Top 10 Haunted Parks In The USA (Part 1)

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Griffith Park
Los Angeles, California

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Griffith Park is a Los Angeles institution, boasting a world-famous observatory, a renowned zoo, and the famous “Hollywood” sign. However, Griffith Park has adark history and an extremely active spiritual presence. In fact, so many spirits have reportedly been found at Griffith Park that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all.

The most significant one is the ghost of Don Antonio Feliz, the original owner of the land. His niece Dona Petranilla was left poverty-stricken after being cheated out of an inheritance upon her uncle’s death. Supposedly, she placed a curse on the land, which reportedly affected each successive owner in one way or another.

Both Feliz and Petranilla’s spirits have been spotted numerous times over the years. In one infamous encounter, the ghost of Don Antonio gave chase on horseback to a group of businessmen who had gathered in the park for a fiesta.

There have also been other apparitions in the park, such as the eponymous Griffith J. Griffith, a ghostly wandering girl who may have been left in the park to die by her parents, a phantom who frequents the merry-go-round, and failed actress Peg Entwistle who committed suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign in 1932.

Within the park, both Travel Town and the observatory have had so many spectral encounters that paranormal teams were brought in to investigate. Another paranormal hot spot is the picnic bench where Rand Garrett and Nancy Jeanson were crushed to death by a falling tree on October 31, 1976.

Tree trimmers and park rangers claim that a paranormal force is stopping them from removing the tree. Workers have reported hearing disembodied moaning and spooky whispers. They have also received ghostly messages written on their car windows, even while working alone.

A ghastly, black-eyed humanoid figure has also been spotted wandering about the park. Along with tales of satanic worship and animal sacrifice, these hauntings have contributed to Griffith Park’s ranking as the most haunted park in America.

Gitchie Manitou State Preserve
Lyon County, Iowa

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In the northwest corner of Iowa, Gitchie Manitou State Preserve is a small, beautiful nature preserve filled with lush greenery, a flowing river, andoutcroppings of Sioux quartzite that are around 1.6 billion years old. However, the land has plenty of dark history to contrast with this beauty.

On November 17, 1973, five teenagers were camping at the park—smoking marijuana and singing campfire songs—when the local Fryer brothers suddenlyopened fire on the group with their shotguns. By the end of the night, four of the five friends were dead. The three brothers brought the lone survivor, Sandra Cheskey, to their farm, where they raped her before letting her go.

The park is also home to multiple Native American burial mounds. The name Gitchie Manitou means “great spirit” in Anishinabe, the language of the tribe that once occupied the area.

With all of this violence and death, Gitchie Manitou is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the Midwest. Visitors to the park have reported many disturbing spiritual phenomena, including the sound of disembodied drums. There have also been sightings of a pitch-black figure lurking in the trees. He is over 200 centimeters (7 ft) tall and may be a protective Native American spirit.

Most thrill-seekers visit the cabin where the Fryers began their murder spree. The cabin has decayed into ruin and is covered with graffiti and satanic markings. The most paranormal activity is reported in this area. Visitors have heard disembodied growls, witnessed ghostly mists forming over the river on clear nights, and felt like they were being closely watched.

The park was also the site of a supposed UFO and alien sighting in 1976.

Hummel Park
Omaha, Nebraska

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At the beautiful Hummel Park in Omaha, Nebraska, there have been multiple deaths, cases of satanic worship, and even a tribe of off-the-grid albino people. The place is a paranormal gold mine.

The horrific origins of the park can be traced to the pre–civil rights era when most African Americans in Omaha lived near Hummel Park. Although never confirmed, it was reported that multiple people were lynched in the park, an ideal place to carry out the crime because the overhanging tree branches are sturdy and low. For decades, people have reported seeing ghostly hanging bodies swinging from the gnarled branches.

Since the 1980s, two more people have been found murdered at Hummel Park—a prostitute who was killed on-site and a 12-year-old girl whose skeletal remains were uncovered in 2006. People now report hearing tortured screams emanating from the woods, seeing spectral figures floating among the trees, and feeling dark energy in all areas of the park.

One of the most visited locations in Hummel Park is the “morphing stairs,” a long stone staircase at the top of the park. The stairs lead down to an opening in the woods where occultists have been performing rituals for years. According to legend, the staircase was nicknamed the “morphing stairs” because you will never count the same number of steps going down as going up.

Evidence of satanic worship appears all over the park. Slaughtered animals are routinely discovered by walkers and park officials. There are also graffiti pentagrams and symbols on the park’s structures. On the opposite side of the park, the “Devil’s slide” is a steep cliffside where multiple suicides may have occurred.

PRISM, an Omaha paranormal investigative collective, has visited Hummel Park many times and found paranormal evidence ranging from photographic anomalies to EVPs. You can view their findings here.

Jackson Park
Atchinson, Kansas

Jackson Park in Atchinson, Kansas, is home to one solid legend that is frightening enough to create a permanent impact in people’s minds. The tale of Molly’s Hollow has two chilling versions.

The more popular one begins with a girl named Molly getting into a fight with her boyfriend in Jackson Park after their senior prom. Acting out of anger, he drove off in his car without her. She was found the next day hanging from one of the park’s gnarled trees.

The other version of the legend states that Molly was a young African-American girl who was hanged from one of the park’s trees in a lynching. Whichever way you spin it, the tale is chilling enough to send a shiver down your spine.

Around midnight, visitors to the park have reported hearing a phantom voice that cries out “Molly” and is accompanied by the horrific apparition of a woman hanging from a tree.