parkroyal on pickering


September 23, 2015 - I’m so glad that 4001 of you Tumblr people have allowed me to fill your newsfeed with my plant photos and thoughts - thank you all! Over a year ago, when I started blogging about plants, I decided that Tumblr was the best for this due to its flexibility of creating photo sets, saving drafts, scheduling posts, and being mobile/desktop friendly. 

I’ve now expanded to YouTube and Instagram - I would be delighted if y’all could subscribe/follow me there too…you won’t be disappointed :)

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never enough

i had the priviledged to tour the new Parkroyal Hotel on Pickering Street, Singapore today thanks to the folks at SingaporeInstagram (SGIG). we were treated to a sumptuous buffet brunch (but i forgot about that buffet part and ate two huge pieces of cake at home before i went there // total fail!!) and a private tour of the hotel led by the manager after that. the hotel will only be open to public from Jan 16th onwards.

besides that, i also have the opportunity to get to know the instagram community better and meeting in person some of the very “influencial” instagrammers that i followed all these while. they are just normal people (none of them are full time photographers) but with the passion for photography and always strive to give the best shot. very inspiring.

i leave you with these two shots from the beautiful Orchid Lounge. more photos to come, for sure.