parking lot art

Tweek x Craig 

I haven’t done any Creek art in a while and have been craving for it lately lol-

Anyway, this is from my dreamcatcher au in which the kids are basically spirits or embodiments of dreamcatchers themselves… if that makes sense. Anyway, there’s like a tribe that the kids follow but like when the new chief takes over some are cast out and some leave on their own.

Craig’s still in the tribe but he mostly follows Tweek around who left the tribe willingly due to the new leader- they later end up making a bond or something which binds them all for eternity but ah- I’m still in the works with this au I just really wanted to do art for it to get out of my art block-



Why did you try to find the dog again?
Uhhhh cuz you said if I put the dog face filter on Coconut you won’t be mad at me anymore
So… :0
You know I was never mad at you, right?
It was a joke. I was joking.
Yeah I know
But I wanted to do it anyways
I thought you would get a kick outta it?
I wanted to make you smile
You’re fucking unbelievable.
Yeah but did it work
It worked. You made me smile.

[ Fanart for the fanfic ✓✓ Read !! 
You should check it out because it’s funny and tbh my fav so uH- 
it’s written in text format too (cool woah) i love it and maybe you guys will too <3 ]