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Going to Canada sale!

As long as this post is up, I’m doing half off prints - you choose the photo(s). Each order comes with a free 4x5″ print of a photo I’ve never posted online. United States and Canada only (sorry).


Need something to get you through Monday? Here’s a pic of an adorable clutch of baby peregrine falcons on banding day at Cabrillo National Monument in California. At birth, peregrine chicks weigh about 1.5 ounces, but they grow quickly – they can double their weight in just six days. They reach nearly full size after only seven weeks. Cool fact about peregrine falcons: They are among the fastest birds, flying at up to 55 mph and diving at more than 200 mph when striking avian prey in mid-air. Photo by National Park Service.


I think it knows where it’s going

Here’s a cute pic of a red fox seen at Maine’s Acadia National Park. If you are visiting the park, keep your eyes open along Park Loop Road, you may see foxes playing nearby! Please keep your distance when you spot cool creatures. Help us keep the wildlife wild. Photo by Matthew Lambert, National Park Service.


australiaThe locals are rather excited that it’s snowing in @tasmania! ❄️ There’s been a recent snowfall at #CradleMountain, and this teenage Tasmanian devil certainly seemed rather surprised to feel the chilly snowflakes falling from the sky. This little fella lives at @devilsatcradle, which is located on the doorstep of the beautiful Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in @tasmaniasnorthwest. This wildlife conservation facility is open to the public, and the dedicated team here focuses its efforts on conserving and protecting the endangered Tasmanian devil along with the eastern and spotted-tailed quoll. 

Some cleared roads in Yellowstone National Park opened for bicyclists this week. Work continues to open major routes to cars by April 21. Soon, millions of people will visit the park to enjoy its amazing natural wonders. Just remember, bison always have the right of way. Photo by National Park Service.