More lucky fans on stage in Melbourne !
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B L U R   A L B U M S.


Leisure. “26th August 1991”

Modern Life Is Rubbish. “10th May 1993"

Parklife. “25th April 1994”

The Great Escape. “11th September 1995”

Blur. “10th February 1997”

13. “15th March 1999”

Think Tank. “5th May 2003”

The Magic Whip. “27th April 2015”




The moment Damon looked into my soul: from three different angles.

This is why being in the front pays off! Making eye contact with the performer creates a connection that you don’t get sitting in the back or watching off a screen.

I’m the one with the dark sleeve in the 2nd pic. I think my arm went limp when Damon looked our way!

Must go see him live again. Bring on the next Gorillaz/Blur/solo tour!

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Craig McLaren