parkour generation

I have a headcanon in where furi used to do parkour in his brat days (middle school) and used to hangout with other guys of his neighborhood to do parkour on abandoned buildings near to his house to pass the time, until one day trying to do a back flip he injure his ankle and his friends take him to the hospital. Once there, he was on a hospital bed and his mother was so worried that she cried a lot and he promise her to not doing that again on his life. So he concentrate himself on the sport he used to play with his brother, B-ball.

But being like he is, he accidentally do it once when he was stuck on one of the “old team reunions ” (+kagami) of Kuroko and a cat was stuck on top of a unconstructed building and the gom+kagami were only arguring how the hell they could put the cat down. So, furi take the worst methods and clim the building easily and take down the cat with the same easily way with blank stares of the gom on him, and the first one who kill the silence was akashi who only say with his usual straight face and normal voice.

“Marry me”




so many good female practitioners out there.