parking lot music

  • Angelica, the only sober one: This stuff is basically rat poison. Everybody's wasted.
  • Alexander: (crying) You didn't even know one thing and he asked me the whole thing and I didn't even do it once-
  • Hercules: I'm like an elephant, okay, it's like if I walk into a room it's like okay, he's in there-
  • John: I'm not gonna tell you that that bitch over there, I don't have to tell, I mean I'm not gonna brag-
  • Peggy: (laughing hysterically) Baba booey. (more laughing)
  • Jefferson: Turn this music down! (singing unintelligibly)
  • Lafayette: (speaking rapid-fire French, mildly angry)
  • Madison: (laughing uncontrollably) (coughing fit) (takes another drink)
  • Washington: (happily dancing to rap music with a funny hat on)

i don’t know if anyone has realized this yet but, a lot of the cast of legally blonde (2007) wound up in this broadway season:

  • christian borle (emmett) portrayed the role of marvin in the revival of falsettos that once belonged to michael rupert (professor callahan)
  • not to mention christian borle is back on broadway with charlie and the chocolate factory as willy wonka
  • annaleigh ashford (margot) was in sunday in the park with george
  • richard h. blake (warner) is lorenzo in a bronx tale
  • andy karl’s (chad/dewey/kyle) starring in groundhog day

there’s something to be said for nights in. nights with friends and siblings and lovers spent wrapped up in blankets, on balconies, in bedrooms, on sofas… putting the world on pause for those you care about. but there’s also something to be said for nights out. nights with those very same people in streets, parking lots, crowded cars, music turned high or playing low… where the world is in motion all around you.

  • Peggy: (walks into the house with the hose from outside, standing directly in front of Laf)
  • Lafayette: (wakes up) Hey. Oh, man, I fell asleep again.
  • Peggy: Laf, you have to stay up and get on a regular schedule.
  • Lafayette: ... Were you about to spray me with the hose inside the house?
  • Peggy: Yeah.
  • Lafayette: I kinda want you to do it now.
  • Peggy: Okay. (sprays him)
  • Lafayette: (screams, running away)
  • Peggy: (chases him around, spraying him)
Cheater, Cheater Pt 2 || Jughead J. ft. Archie A.

Song: Pray You Catch Me - Beyoncé

Part One

Requested by anon

I hadn’t talked to Archie in 5 days and each day that went by it was a new emotion. I’ve gone from anger to sadness, back to anger, then self hate, and now I’m teetering between anger and sadness. As I walked down the hallway, I’d past several couples, and my heart would break more.

Archie had blown my phone up for the first two days since I’d found out, then it’s text here and there, finally it stopped. I hadn’t responded to a single text.

All that was on my mind was playing the times we were together and he’d cheated on me. I replayed the memories over and over again in my mind, looking for signs. Was I really that stupid that I hadn’t known my boyfriend had been cheating on me for a month?

I walk into my Advanced Lit class, and went straight to the back, opposite of sitting in the middle of the classroom to talk to everybody. Since I’d found out, my brain has been on autopilot while my mind was sitting in the seat dead.

I sat in the back corner, excluded from everyone else. I watched the door as Archie walked in, a smile on his face as he jokingly pushed one of his “friends”. He looked over at me, but I turned my head away, looking out the window.

He was perfectly fine, while I was crumbling apart.

“Hey,” Jughead said to me as he slid into the seat next to mine. “How are you holding up?”

“Not at that well.” I turned my head to him. “Is it bad that I’m so torn up by this?”

“No, you two dated for over a year.” I look down at desk.

“Can we skip Pop’s and just go to your house?” I asked, not wanting to be in public any longer than I have to.

“Yeah, of course.” Jughead had been my rock, since I’d found out Archie had cheated on me with Grundy. It was on thing cheating on me, but with a fucking teacher, that was the breaking point.

“Alright class,” The Lit teacher said, closing the door behind him as the bell rang.

The bell rang, snapping me out of my thoughts, I shut my laptop and slid it in my bag. I followed closely behind Jughead, wanting to get out of Archie’s line of sight as quick as possible. We went our separate ways, him going to his next class and me going to my locker.

As I closed my locker and turned to head to my next class, I watched Archie go into Grundy’s classroom. Despite my minds protest, my feet moved towards her classroom, and I’m peeking through the small glass window. Archie and Grundy were close to kissing, and felt sick to my stomach, that’s when I knew any chance of us getting back together was obsolete.

I knew I couldn’t trust him before this and I was still looking for a reason to forgive him, but know that he’s still seeing her after I found out, I knew it was over.

I slipped my phone out my pocket, my glaze still on the pair, hatred setting my blood on fire. I dragged my eyes away from the two, pulling up Archie’s contact and creating a new text.

I didn’t care how cold it was to break up with someone over text, I was pissed, and couldn’t find myself no longer caring if he got hurt.

You two should cover the window, you know before you start snogging. Just thought to give you a tip so you don’t get caught for a third time. Have fun with your slut. We’re over.

I hit send and watched as he pulled away, looking at his phone. He looked up and at the window, his hazel eyes meeting mine. Absolute panic and fear brought down his face, and he’s sprinting to the door, but I was already gone.

“Y/N!” He yelled through the crowded hallway, I ignored him, the damage was done.

I could see the doors to the student parking lot, my hand holding onto my phone with a death grip.

I had to get out of here.

I didn’t feel the heart break anymore, I was numb with anger. I wasn’t just feeling anger though, I finally felt free. Relief.

Archie and I were over and I was walking away, leaving destruction in my path. I didn’t give a single shit.

I got to my car, the wind blowing through my hair as I unlocked my car.

Archie had finally got outside, still yelling my name, but I was already in my car and staring it. He got mid way to my car, but I was already pulling out.

I pressed down on the gas once I got on the road. I rolled down the windows, letting the wind blow throughout my car as I speed. I was laughing and crying, I was free.

I slowed down as I get to my neighborhood, pulling into my driveway. I got out of my car, happiness over taking me as I unlocked the front door, and run up the stairs. I get to my room and fall back into my bed.

Closing my eyes, I knew I was at peace.

I waited for Jughead to get out to the student parking lot, music blasting through my speakers.

Everything felt normal.

As Jug walked up to my car, he seen the huge smile on my face, and before he could say again, I spoke.

“Do you need a ride?” He nodded his, getting into the passenger side of my car, speechless. “Okay, so your house or Pop’s or do you want to just drive around, because I’m totally up for all three?” He looked over at me in complete shock.

“Who are you and what did you do to Y/N?” I laughed.

“I know I did a complete 180 on my mood since Lit, I broke up with Archie, and skipped the rest of school, having a me day.” I explained. “Now where to?”

“I guess my house.” He said buckling up. “And did I just here you say you broke up with Archie?”

“Yep,” I put my car in gear and drive out of the parking lot, the wind yet again blowing through the windows, but no where near as bad as this morning.

“No remorse, sadness? You’re perfectly fine?” He asked, not able to believe the mood I was in.

“Yep, it’s in the past. Now, turn the radio up!” I see him looking at me in disbelief and finally turned up the volume.

“What?” I asked laughing as Jughead continued staring at me in disbelief, he shook his head, giving a slight laugh. He sat in his desk chair as I laid propped up in his bed.

“ I still can’t believe it, yesterday you were balling your eyes out on my shoulder, and today you’re happy as can be.”

“Well belive it, now what about a Star Wars marathon?” He had a ghost of a smile on his face as he agreed. “Okay, you get the movie going and I’ll go make popcorn!” I said, jumping out of his bed and going into the kitchen before he could change his mind.

Once the popcorn was done popping, I poured it in a bowl, and ran up stairs and to his room, finding him propped up against the headboard on his bed, fast forwarding through the commercials.

I got the popcorn!“ I announced, jumping on his bed, but careful not to get the popcorn everywhere. I sat next to him, leaning my back against the headboard and my head on his shoulder. He looked down at me, I didn’t see the look on his face as I continued staring at the TV and eating popcorn.

Once he got the movie started, our night was filled with both of us repeating lines word-for-word, and throwing popcorn at each other.

I eventually laid my head on his chest, pieces of popcorn covering the bed, and called my eyes.

I was at peace.

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DAAAAAAAAYYYYYUUMMMMMMMM!!! ME LIKE YUH MV is out! If you’re at work or in school, y’all better not watch it in full screen mode haha….lots of bootay… xD [MV]

You were sitting on the hood of Eric’s car, smoking with Dylan and him out of the school’s parking. Eric left some music playing with his windows down. It was like some weird tradition, since you all had a free block at the same time, to come to the parking lot and listen to music while ranting.

“Hey y/n. You barely ever rant. Tell us about your perrrrfect life”

Eric started laughing after saying this. Dylan joined in a bit. You wouldn’t say you had the “perfect life” school was absolute hell and once in a while so is home.

“You know Eric, jealous is a terrible color on you”

You stuck out your hand as Dylan highfived you for the comeback. Eric rolled his eyes and let you slap his hand. That’s also something you three did from time to time. If you couldn’t think of an insult to say back, the “victor” would slap your hand. Eric is pretty much king at this little game.

Dylan checked his watch and signaled us to follow.

“Back to school we go.”

“Awe don’t be sad Dyl. It only highschool. The best four years of our lives!”

You gave him an overly happy tone abd he just laughed. You walked on the side of Dylan and Eric was on the other side. You finally got into the school when you accidently bumped into a girl.

“Oops my bad. Sorry about that.”

You assumed everything was good and turned back to the two boys. You were about to take a step forward when you felt a hard yank on your hair. You quickly had wide eyes and turned back really slow to face the laughing girl and her two friends.

“Sorry did I pull your hair? Oops my bad.”

You smiled a sincere smile.

“Yea it is your bad. Don’t do it again.”

She gave you a snarky laugh and rolled her eyes.

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll rip that simple minded head off your soon to be mangled body.”

“Ooooo, the school’s freakshow is about to give us a free show.”

She started laughing again and looked back at her clearly uncomfortable friends. You felt Dylan and around your wrist to pull you back but you just ripped it away from him.

“You talk alot of shit. Must be why your breath stinks pretty bad. Either shut the hell up and grow up or do something”

You felt a hard sting on your cheek. The girl actually slapped you. You never really fought in school. Usually kept your cool. A few comebacks here and there. Been pushed a bit. But this girl really tried it.

She started smiling and you did the same, before you slapped her even harder and pushed her against the wall. Your arm was against her chest. You saw small tears well up in her eyes and let out a deep sigh.

“Fuck pathetic.”

You pushed into her alittle bit and pushed her down. She slowly got up and wouldn’t look at you. Her friends grabbed her and heard them call you a bitch and psycho but this time you just let them.

You turned around to see the two boys. Dylan’s mouth was slightly open and had red all over his cheeks before turning away and scratched his neck. Eric just stared at you. You noticed a little bulge which made you a bit intimidated and blushly. Eric finally said something after a few moments of silence and you’re not even sure if he realized just what he said.

“’re hot”

Parking Lot Graves
pill friends
Parking Lot Graves

parking lot graves // pill friends

alone again with no friends
what did you expect
from a selfish and narcissistic
suburban white trash christ?
who builds you up
to watch you bleed
away into his false needs
you know he doesn’t care
and he’d leave you if he could
you long for happiness
only for it to fade
sadness is the same
pain never leaves
so don’t feel anything
it’s better off that way
what did you expect
from a suburban white trash christ?
mass graves in parking lots
is where our ghosts met
and slept without a care
death is our savior
rest in pain
inside your hell
rest in pain
you can’t be saved
rest in pain
in nothingness
rest in pain
you can’t be saved