I can’t believe I forgot to upload my run.

So First Parkrun of the year!! Wooooo!!! As the volunteers said, good lord she’s here!!!

Says it all really, I’m laazy:)

So my GPS is more accurate, only 0.2m off this time, and for a 3 mile run, that I haven’t actually done in months, and my highest milage lately has been 1 and a half miles, 34 minutes isn’t too shabby.

Back in the game? Maybe, we’ll see.


I went parkrunning, I know, better late than never I suppose. I was quite happy with it, I’m well out of shape, and 32:07 isn’t bad considering I had 3 breaks. The second lap looks bad on here and looks as though I took a short cut because I accidentally paused my watch rolling my sleeves up. 

Either way, I’m back on the wagon, here’s to attempting speed training I suppose..

On a side note I was looking at some articles on running technique, and the BBC has the cheek to tell me that if I’m running 6 miles in an hour or less I may as well give up and walk.

Well excuse me.

I was rather happy with my 10k time of an Hour and 7, I’m so sorry if I don’t fit the definition of a RUNNER.


It doesn’t matter if you run 6 miles in an hour, 30 minutes, or in the time it takes to go to the loo, if you’ve got your ass off a chair and tried to run it, then you are running, since when did time matter that much. Pretentious ass.

Rant over, mother has made a full lamb dinner, I’m excited.

p.s. Took Mr. F. to Nandos, he’d never been before (I KNOW), if you don’t have Nandos in your country, then it’s basically chicken with chicken and a side of chicken, there’s not much room to go wrong, if you don’t have Nando’s in your country then what is wrong with your country.

It was nice anyway, I like chicken.

12/13th October 2013

I didn’t run to work on Friday in the end as the weather was miserable (pouring with rain the entire day) however I did make the foolish decision to agree to do the Park Run with my friend on Saturday morning (today). Foolish as I haven’t run further than about 3.5 km in well over a year and haven’t gone for a run in more than 6 weeks.
Anyway, having committed I registered online and printed my barcode off and then at 9 this morning found myself lined up on the starting grid waiting to get going. I ran most of the way with my friend, figuring that her goal of

What better way to kick start a beautiful Saturday morning than with a cheeky 5k @parkrun with my two besties ! #DreamTeam ❤️

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Spellman’s run - true fitspiration

Finishing your first half marathon is an achievement, and an emotional occasion, for anyone. For 49-year-old Brendan Spellman it was a watershed moment: 

As we approached the end, I looked over to Brighton Pier and thought – two and half years ago, I was sleeping rough under there.”
Brendan, a Companion and Community Assistant at Emmaus Brighton, also completed his 50th parkrun at Hove Park recently. His journey astonishes even himself.

In August 2011 I was on my knees. I had to have a can in my pocket each night so I could have a drink when I woke up. Now I’m as fit as I was 25 years ago and I feel a million miles better. Just shows you what’s possible.”

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This week

Monday - Run
Tuesday - Pure Tone
Wednesday - Run
Thursday - Run
Friday - Out with work
Saturday - Parkrun!
Sunday - Rest

So there’s a 5k run near my house every Saturday, and I am no where near ready to run the whole thing, but this week I want to go along and do it regardless of whether I have to walk some of it.