheap such as just going on a walk together or to an eating/drinking establishment somewhere that won’t make a hole in his wallet.
  • Him and his date are also very likely to engage in a long conversation at some point in this first date as Kakuzu would want to get a good sense of whether or not this person is worth his time.
  • Should his date annoy him in any way at all he’s gone, and he’s leaving them to pay for any bill he may have left.

Itachi Uchiha

  • Itachi is likely to take his partner to a small, peaceful café somewhere on their first date and he’d insist on paying for everything his date orders.
  • Regardless as to how his date behaves he would be very calm and relaxed throughout the event, he’d listen (with genuine interest) to them talk for hours about whatever they want and would make mental notes of everything.
  • He’s also likely to walk his date home, prolonging their date a little bit more.
  • Alternatively, a first date with Itachi may mean a home cooked meal courtesy of the man in question, whatever they end up doing Itachi will probably find some enjoyment in it, so long as it’s not something too extreme or in a location too loud.


  • Konan probably wouldn’t have a preferred place to go or thing to do, she’d be content so long as the person she’s with is happy.
  • Preferably not somewhere too loud or obnoxious though, maybe to a restaurant or to see a romance movie of some sort.
  • If her and her date were to go to a fancy restaurant or establishment of the like she’d wear her best attire.
  • Regardless as to what her partner does Konan will approach their date together with a calm, friendly attitude, she’ll just want to have an enjoyable time with her date and in turn, want her date to have an enjoyable time with her.


  • Sasori would probably wish to do two things on a first date:
  • The first being taking his date to an art gallery, should they encourage his passion then he’ll talk none stop about which art pieces he finds truly beautiful and which he thinks are complete trash. He’ll make his opinions very clear.
  • The second being finding a place where he and his date can simply talk for a while, communication and gauging what his partner is truly like would be key for him.
  • Sasori would make sure his date was completely aware of his feelings towards them from the get go, if he does want a serious relationship with them he’ll want to get on with it and if he doesn’t he won’t want to waste either of their time.

-Admin Evie

Turtles Imagines :First Date

Leonardo: Near midnight, walk though central park. Not close enough to be holding hands yet, but sneaking a few glances at each other as they walk though the quiet night. Is there a kiss at the end? Oh no… but he gets to hold their hand. And that’s more than enough for him.

Donatello: Dinner inside an old abandoned train station he found last week. You’d think it be gross and dusty, but in one week, this guy went all out. Marble was scrubbed clean, the lights rewired, and not a speck of dust to be seen… Never before was cleaning a romantic gesture, but this guy managed it!

Raphael:Shoos everyone out of the lair, orders pizza and chills with his SO on the couch, about a foot apart from one another. Its awkward, but sweet.

Michelangelo: Instantly after picking them up, Mikey literally picks them up, holding bridal style, and telling them to hang on. Then, the turtle is off across the rooftops, maybe doing a few flips, despite his SO protests. Their both laughing by the time he puts them down, which is a sucess.

jimin // library

- him browsing around in his favorite aisle that no one usually goes through but he finds u sitting on the floor with a pile of books nxt to u

- casually but not so casually looking at u while looking for books

- not being able to find his book and accidentally stumbling and falling to the ground next to u

- realizing you had the book and trying to pick himself up and look cool “s-sorry, oh h-hey do you like that book?”

- u smiling at him and holding it up “its one of my favorites” then explaining the plot and pointing at other books you liked too

- jimin quietly watching u in awe;; silently falling in love with the ways your eyes lit up when talking about books “yeah, so, which ones are your favorites?” then him blushing cus he couldnt hear u 

- sitting down after a while and spending the rest of the afternoon listening to u talk about all the books u like (most of which he already read but he likes listening to u talk) 

Right? ...Right. (Jisung x Male!Reader)

Scenario: Part two of Cute or Cool! Jisung has been talking about this one cafe for weeks and you two decide it’s good enough for your first date. Everything is going smoothly until some unexpected guests show up.

Word Count: 2261

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You fixed your scarf over your mouth and tucked your chin deeper into the warmth. At this point you weren’t sure if you were hiding your face from the cold or the embarrassment. You were on your first date with your newly appointed boyfriend, Park Jisung. He was holding your hand in his, dragging you off to a new cafe he talked nonstop about during your lunch breaks. You two spent every lunch together but this one was different. This one was on a Sunday.

You squeezed Jisung’s hand, still unsure if this was all a dream. When he squeezed your hand back and shot you a smile you felt your heart swell with love and you pushed your face further into your scarf.  

“We’re here!” Jisung exclaimed, stopping in front of a small yet cozy building. The windows were decorated with cute drawings of flowers and coffee cups. “Isn’t it nice? Come on, I’ll show you my favourite spot!”

You followed Jisung into the cafe, eyes wide in awe as you took in your surroundings. The interior was soft and pastel, the lamps and ceiling lights were shaped like, large, fluffy clouds, and the smell, oh wow, the smell was captivating. From the soft waft of cake to the deep roast of coffee you enjoyed every bit of it. Jisung led you by the hand to a table near the windows, sitting across from you as you traced the drawings lightly with your finger. You took care not to damage the art.

When you came back to your senses, Jisung was smiling at you from over the table. The corners of his eyes were creased and he seemed as if he was glowing in happiness. You couldn’t recall just how long you had zoned out for and felt the heat creep up your spine. You hid your hands in your lap and kicked your feet to distract yourself.

“This place is nice..” You said, just above a whisper. You couldn’t quite place why you felt so shy. Maybe it was because of the new atmosphere and your gushing feelings.

“Right? Renjun hyung showed it to us! We come here every chance we get, it’s NCT’s favourite spot!” Jisung rambled, smiling all the while. He reached out and coaxed your hand into his, interlacing your fingers. “I’m really happy I got to share it with you.”

You smiled widely, not just physically but from deep within as well. You were truly in love with him. From his childish smile to his sudden growth spurts that made you almost fearful, you loved it all.

You leaned closer, finding a sudden burst of confidence. “Jisung, I… I-!”

“Jisung?!” You heard a muffled voice say. You both looked towards the source of the noise and Jisung quickly let go of your hands at the sight of his hyung. Or… Hyungs.
The smile on Jisung’s face was gone, replaced by a panicked, confused grimace. He watched as the entirety of NCT Dream entered the cafe, all eyes on Jisung’s plus one.

They crowded around the table, Haechan sliding in beside Jisung to wrap an arm around his shoulder and ruffle his hair. “So~? Who’s your friend?”

“N-No one…” Jisung mumbled, pushing Haechan’s hand away from him. He fixed his hair and avoided eye contact. “What are you guys doing here?”

“You said you were busy with studies so we came to get you some snacks…” Renjun said, fiddling with the hem of his sweater.

“Studies?” You asked, looking at Jisung in question. “You told them you were studying today?” You couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt. Why did he need to lie?

Jisung looked away, fidgeting in his seat. Any other moment you would have found it absolutely adorable but right now you needed answers. The others clearly had a similar goal. All eyes were on Jisung, awaiting his answer.  

“Jisung, what’s going on?” Jeno asked, arms crossed over his broad chest.

“If you wanted to hang out alone with a friend you could have just told us.” Chenle added.

Haechan hugged Jisung tight again, ignoring his weak flails and pushes to get him away. “Yeah, dude! So are you going to introduce us to him or…?”

Jisung looked at you briefly before looking down into his lap. As he spoke it seemed like he was in pain as he tried to get the words out. “Guys… This is… My hyung… and b-boyfriend…”

Mark was the first to react, his mouth falling open in shock. “What?! Boyfriend?!”

The cafe went silent and the group of students could feel all eyes on them. Mark bowed and apologised under his breath before sliding into the seat next to Haechan and Jisung.

“Boyfriend?” He said again, quieter this time. “As in… Dating?”

Haechan’s eyebrows flew into his hairline. “You’re on a date?”

“With your boyfriend?” Mark finished.

Jisung could only nod and look over to you nervously. He mouthed an apology as Chenle boldly slipped down beside you, pulling Renjun down with him.

“So you’re gay?” Chenle asked.

Jisung sputtered and you weren’t sure if you were supposed to answer that. From the look on his face, you guessed it was best to stay quiet. You tucked your chin into your scarf and looked out the window.

“Chenle, who taught you that word?!” Renjun’s large eyes were even larger, his eyebrows creased into a look of concern.

“Haechan hyung. We were suspecting someone in NCT was gay but I never imagined it to be Jisung.” Chenle pouted and placed his chin in his hands. “My bets were on Ten hyung.”

“I was betting on Doyoung hyung.” Haechan confessed.

Mark gave them both a look of disbelief. “You guys aren’t phased by this at all? Not even a little? Jisung has a boyfriend! A-And they’re on a date!”

Jisung blinked rapidly and wiggled his mouth in some weird anxiety-fueled fidget. You blindly felt around under the table until you could feel his cold, sweaty hands brush against yours. When you grabbed his long fingers he looked at you, a small twinge of adoration seeping through the worry and fear smeared across his face.

Chenle made a face. “Yeah but he’s happy, right?”

Renjun and the others nodded in agreement. “If he’s happy, there’s no problem, right?”

Mark locked eyes with you, worrying his bottom lip. You could feel him looking through you with those big, eager eyes. He was scanning you, reading every little movement you made. You flashed an awkward smile and he looked surprised before returning the smile.

“…Right.” He said with slight hesitance. “Right.”

“So, you guys are totally okay with me liking guys?” Jisung asked. You could feel his hands shaking from beneath the table.

“Yeah, dude! You’re our maknae on top, if you’re happy, we’re happy!” Haechan had a serious yet playful look on. He gave Jisung one last hug before slamming two hands down onto the small, wooden table. “That being said and done, I think we should get going.”

“Yes, we should.” Mark agreed, shimmying his way out of the small booth.

Haechan followed and Renjun got up after them, skipping off with Jeno and Chenle to get something quick off the cloud themed menus before leaving.

You looked at Jisung and he looked at you. You both sat there, emotionless before perking up and trying your best to contain your squeals.

Jisung’s eyes read of something along the lines of ‘they accepted me!’ and ‘I am so sorry I lied about us.’

You hoped he was able to read the soft message in your eyes of ‘It’s okay.’ If not, the circles you rubbed into his hand and the soft smile you sent him should have done the trick.

As if by some twisted luck, prying you from your moment once again, Chenle was leaning over the seat of the booth, whispering into your ear in a teasing voice.

“If you ever want to see Jisung’s baby photos, I’ve got connections.”

The Girl Who Stole His Heart // BamBam

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Pairing: BamBam x Reader (ft. Jinyoung, Yugyeom & Youngjae)

Genre: Fluff

Summary; It’s your first date with BamBam. You’re both super nervous, and neither of you know that you’re being watched by three sets of eyes!

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