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Another one of those “humans are weird and scary” posts. 

The fact that people will climb on mountains or tall places. For fun. Like, extreme parkour or extreme selfie taking? (You know, where people will go on one of the tallest buildings in a city and go to the very tippy top to hold out a selfie stick?) 

Aliens would be so freaked out by this. Imagine, you’re an alien and you happen to hear two of your human companions talking about stuff they do to entertain themselves.

Human 1: *laughs* yeah, man, this one time I climbed to the top of a crane that was working on a building. Nearly fell off too.

Alien: Y-you mean to say that you willingly put yourself in danger?

Human 2: Yeah! It gets the adrenaline rushing, gives you a thrill. Almost like a high! Ha! See what I did there? 

Alien: Yes, Brad, but why would you think that’s a good idea?! Your bodies are not meant to sustain falls from large distances!

Human 1: Oh, yeah, tons of people have died doing that stuff. Parkour is pretty dang scary. But that’s what makes it so fun!



1930′s Parkour and Free Style Running 

An amazing vintage video of parkour artists back in the days. 

Got7 Reaction #12 - Their s/o does parkour

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Jackson: He’s right beside you doing all the stunts with you. He’ll always let you know when you try to push it too far though.

“Jagi, I’m okay if you want to jump from post to post, but do you really think that it’s safe to jump over that stare case?”

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Jaebum: “That’s…. that’s really not safe jagi.”

He would talk to you about stopping, or at least not doing extreme parkour and try to talk you into joining a less dangerous hobby

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Jinyoung: he doesn’t like this. At all.

“Why parkour though? Isn’t there something less…. There are so many other fun things to do that don’t involve purposely trying to hurt yourself like that jagi”

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Youngjae: He just screams everytime you do parkour in front of him. Every. Single. Time.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? You’re going to give your boyfriend a heart attack!! I’m going to die young because of you!”

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Kunpimook: He’d think it’s pretty cool that you’re so ballsy

“Whoo!! Go jagiya!!! You can do it!!! YOU DID IT YAAS!! DAB!”

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Yugyeom: He’d think it’s cool until you got a little carried away and tried something that got you hurt (even if it was just a minor scrape)

“Please, please, please, PLEASE never do parkour again jagi”

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me doing parkor #chinchilla #parkour #extreme

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Imagine Sirius Black discovering muggle extreme sports.  

-It’s Remus who make the mistake of mentioning sky diving in a conversation, a moment he will regret forever. 

-Sirius, of course, just cannot let it lie, and conducts all sorts of research into the more dangerous aspects of muggle entertainment.

-It’s not until the next summer that Remus realizes just how big of a mistake he’s made.

-Sky diving is not exciting enough for Sirius Black.  After all, falling from heights isn’t that novel of an activity for an accident prone Quidditch player.  No, Sirius has his mind set on motorcycles.  Jumping motorcycles.

-There is a brief moment when Remus almost has a hope that James might talk the other boy out of doing something so stupid.  (How on earth is Sirius going to operate a motorcycle when he can’t even get a light switch to function half the time?)  But, alas, Remus should have known better.  If Sirius is going to do something stupid and potentially life threatening, you’d better bet James will be there right along side him.

-Peter, naturally, is even less help, offering excitedly to video tape everything.  

-After the first few disastrous attempts, Remus promises himself that he’s not going to be dragged along anymore.  Unfortunately, he can never quite tear himself away from the impending disaster which is Sirius and James, and so he finds himself roped into healing them after every misadventure, grumbling all the while.

-Remus is too relieved for words when motorcycle jumping becomes ‘just too boring’.

-That relief is quickly vanished when parkour is mentioned.

anonymous asked:

If your still doing requests, I have one about Klaus. How would he feel about a gf that has extreme evasive/ parkour skills and has a tendency to skillfully 'nope' away from dangerous situations? (Sorry for the long ask)

It’s no problem anon!

  • He’d find s/o very agile since they’re so skillful with parkour
  • In a way he’d also be a bit thankful for s/o’s ability to do that since it probably helps them get out quickly in dangerous situations
  • Klaus looks away for like a second and when he looks back he sees s/o just jumping and running their way out of any dangerous situation
  • He’d honestly be amazed at how s/o is so agile, and how they’re able to escape pretty much any dangerous situation

Ah, yes, my one true talent: making lineups.  Anyways these are the mains for South Pawed (except Chris on the far left, who may or may not make the cut (aka I’m still convincing Derrs)).  I’d love if you guys sent me some questions about them, and I’ll try to draw some responses.

Here’s a brief intro for each of them from left to right:

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