Mami | Chapter 1- She

Jay Park and Giriboy fanfiction. VERY VULGAR LANGUAGE! WARNING

Has not been proofread

Ever met something so fine. Such a beautiful bomb that would explode any minute. All took was one unfastened screw? What about a girl? Girls are the most blooming goods are this Earth. They come in all shapes and sizes and they don’t even cost a dime. Most of them that is.

Me on the other hand? It takes more to get to me. You have to be a billionaire before you can even learn my name. The corner is the only job I have and there is no change for me. I work for what I have to get and I pity those who have it handed to them. I’m not the average “blossom” of a girl.

My name is Devyn, but if anyone would called me that it would be the last words escaping their mouth. I go by Mami and that’s final. Yeah, I’m a little hostile, but shit. It is what it is. You gotta be rough to grow up on these streets. Friendly won’t get you nowhere.

My task as a woman is simply this, make your money and fuck the others. And I do exactly that to make my money. No shame here baby. Just a young girl trying to make a quick buck. I get judged for it, but once I see that green nothing else matters.

Green. In slow motion, the money was placed on the worn down wooden table.that was barely standing up on three legs. I eyed the man. He was delicious. Tall and brawn. His beard was rough and his veins popped out of his neck. I had just finished pleasuring this guy and I was excited to see my award.

I reached over to the table and grabbed the stack of money. 1 2 3 4 5. 500 right there. Fast money as guaranteed, but I wasn’t satisfied. I looked over my shoulder at my supplier who was busily quenching his thirst. He caught my eye and grunted from the cold drink. “You want sum’ ta drink?” His voice rang through the rugged house. Was this guy serious?

“Where the rest at B? 5 more stacks.” I was now on my feet. Who did this guy think he was playing?” He stared at me wild eyed before hanging his head low to suppress his laughter.

“What’s funny? Where the fuck is the rest? Ian gon’ ask again.” I furrowed my eyebrows. After trying to hold it in, he released a full blown laughter. What the hell was so funny?

“Girl you a trip. What does it look like, huh? Ian got it. And even if I did, I wouldn’t give it to yo ass. Head was trash.” He closed his Strawberry fizz and placed it back into his un-running fridge. This fucker.

“Get the fuck out now. We’re done, Best believe I won’t be calling back. Tell Dae that.” He walked towards me trying to shoo me out of his home.

This is what I hated the most. What I did was something I for me. I’ll do the nastiest things to anybody just for sake of money, but when you disrespect me and my craft that’s where you get fucked up.

“Uh, slow ya roll big shot. I don’t how my head game wasn’t swell. Not only could your whole dick AND balls fit in my mouth, but I was bout ready to swallow YOU whole. So get that straight, shrimp dick. Second off, I’m not going any fucking where till I get my 500. Now I can tell Dae THAT.” I smirked at my wittiness. If he dared to say anything else sideways, he knew he would be the next missing body found in the nearest raging river.

He rolled his eyes and without hesitation, fished through his broken draw. He smacked 5 more bills in my hand, and I happily walked away. “Oh, and don’t worry about not calling again. This was your last.” Even though he was behind me, I could see his confusion.

I walked out of the apartment into the crisp, cold air. Today was not the day to be hoeing in booty shorts. I held my arms close to my chest as I walked along the cracked sidewalk. Step on a crack and you break your Mama’s back. I giggled. Fuck that bitch. All down the sidewalk, I counted 12 cracks to step on before I came to a halt

Looking up, I was the building I called home. It was a nasty place. Outside was clearly painted green in the past, but the paint was peeled. There was also a past rage fire, and one side of the house was a charcoal black. The steps, rigid and ready to cave in, lay empty. If you didn’t know any better, you would think this place was abandoned. That’s the best part.

I smiled as I walked up the stairs to my home. I looked around to be sure no one was looking before I stepped into the rusted house. “I’m home!” I yelled soon as my foot was placed before the threshold. I stripped myself of my shoes and my rugged winter coat.

The inside of this place was a total different story than the other side. Walls were velvet red, chains hanging from the ceiling for dramatic effect. The floor a money green, also velvet, and could never be touched by a shoe that has walked the outside grounds. I walked by multiple rooms. The “living” room where everyone just chilled. The poker room where daddies played for all they had with their hunnies on their sides. The “play” room where the money was really made, and of course a bathroom.

I finally made it to the end of the hall where the Don himself lay. Mr. Daelin Yu, aka Dae. He was in charge of this all. Every bitch was under his command, every custom made fork was under his pay. What he said goes and I was honestly glad I worked for him.

I slowly eased the door open to reveal Dae’s chair facing me. I never knocked like any other peasant would because I was cool with Dae like that. Once I was fully in the room, I observed its contents. All white everything. Down to the leather chair. Walls covered with exclusive guns and machinery. His desk lay in the middle of the small room with piles of money stacked. And of course he had his two main bitches beside him, Domo and Brit.

Once he sensed my presence, he spoke. He exchanged words with Domo, speaking in the only language Dae knew. Without Domo, anybody involved with Dae wouldn’t know what the fuck he’s saying.

“He ask do you have it?” Domo batted her eyes at. Don’t understand why she’s trying to be cute with me, but I guess she’s used to it.

“Um, yeah Mr.Dae. I got that grand. You know, from that guy right down the street.” Domo quickly translated to the man. While they conversated I glanced at Brit. I always felt bad for her because she didn’t really have that connection with Dae like Domo did. I been told her ass to learn the language though. I sighed and focused back on Domo.

“He wants it.” I hurriedly pulled out the stacks at her words. If I kept this man waiting for a millisecond he would blow my brains out.

I placed the money on the table and backed up a few feet. After a while, Dae finally turned his seat around to expose his face. It looked like how it always did. Scarred. This man has been through hell and back and he has his face to prove it. He picked up the money and began to count. He counted a second time, then a third time, then a fourth time. He finally gave up the counting and threw the money into his already made pile.

I relaxed a bit because at this point, I wasn’t dead. He looked me in the eye and squinted for a bit until he waved me off signaling I should leave. I nodded my head and walked for the door. I knew in a few hours I would have another job to do, but until then I just had to work my side of the corner for an extra few bucks.

The way it work at Dae’s was I did a job at certain amount of cost. In this situation, the blowjob was 1 grand. At the end of the week, whatever I made from private partners, I get half of that as my pay. And if I was lucky, I could get picked off the corner and make a few extra dollars of my own. The only bad part about this was sometimes the pay was low.

So I waited. I waited in the biting cold for anyone to notice me. I swayed my body and pursed my lips so a car would stop. Not too long after, one did.

“Hey Ma! What you doing out there by yourself. Get in here.” I side eyed the man. He was asian and boy was he fine. Just from the outside I saw a chiseled face and a ferrari. What was he doing in this neck of the woods. He was none other than horny.

“You some money.” He gawked at my words. I can honestly say that was stupid question, even coming from me.

“No. I just rent nice cars. Get in girl.” I laughed at his corny joke and walked to the curb. Looking around, I had to make sure no one saw me. If I got caught, Dae would want half or maybe all of what I was about to make. I settled myself in the car and placed my seat belt around my waist. I looked over at the mystery man to get a better look. And yes, he was even better looking up close.

“Mmm. I like me some chocolate.” He licked his lips as he set his car in drive, “By the way what’s your name sweetheart?” The way he talk just threw me off. No guy has ever made this much conversation with me, and I just felt…. shy.

“Mami. And you” I looked straight ahead, afraid to look him in the eye like a 5th grade crush. He licked his lips again and groaned to my response.

“I likes that. It’s Jay. Now let’s go play Mami.” He stepped on the gas and we went zooming down the road.


His voice tho

GOT7 as first dates

Mark- Amusement Park

Jaebum- Concert/ Sight seeing

Jackson- Picnic/ Cook together

Jinyoung- Romantic dinner 

Youngjae- Coffee shop

Bambam- Food/Wine tasting

Yugyeom- Movie/Skating