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Another one of those “humans are weird and scary” posts. 

The fact that people will climb on mountains or tall places. For fun. Like, extreme parkour or extreme selfie taking? (You know, where people will go on one of the tallest buildings in a city and go to the very tippy top to hold out a selfie stick?) 

Aliens would be so freaked out by this. Imagine, you’re an alien and you happen to hear two of your human companions talking about stuff they do to entertain themselves.

Human 1: *laughs* yeah, man, this one time I climbed to the top of a crane that was working on a building. Nearly fell off too.

Alien: Y-you mean to say that you willingly put yourself in danger?

Human 2: Yeah! It gets the adrenaline rushing, gives you a thrill. Almost like a high! Ha! See what I did there? 

Alien: Yes, Brad, but why would you think that’s a good idea?! Your bodies are not meant to sustain falls from large distances!

Human 1: Oh, yeah, tons of people have died doing that stuff. Parkour is pretty dang scary. But that’s what makes it so fun!


Got7 Reaction #12 - Their s/o does parkour

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Jackson: He’s right beside you doing all the stunts with you. He’ll always let you know when you try to push it too far though.

“Jagi, I’m okay if you want to jump from post to post, but do you really think that it’s safe to jump over that stare case?”

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Jaebum: “That’s…. that’s really not safe jagi.”

He would talk to you about stopping, or at least not doing extreme parkour and try to talk you into joining a less dangerous hobby

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Jinyoung: he doesn’t like this. At all.

“Why parkour though? Isn’t there something less…. There are so many other fun things to do that don’t involve purposely trying to hurt yourself like that jagi”

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Youngjae: He just screams everytime you do parkour in front of him. Every. Single. Time.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? You’re going to give your boyfriend a heart attack!! I’m going to die young because of you!”

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Kunpimook: He’d think it’s pretty cool that you’re so ballsy

“Whoo!! Go jagiya!!! You can do it!!! YOU DID IT YAAS!! DAB!”

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Yugyeom: He’d think it’s cool until you got a little carried away and tried something that got you hurt (even if it was just a minor scrape)

“Please, please, please, PLEASE never do parkour again jagi”

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Imagine Sirius Black discovering muggle extreme sports.  

-It’s Remus who make the mistake of mentioning sky diving in a conversation, a moment he will regret forever. 

-Sirius, of course, just cannot let it lie, and conducts all sorts of research into the more dangerous aspects of muggle entertainment.

-It’s not until the next summer that Remus realizes just how big of a mistake he’s made.

-Sky diving is not exciting enough for Sirius Black.  After all, falling from heights isn’t that novel of an activity for an accident prone Quidditch player.  No, Sirius has his mind set on motorcycles.  Jumping motorcycles.

-There is a brief moment when Remus almost has a hope that James might talk the other boy out of doing something so stupid.  (How on earth is Sirius going to operate a motorcycle when he can’t even get a light switch to function half the time?)  But, alas, Remus should have known better.  If Sirius is going to do something stupid and potentially life threatening, you’d better bet James will be there right along side him.

-Peter, naturally, is even less help, offering excitedly to video tape everything.  

-After the first few disastrous attempts, Remus promises himself that he’s not going to be dragged along anymore.  Unfortunately, he can never quite tear himself away from the impending disaster which is Sirius and James, and so he finds himself roped into healing them after every misadventure, grumbling all the while.

-Remus is too relieved for words when motorcycle jumping becomes ‘just too boring’.

-That relief is quickly vanished when parkour is mentioned.


me doing parkor #chinchilla #parkour #extreme

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OKAY BUT, Rebel assassin Taehyung who fights and kills corrupt politicians and just overall bad people alongside his cute boyfriend Yoongi, who only really joins him because he’s worried Taehyung will get hurt.

The younger was born into a family of rebels who were basically fucked over and became targets by their government after Taehyung’s father, a well-known scientist, refused to help enhance different viruses and diseases for war against others.  Of course, Taheyung’s parents knew them refusing to help the government would get them shit, they decide the day Taehyung turned six they would begin training him in all kinds of combat and training along with extreme parkour to help him defend himself. Amazingly, Taehyung is naturally gifted in his skills. The boy is fast, hitting and dodging so quickly that one blink can cause him to be missed. He’s especially skilled with knives too, something that his mother was also a pro in.

Though, he doesn’t actually become an official rebel assassin until two weeks after he turns twelve. His parents had sent him away on a special trip with his best friend Jimin for his birthday, not knowing the day they would see him off, would be the last time he ever saw them again.  When Taehyung returns from his trip exactly a week later the boy’s heart is basically ripped from his chest and stomped on the moment he opens the front door to his home.

When Taehyung returns home, he returns to his entire family slaughtered.

Enter Min Yoongi. 

They don’t officially meet until years later. Taehyung is seventeen and has already made a name for himself by this time. Well actually, he’s made many names.  Vee, the silent killer, death, he’s known for being the boy who kills without being seen; his mark being the carved jagged letter V that strikes fear into the government.

Yoongi is the son of a friend of Taehyung’s father who just happens to be a medic as well. Their first meeting is as anyone would expect, bloody as fuck.

Taehyung happens to get injured during a fight with some guards who work for a politician that he’s hunting and ends up with a knife in the back. Thankfully the younger remembers the address of a safe house nearby that just so happens to be Yoongi’s family’s home. Taehyung manages to get away and knock on the door and right as Yoongi opens it the younger falls forward from loss of blood.

Yoongi nearly vomits when he sees the giant butcher’s knife still stuck in between Taehyung’s shoulders.

“Please, stay, help us train the assassins in our family. Please just stay for me.”

Those are the words that really change things. The night Taehyung shows up at their door, Yoongi and his mother pry the knife from Taehyung’s back and save his life after hours of surgery. Of course, Yoongi’s eyes widen when he cleans up Taehyung’s bloody mess and he sees the V tattoo Taehyung has under the left eye. Everyone knew that tattoo. It was Taehyung’s mark.

His father gets a certain look on his face as he stares at Taehyung’s passed out body.

“That boy,” Yoongi’s father speaks quietly. “He’s strong.”

“Is he like us?” Yoongi asks in a whisper.

Is he also being hunted? Does he also have death warrant over his head? Is what Yoongi means to ask. His own family was also wanted by the government for turning down to help in the modification of soldiers and were in hiding. Yoongi sees Taehyung has a blessing really. The moment he knows who Taehyung is, all Yoongi wants to do is have the boy wake up so he can ask him to help them. He just wants to ask Taehyung to train his family to defend themselves.

“No, he’s not like us, he’s not being hunted.” Yoongi’s father’s eyes shine with something like hope. “He’s the hunter.”

“Please, stay, help us train the assassins in our family?”

Taehyung has been awake for four weeks now and it’s the same question every day. Yoongi pleads for the boy he’s been taking care of to help.  They’ve grown closer. Yoongi has been put in charge of taking care of Taehyung’s wounds and they speak a lot along with sneaking touches of each other’s bodies. The spark is there the moment their skins meet. They learn about each other’s hope, dreams and fears. Hell, they share many nights just laying next to each other and staring at each other and it’s so fucking fast but intimate that Yoongi knows he’s in love.

“Please,” Yoongi’s eyes water. “For me.”

Taehyung stares silently at Yoongi and feels himself crumble. The younger leans forward and kisses Yoongi gently.

“Okay…. for you.”

(and that was only the start of their wild adventures)


meet Kenneth: alias King, he’s my mutant hero boi

King’s a shapeshifter, which means he can alter and renovate his molecular structure to show himself like other people, species or even remold his limbs into weapons of some sort,,

because of his mutation, his skin is way thicker than most people’s so it’s cataloged as a natural armor, he’s also a fast n’ strong boi w/ moderate healing

he’s ALWAYS hungry, his powers give him an EXTREME APPETITE all the time and he just!! won’t!! stop eating candies!!! but his metabolism is super accelerated so he doesn’t gain fat or anything.. other than that, the dude’s short on words, he’d rather punch things than talkin abt them, but he’s usually calm unless someone gets on his nerves haha;; 

i originally made him for a Teen Titans group on Tegaki but i grew fondly of him i’m sorry!!! lmao

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how about makoto,akira,ryuji and ann finding out that their s/o is a young Prodigy as a porkour/free runner? bonus if their s/o teach them some tricks and they are able to actually use it in palaces


  • she’s interested since she heard about her S/O being really into parkour and being super talented with it.
  • probably does some research about it (since originally she doesn’t understand what it is) and stumbles across 
  • those super extreme parkour battles where people are flipping around on tall building and shit
  • she becomes super concerned for S/O, asking if they truly understand the risk of parkouring/freerunning!
  • S/O reassures them they been doing it for years now and even offers to teach Makoto a few easy parkour tricks.
  • eventually, S/O shows her some easy parkour tricks and she realizes that it would be a great advantage during a heist.
  • S/O probably tries to impress Makoto and does a spiderman kiss with her and she smacks them and tells them to be more careful
  • Makoto’s always going to be lowkey concerned about them when they decide to do something risky but she admires it nonetheless.


  • he hears rumors about them like dying from an extreme parkour but nah he just broke their S/O
  • S/O opens up to Akira, realizing he’s not truly the delinquent he is and Akira expresses interest in them parkouring.
  • once S/O’s hand recovers, he promises to teach Akira how to parkour but I feel like Akira did his research
  • and saw how risky parkour can be but Morgana would assure him that it would be a nice technique to learn for their heist
  • eventually when S/O’s hand is completely recovered and Akira gains enough courage to learn parkour, S/O teaches him.
  • actually not as scary as it seems since S/O is only teaching them the basics of parkour and nothing extreme 
  • however, when Akira wants to do something more extreme, they go to shinjuku park tower and S/O almost slips
  • but luckily Akira catches him and S/O is forever indebted to him for saving their ass from dying.


  • Ryuji thinks it’s super impressive and super cool and feels like it’s one step closer to being a hero he wants to be.
  • luckily for Ryuji, he remembers S/O doing track with it still existed and they were on good terms when Kamoshida cancels the track team.
  • S/O’s wary about teaching Ryuji how to parkour at first but finally agrees but it’s not their fault if Ryuji decides to act stupid and breaks a leg. 
  • Ryuji is so pumped to learn!!! and S/O feels like their teaching a child at first but they’re not going back on their words
  • they teach Ryuji and due to his previous good running streak, realizes Ryuji is pretty damn good at this
  • they go onto riskier parkouring and shit and guess what? Ryuji decides to be dumb and schedule on a rainy day.
  • Ryuji almost slips and dies!!! but S/O catches them and tells them to call it quits for today since it freaks them out.
  • S/O confesses that they care for Ryuji and kisses them and tells them not to be so reckless next time, but Ryuji just… head over heels.


  • Ann also thinks doing parkour and shit is pretty impressive of S/O and she wants to learn but it’s kind of awkward for her to make friends.
  • But S/O thinks she’s pretty cute and so they agree to teach Ann and this gets her super pumped! Shiho would be proud.
  • And S/O got a crush on her and sees through her ancestry and becomes good friends with her while teaching ‘em
  • Welp, one day they were parkouring and they went on to do something a little risky but it’s not like… going on a high building or something.
  • But Ann does some weird too her ankle and ends up spraining it but she thinks it’s broken and wants to go to the hospital
  • It would be sweet if S/O had the strength to carry her there and demands a doctor but Ann would be lowkey embarrassed.
  • It’s the same hospital as Shiho was in so Shiho visits her and told Ann how worried S/O seems to be and even told Shiho for advice
  • Advice about like asking them out for a date and Ann is flustered later when S/O brings her flowers and a get well card.