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Could we have a little more Mace/Ponds in The Force Gives? Does Mace ask Obi-Wan, the only bonded Omega he trusts, he won't ask Skywalker about that, advice, because he sees it will happens, or does he let it surprise him like Obi-Wan did?

“I will admit its cute even if its Skywalker.” Mace noted, staring up at the ship as it came in to park with Obi-Wan as the other gave a low hum. “I mean I know most of the troopers painted things like this onto their ships but still, its cute.” He chortled quietly.

Chuckling faintly, Obi-Wan nodded. “Rex apparently went holonet hunting and found images from when Anakin was still pod racing on Tatooine and won the Bonta eve classic race. Anakin is quite well known for it still as the only human to win it. And then Echo and Fives painted it, apparently those two are quite gifted with paint.” He noted quietly, giving Rex a little wave as the Captain disembarked.

The alpha returned the wave before catching up to Cody to speak to his vod.

“…Obi-Wan I need to ask, when you bonded with your mates… was it a conscious decision?” Mace questioned quietly.

Arms crossed over his chest, Obi-Wan sighed. “Not… with Cody, my body went into heat and I was… overwhelmed and frightened at all the newness of it. But I accepted Cody because I knew he’d treat me right and care for me in the best of ways without stepping on my autonomy. With Rex I chose to include him because I felt the same way about him as with Cody.” He thoughtfully stroked his beard. “So I guess I both chose and didn’t choose, at least with Cody.” He shrugged.

Mace mulled over that as troopers milled around them, vode greeting vode, ships getting worked on at their parking berths, Jedi around the room curling into their mates and seeking comfort from troopers who had resisted the chips in their heads.

Ponds himself had screamed his throat raw while holding his head, blood dripping from his nose and Mace could still feel his stomach flipping with fear if he thought of it too hard.

“Why are you asking Mace?” Obi-Wan questioned quietly.

Looking to the other, Mace sighed. “Because things are different now, even Yoda admits things are different and my needs are…I’m…” He rubbed his neck slowly, frowning. “I know the Force will eventually prod me to it like it did with Aayla and Kit to Commander Bly but I would like to… I would like to be the one to control this. When it happens and…and how.” He shrugged.

“…I have a good feeling I know what you mean but I need you to say it Mace.” Obi-Wan murmured, tone cautious.

Licking his lips, Mace meet the other Jedi’s eyes. “I want to bond with Ponds. I already feel like we’re close and I just… I would like to decide the when and how.” Mace sighed, looking away to find Ponds seemingly arguing with one of the droids and gesturing towards a shuttle.

A gentle hand touched his arm and Mace looked back at Obi-Wan to find the other null turned omega staring seriously at him. “One question Mace, do you love him?”

“…Force forgive me I’m scared to admit it but yes Obi-Wan, I do.” Mace breathed out and then took a deep breath through his nose, releasing both emotions slowly out into the Force.

“…Then I suggest you take it one step at a time Mace up until the heat you decide to share with him because my own experience will tell you that bonding during heat makes it all so much simpler because then its just you and him and your instincts.” Obi-Wan squeezed down on the others arm. “And then just let things go as they should naturally because believe me, during heat, your mind lets go of its worries when you’re with an alpha you trust.” He smiled.

“…That’s it huh?” Mace murmured.

Obi-Wan shrugged. “That’s it. When the time feels right for you… you let him into your room and let him care for you. Let nature take its course and let him love you.” He chuckled softly.

Snorting quietly, Mace crossed his arms over his chest as he mused over that before looking up and right into Ponds eyes, like a scene from some sort of cheesy holodrama that Yoda denied to this very day that he enjoyed watching.

The trooper instantly smiled at him and Mace felt relief at his dark skin as it hid the blush he could feel heating his skin. It was a very nice smile though and slowly he smiled back.

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Why Degas?

Why do I dislike Degas as a person? He didn’t get a long with a lot of the Impressionists, a majority of the time. He was a pretty rude guy in general, although he and Mary Cassatt got along very well. The writer George Moore called him “an old curmudgeon”. He seemed to take pride in that, honestly.

I just picture him reluctantly showing up to Impressionist gatherings in a quaint little Parisian café, Pissarro and Monet are discussing how lovely the wildflowers in southern France are this time of year; Caillebotte is probably missing in action and is painting urban landscapes, as usual, but he is a dear man so we forgive him for that; Manet is off offending the good people of France with his nude figures in parks; Berthe Morisot is sadly not present because ladies were discouraged from hanging out with so many men that weren’t relations, but doubtless she is looking elegant and refining her technique by the seaside somewhere; and Mary Cassatt, probably the only one who consistently tolerated Degas, is in an art gallery for the third time this week despite scandalized gallery attendants. Degas cannot find her for the life of him and is even MORE grumpy than usual. So Degas shows up to the café, nose in the air, muttering about how he isn’t even really an Impressionist but a realist, and is just along for the ride; Pissarro and Monet exchange tired glances as they are quite used to his antics. Maybe Frédéric Bazille is even there. It’s a shame he died so young, he had a lot of promise. Where was I going with this?

…anyway, yeah, I am not too fond of Degas (as a person; I enjoy his art, although he isn’t my favorite Impressionist); in all seriousness, he was virulently anti-Semitic (not uncommon in 19th century France but still), something I did not learn until recently.