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Finally done!

I kept listening to this audio and had the biggest urge to draw the TI Cast with it! Honestly this was a lot of fun to draw and doing different expressions uwu

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Craig, does Tweek sometimes have bad temper?

CRAIG: He just yells a lot and then gets really quiet after.

Imagine finally getting a really good parking spot close to the doors of your apartment building only to come home one evening and see another car there. Angered, you leave a note on the windshield. ‘Don’t park here, this spot is taken by 507.’ The next morning there’s a knock at your door and the person says they wanted to apologize for using your spot. You look through your peep hole to see the hottest guy ever but still use the chain when opening the door. 

“Hello. My apologies about your spot. I just moved in a few floors up and was told it was free.” You can’t help but stare at how stunning he is and are tongue-tied. He smiles. “Sorry to have caught you at a bad time. Your spot is now free, enjoy your day.” He turns to walk away then stops. “I’m Loki by the way. Will I see around?” 

“Uh, yes and thank you.” He winks before walking away and you close the door and lean against. “Oh, my. I think I just woke up in heaven.” What you didn’t know, was Loki heard you.

So this silly bitch Jim Comey starts investigating Hillary Clinton for her shitty handling of emails back in summer 2016. Just before the election rolls into town, he decides to send a letter to Congress saying, “Oh shit, son, we got a pantload of new emails to look at!” Then three days before the election, he shrugs that shit off with “Eh, we just found some cat GIFs and pics of Anthony Weiner’s dick, which is sad but not illegal.” But it doesn’t matter – everyone thinks Hillary Clinton is the Baba Yaga of emails at this point. Trump wins the election.

Word spreads pretty quick that Trump may have some ties to Russia, whom we now suspect meddled in the election worse than Scooby and the gang meddled in the day-to-day business affairs of your average haunted amusement park. And by “some ties,” I mean everyone Trump has appointed, worked with, met, or looked at is probably a sleeper Russian agent who, when given the signal, will together form Mecha-Putin. So Comey heads up an investigation into the Trump/Russia ties, and along the way Sally Yates gets fired, and so does Preet Bharara – both of whom are looking into Team Trump’s connections to Russia. Well ain’t that a bitch?

Then in comes Trump out of the blue with the firing of Comey, claiming it was because of how he dealt with the emails months previously – something which Trump publicly praised Comey for at the time.

What in the merciful fuck is going on?

Forget Fake, This News Is Certifiably Insane

tako,o bože,tako tvoja

Šetala sam danas našim ulicama

I merila danas,naše korake
Koji su se izgubili

U snegu koji mamurno jutro donosi
I smejala sam se
I plakala sam
I borila sam se
I na tren,bio si tu
Pored mene
Smešio si se
Ulična lampa iznad naše klupe idalje treperi kao nekada kada sam bila tvoja
I kada smo mi,bili naši
Samo je sada januar,zima,sada je sneg
A mi smo se voleli avgusta,
kada je svet bio malo vrelije mesto
I kada sam tvoj osmeh češće viđala
I kada sam eto,bila naivna i slepa kod očiju
i videla sam samo tebe
a znaš
znaš li
da idalje vidim samo tebe?
Na klupici pod uličnom svetiljkom koja treperi
pored kućice u parku gde si urezao svoje ime usnama na mom vratu i
pravio najlepši univerzum na mojim leđima
i bio si moj 
i bila sam tvoja
šteta je samo
što je sada januar
što je sada hladno
što se sada naša klupica mrzne i našu svetiljku niko ne popravlja
što tvoj osmeh nije čest,naprotiv,ni u prolazu mi ga ne pokloniš
što si hladniji i od one zaleđene bare ispred ulaznih vrata moje kuće ispred koje si me čekao
a najveća šteta je
znaš li
što sam radije izabrala
da mi bude hladno
da me niko ne greje po ovakvom vremenu kada bi mi prijao nečiji zagrljaj
jer mislila sam,pametan je on
vratiće se
sunce moje
sada po ovakvom danu sijaš nekoj drugoj,
moje ime ti nijednom ne prolazi glavom
čak ni kada me sretneš
zar me ne prepoznaješ?
šteta je
što sam idalje
tako hladna
tako sumorna
tako ledena
kao onaj vulkan                                                 Snežni vrh
iako,                                                                   to je vulkan
a ja gorim za tobom
iznutra                                                     a spolja sam
tako,hladna                                                         i                                                                           što sam idalje
tako tvoja
tako nežna,krhka, tako
o bože
tako tvoja…
-ultravioletna.(Teodora Vuković)

GOT7 ice skating

Mark - whilst filming the others, trips over Jackson who’s just fallen himself. Accidentally wacks Jinyoung in the face with his phone on the way down. Can’t stand back up because he’s laughing too much

Jaebum - swears solidly for the entire session. Refuses all offers of help and insists he’s getting the hang of it. Has to shuffle on his bum back to the rink exit at the end.

Jackson - can actually skate pretty well but still screams the entire time. Forces the others to participate in a conga line. Asks the manager of the rink to play Hard Carry over the speakers.

Jinyoung - spends the entire session alternating between trying to save the others from falling and kicking their feet out from under them. Gets his scarf caught on the rink handrail and nearly strangles himself.

Youngjae - can’t get the hang of pushing his feet on the ice to move forwards. Instead, gets Mark to skate backwards whilst pulling him along. Ends up falling and nearly nailing the other in the crotch with his skate. Is left to fend for himself after that.

Bambam - grips on to the edge of the rink for practically the entire session. Right at the end, feels brave enough to try and skate into the middle. Falls and nearly stabs himself in the face with the blade of his boot.

Yugyeom - immediately gets the hang of it. Skates past Jaebum singing ‘bitch better have my money’. Falls and splits his jeans. Has to wear his scarf as a skirt for the rest of the day.


When I went back in search of our neighborhood street, the street had aged so much. You could feel that the time had passed. i can’t go back to my youth, or to this street. They are both the same. Time will always flow. Everything will pass by. That might be why youth is beautiful. It shines, blindingly bright, for just an instant. But you can never go back to it. 1988. This is the end of our Ssangmundong story. Longing for that time and longing for that street isn’t because I miss the younger version of myself. In that place, where we won’t be able to gather like that again, I regret being unable to say my final farewell. To the things that are already gone, to a time that has already passed, I want to say a belated farewell. 
                                   Goodbye, my youth. Goodbye, Ssangmundong.

BTS: Save me (Gang AU)

Character profile


Chapter 1 /2/ 3/ 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

Chapter 13
“Play on”

BTS Meeting room   

  Namjoon cleared his throat before speaking out loud and clear for all the top 7 to hear, “The reason for today’s meeting is to firstly, welcome tae back to the team and secondly, discuss our next move of infiltration.”     

  “As hoseok had updated all of you guys that we have alerted Got7 by mistake, we would continue as normal. There is no change to the date.” Namjoon instructed. 

  That moment there is an unanimous, “what?!"  From all the men except yoongi.  

 "Joon, you are not joking right? They know about it.” Hoseok questioned.       

“They won’t expect it to happen so soon. We will catch them, surprised.” Yoongi replied.   

  “So now. I need no further mistakes. And i need you and your men to focus on what you need to do. As for taehyung, you can train your men for backup got it ?” Namjoon spoke with authority. 

In which all replied with,  “yes.”     

  “Okay. Meeting adjourned.  Hoseok and Jin stay behind.” Namjoon dismiss them with a wave of his hand.

 BTS Hallway   

  “Hey guys! Let’s have a welcome back party for me shall we? ” Taehyung chirped, grabbing Jungkook’s and jimin’s hand.   

  “You guys run along. I need to finish producing a batch of drugs quickly. Don’t get into trouble, brats.” Yoongi replied.   

  “Wait. Yoongi hyung. Why the rush?” Taehyung questioned, wanting to know more about the roles of the top7 in the infiltration.   

  “Oh right. You don’t know. We are importing new and advance weapons from America so we need more funds. Jungkook-ah. Update taehyung on our progress while you all are at it.” Yoongi answered, before leaving for his workplace. 

   Had his prayers been answered ? Or did lady luck just shine on him ? All his answers would now fall into his lap, but he wished he wasn’t part of the team, he wished he hadn’t need to betray his one and only family.    

  “HYUNG!” Jungkook loud voice broke his chain of thoughts.   

  “What ?” Taehyung replied acting irritated.   

  “What were you thinking so deeply about ? (Y/n) ?” Jimin teased. 

Oh yeah. Her. I almost forgot. I needed to know the police side as well. Sh*t.       

  “No? She is hoseok’s ” Taehyung replied, nonchalantly.   

  “Okay back to my question. Where do you want to celebrate ?” Jungkook interrupted the tense atmosphere.   

  “The usual?” The three of them smirked at each other. 

  “Let’s go!" 

   BTS Meeting room   

  "Hoseok. I need you to contact  (Y/n ) and see what the police side can do. There is no change to the dates remember and try to make her stay even after the infiltration of Got7 i cannot lose a single chess piece got it ?” Namjoon instructed.   

  “Got it. ” Hoseok replied.   

  “Jin. I need you to be done with the weapon deals and also the finances issues asap. We are running short of time. At the same time, get more medical supplies ready. Hoseok. Ask (y/n) to give Jin the license and entry pass for the deals. ” Namjoon ordered.   

  “That’s all. Thanks guys. And help taehyung along the way.” Namjoon continued.   

  “No problem.” The two replied in unison. 


  Taehyung had all the answers he needed from jungkook and jimin about their operation. He felt guilty. He didn't  want to do this. But he had to.   

  His phone rang as if it was all planned before hand and the sickening voice echoed from his speaker.   

  “Hey there. Got all the information Jaebum need ? Come over to Jamsil. ” The owner of the voice, bambam boomed.   

  “Whatever. Better ask your sh*tass of a boss to keep his f**king promise.” Taehyung replied, annoyed, before ending the call.   

  He drove all the way to Jamsil frustrated and angry at himself. When he arrived, he saw Park min tied to a chair, bruises on her face as her tears streaked down her once flawless face, he immediately clenched his fist until his knuckles turned white.   

  “Tell me  what i need to know and you can take her.” Jaebum spoke calmly.   Taehyung  proceed to tell him BTS’ plans, glancing at park min whenever he had a chance to ensure she was okay.   

  “What about the police side? ” Yugyeom questioned.   

  “I don’t know. ” Taehyung replied.      

  “What do you mean you don’t know? The police is your girlfriend.” Jaebum questioned, gesturing to Mark who slaps Park min across her face. 

   "I am no longer in a relationship with (Y/n).“ Taehyung responded. 

  "Do i look like i care? I would put a bullet through her head before i put one through yours. Call her now. Put it on speaker.” Jaebum fumed. 

 Taehyung dialled your number, to which he was surprise that you picked up his call. 

   "Taehyung? I was expecting you. Jungkook told me to inform you.“ You answered, completely unaware. 

  Of all times he needed to get lucky. Why now? 

 You told him over the phone about your side of the story. 

   "Thank you (Y/n ). Very much.” Taehyung replied. 

   "No worries. “ you replied. That was the code word you had with Taehyung. 

Was he in trouble? You didn’t end the call, neither did he. 

 On the other end, you heard gun shots. 

 If the history repeats itself. 

 Let it.

 A/n: If this part was boring or horrible pardon me.): And again do vote on who you all want to be with! 1. Taehyung 2. Hoseok 3. A twist 


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Modern Claire and Jamie take a road trip to the beach where J has never been. Of course Claire has plans to make the most of it. Romance, feels galore.

“What did ye say this place was called?” Jamie asked from the shore, his back to me.

I came up behind him and nuzzled my face between his shoulder blades. “Gooseberry Falls.”

My job at the hospital required me to attend a yearly conference at the Mayo Clinic. This year, however, Jamie and I thought we’d make a sort of get-away out of it. We had left Bree at her aunt and uncle’s for the week, something she absolutely loved, and planned a road-trip along Lake Superior’s North Shore. We had quite a few recommendations from friends and this was our first stop.

He craned his neck to look back at me over his shoulder, giving me that silly grin of his. “I havena seen any gooseberries, have ye, Sassenach?”

“Mmm, now that you mention it…” I murmured, “I’m not sure I’ve been paying attention to the native flora.”

“Oh, aye? And ye a regular botanist most days.” His eye brows rose in mock surprise.

My hands traveled around him and fiddled with his belt, imitating his Scottish burr, “Oh, aye, but no’ on this bonnie day.”

I was rewarded with an ear splitting grin from my husband. “Bonnie is it? The only thing bonnier than this day is my wife.”

A small, polite cough sounded from the other side of Jamie and his head snapped forward again. He took my hands in his, quickly removing them from his belt buckle and bringing me along side him.

The disgruntled hiker sent me a look of mild annoyance mixed with slight offense as he passed by us, continuing on his way down the shoreline. His eyes met Jamie’s, however, and he quickly picked up his pace.

I couldn’t help but giggle, it had been a while since we’d been interrupted like that. It reminded me of our walks along Boston Harbor when we were dating.

Jamie glanced between the shore and the tree line, turning something over in his mind, then looked down at me with eyes aflame. “Water or forest, Sassenach?”

“Jamie! Have you felt the water? It’s freezing!” With a cry of outrage I poked him in the ribs.

“Aye, weel, no I havena,” he admitted, smiling. “But ‘tis August, surely even in Minnesota the lochs are warm by now.”

Shoving him towards the water, I responded “Go try it and tell me what you think.”

He dipped his fingers into the frigid waters and reeled back as if stung. Grinning, he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the forest. “No’ a word, Sassenach.”

“And just where are we going?” I asked. “We’re in a national park!”

“‘Tis a state park, mo nighean donn.”

“Oh, pardon me, I’ll make sure to cross the correct item off on my bucket list.” I responded sarcastically as tried to keep my footing on the slippery stones of the beach.

He tipped his head back and laughed, scaring no small number of birds and tourists. The hiking paths were full of adventuring families this time of year. How was he going to find a place secluded enough that we wouldn’t be arrested for public indecency, or at the very least, permanently scar small children for life?

Winking at me, he led us off the path and over a small ridge. The trees and underbrush began to thicken as we left the trail behind. Jamie let go of my hand then, pushing aside a pine bough and motioning for me to go ahead of him.

I stepped into a small clearing and turned around to face him.

“Tell me, James Fraser,” I demanded playfully, “Just how you manage to find places like these.”

He shrugged dismissivley, “The trip was your idea, Sassenach.”

“That’s not what I meant,” I tugged his shirt loose from his jeans.

“Mmhmm,” Jamie made a definitively Scottish sound at the back of his throat before he slid the hair binder off the end of my braid, setting the rambunctious curls free. “‘Tis a forest, there is always places like these.”


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What's your favourite memory?

Okay get ready for something lackluster. One of my favorite memories is this pretty simple one from a few summers ago. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working in a movie theatre for going on three years, now. In one of the theatres (rooms with a screen) is our IMAX theatre. The screen is way bigger than most of the others, and it’s sort of curved. But the difference is it’s not against a flat wall. There’s this curtain going along behind it that you can walk through and be behind the IMAX screen. It’s mostly just used for storage of extra seat cushions and stuff.

Anyways, a few summers back my friend and I went to see Jurassic World (the original Jurassic Park is tied with a few other movies for my favorite film of All Time FYI). During the credits (I’d already seen it a few times by this point, I believe) I mentioned to her that we could go behind the screen. And so we did, we got up and walked behind the screen and just- being back there with the Jurassic Park music playing all around me (IMAX volume is. Extreme. Some of the speakers are also behind the screen and they are Huge) and the credits literally being projected onto us scrolling over us (in case it wasn’t obvious, no one can see you if you’re behind the screen) was. A really amazing feeling. I just love thinking of that instance. I love it a lot. 

«Ho fatto in tempo ad avere un futuro che fosse molto più grande di me, magari ne merito un altro di nuovo dove comunque ci sei anche te»
—  Luciano Ligabue

BigHit: BTS will be more mature going forward.

ARMY: Okay so maybe they’ll have a few girls in their MV’s, or like some drinking, or maybe some…

BigHit: lol. u thot.

Jimin: *munches apples of sin*

Yoongi: *ties up Park Jimin in a blindfold* 

Taehyung: *looks pornographic af under some sheer linens* 

Namjoon: *smokes god knows wat*

Jin: *seems to be preparing himself for an orgy*