Jax Teller Playlist

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  1. Savior-The Offspring
  2. Cleaning Out My Closet-Eminem
  3. Throne-BMTH
  4. Just Like You-Three Days Grace
  5. Time Of Your Life-Green Day
  6. Heathens-21 Pilots
  7. How You Remind Me-Nickelback
  8.  Come Down-Bush
  9. Terrible Things-Mayday Parade
  10. Last Resort-Papa Roach
  11. In The End-Linkin Park
  12. Run This Town-Jay Z
  13. Numb-Linkin Park
  14. I Just Wanna Run-The Downtown Fiction
  15. House Of The Rising Son-The White Buffalo 
  16. I Don’t Love You-MCR
  17. Try-Simple Plan
  18. Never Too Late-Three Days Grace
  19. Come As You Are-Nirvana
  20. King For A Day-Green Day
  21. Oh Love-Green Day
  22. How To Save A Life-The Fray
  23. This Song Saved My Life-Simple Plan
  24. Monster-Imagine Dragons
  25. Kryptonite-Three Doors Down

[29.04.17] 04:00

I’ve spent two days on EU Law, but little some progress has been made. It’s darn Brexit on the back of my mind, sniggering at the uselessness of this module. Here’s a spread of my desk, and this really cool blackboard my sis got for me, which is actually a removable sheet of blackboard wall-paper-thing. (My handwriting is horrid, and I happily place blame on technology)

On a different note, I just found out that my local park has recently set up a parkrun, so I somehow have to wake up in 4 hours and prepare for my first 5k in maybe 10 months(!). These legs were made for walkin’ tho, not for sitting at a desk for 6 hours straight, so I’m just gon’ bite the bullet and run for my life.

I’ll er, check in tomorrow on whether I actually made it. Here’s hoping! Night all :)  

Songs for a guilty blue space dad
(on 8tracks, sorry)

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - Bullet of Reason
Every Shitty Thing - The Murder City Devils
Monster - Skillet
Out of My Way - Seether
Cruel All By Myself - Euzen
Castle of Glass - Linkin Park
Run Boy Run - Woodkid
The Unforgiven - Metallica
The Sound of Silence - Disturbed
New Divide - Linkin Park
Dad - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 OST

I love volunteering at parkrun, I did the 37 minute pacing (barely a run for me) as I’ve got the 10k tomorrow, and I always run them a little fast so that the people following still get their target even if they falter near the end. I helped an older lady smash her pb by 2 and a half minutes! Love it.
Currently sat in the parents back garden letting my hair dry in the sun. This afternoon, I am baking, and passing my opinion on the new bake off, don’t worry, I hadn’t forgotten! I’ve just been so busy moving and I was in Manchester yesterday so I’ve not had chance.
2nd September 2017


I can’t believe I forgot to upload my run.

So First Parkrun of the year!! Wooooo!!! As the volunteers said, good lord she’s here!!!

Says it all really, I’m laazy:)

So my GPS is more accurate, only 0.2m off this time, and for a 3 mile run, that I haven’t actually done in months, and my highest milage lately has been 1 and a half miles, 34 minutes isn’t too shabby.

Back in the game? Maybe, we’ll see.


I went parkrunning, I know, better late than never I suppose. I was quite happy with it, I’m well out of shape, and 32:07 isn’t bad considering I had 3 breaks. The second lap looks bad on here and looks as though I took a short cut because I accidentally paused my watch rolling my sleeves up. 

Either way, I’m back on the wagon, here’s to attempting speed training I suppose..

On a side note I was looking at some articles on running technique, and the BBC has the cheek to tell me that if I’m running 6 miles in an hour or less I may as well give up and walk.

Well excuse me.

I was rather happy with my 10k time of an Hour and 7, I’m so sorry if I don’t fit the definition of a RUNNER.


It doesn’t matter if you run 6 miles in an hour, 30 minutes, or in the time it takes to go to the loo, if you’ve got your ass off a chair and tried to run it, then you are running, since when did time matter that much. Pretentious ass.

Rant over, mother has made a full lamb dinner, I’m excited.

p.s. Took Mr. F. to Nandos, he’d never been before (I KNOW), if you don’t have Nandos in your country, then it’s basically chicken with chicken and a side of chicken, there’s not much room to go wrong, if you don’t have Nando’s in your country then what is wrong with your country.

It was nice anyway, I like chicken.

12/13th October 2013

The struggle is real. 12 signs you are addicted to your Fitbit

Love your Fitbit? Are you a Fitbit addict? Rosie Percy gives us the lowdown on the tell-tale signs….

“Me? I’ve got a step problem? No, of course not!” you say as you conveniently leave your phone in the bedroom again and climb the stairs for the eighth time this evening. 

Whereas others might get their kicks from chocolate or have a guilty pleasure in getting new clothes, for you there’s no greater rush than reaching the top of the weekly steps leaderboard, and crushing your chums in a Workweek Hustle.

If this sounds like you, or you’re guilty of any of the below signs, then it may be time to admit that you’re a Fitbit addict!

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