ovaries before brovaries. a mix for the beautiful, tropical fish in your life. a galentines day mix for best friends and reminding them how much you care. dedicated to the amazing ladies in my life!

i. (intro) i’ll be there for you, the rembrandts ii. run the world (girls), beyonce iii. you’ve got a friend in me (cover), alanna matty iv. oath ft. becky g, cher lloyd v. with a little help from my friends (cover), the maine vi. crazy kids ft., ke$ha vii. you’re my best friend, queen viii. me and my girls, fifth harmony ix. we can’t stop (cover), bastille x. (outro) i’ll be there for you (cover), boyce avenue bonus. we know better (outtake), frozen soundtrack

I love some of you guys so much that sometimes it actually hurts that I may never get to meet you. And I just want you to know that in case I don’t say it enough, I love you. And you mean something to me. And my life wouldn’t be the same without you. 

parklady replied to your post:arrow~

i cant believe u wouldn’t do and/or marry angel baby john diggle im so offended

ugh god i genuinely went back and forth between him and tommy for marry so much but askdasaj tommy my poor baby okay if we’re counting tommy as dead then i would definitely marry john ok


2013 is coming to an end and i’ve been 3 years on this site (wow) and i thought it was finally time to make a follow forever of all the lovely people that make this site shiny :’) i just want you to know even though this site can be pretty obnoxious sometimes all the people i’m going to list here make my dash better and prettier and happier and really hope you guys have a wonderful 2014 because you deserve all the good things and i also want to thank you for putting up with the mess my blog can be sometimes, you’re all beautiful tropical fishes and i hope you have the most sunshine-y new year!!

p.s.: i’m sorry if i’ve forgotten some of you because my memory can be the worst but i hope you know how much i love each person i follow!

my most favorite people;

kaisa, ellie, mariah, zaq, sheryl, eli, aya, libby, pelin, tay

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Alright y'all. It’s been… well, never, since I did a follow-forever, and since I just reached a certain number of followers (you’re free to guess but I’m not gonna say), I figured I owe it to you guys to do one.

I may not have ever talked to you, or I may have fangirled crazily with you over twitter/tumblr/whatever, or you may not be following me but I’ve been stalking you creepily from behind my computer screen and love you secretly, or you may be following me from dinosaur years ago when Friends was all I blogged about and may or may not be following me now but I still love you deeply anyway. I may have been following you since the beginning of time when the world was created, or I may have just clicked that follow button on your page an hour ago, but you’re making it to this list anyway because you’re just awesome like that. Whatever it is, thank you for making tumblr/my life so great.

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