Laundry? || Parkina

Parker had already thrown the money at Brad, telling him to take Penny out tonight and get a hotel after dinner. Sure, they had sex a lot, but Parker was already wanting more. He went downstairs to find his wife putting dinner on the table. Brad and Penny came down after and they all ate a quick meal. Then the two highschoolers were gone and it was just the two of them. Parker winked at his wife as he stood up and walked over to her. His arms wrapped around her and he pulled her as close to him as possible.

Lips touched down on her neck, kissing and nibbling. She smelled so good and looked so good. “Baby…damn…” he said as he lifted his face from her neck. “You are so hot. Damn…have your way with me tonight, babe.” He went back down her chest as his hands played with the hem of his shirt on her. “You look good in my shirt. But I swear, you look better when it’s on the floor.”

Down on one knee he went. “Irina…Hell, I wanted to do this a lot differently and when the time was right but shit…when is the time ever right? Okay that sounded bad…I mean, there’s never a perfect time because when you love someone it’s always the right time…” The man shook his head. Sometimes he wasn’t the best with words. “What I’m trying to say, Irina, is that regardless of the reasons behind us getting married so fast, I love you. I love you with everything that I am. And I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I don’t care what anyone says…you, sweet angel, were meant for me. God decided that we were meant to be together…simple as…so, Irina, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

-Parker Scavo, Pretty Little Wisteria Lane. 

If this flawlessness is stolen you will have a very angry Summer, Chanci and Becca after you.

All My Loving || Parkina

Parker was happy with his and Brad’s work. He had walked in after Brad and saw the two of them off, smiling as Irina took their pictures. They were gone and he smiled softly as he wrapped his arms around his wife. “Baby…I have an idea. How about you go dress in something really nice and we will go out to eat, okay?” He kissed the side of her head and then turned her around in his arms. He kissed her lips and winked at her. “I think you deserve it after last night." 

He bit his lip slowly as he watched her walk upstairs. Now it was time for him to get ready. The boy quickly went into the guest bedroom downstairs and found the suit he had left in there. He started to change into it and couldn’t help smiling. He knew that she would like this, hoped she would at least. The boy finished getting dressed, making sure his new dress shoes looked awesome. 

His hair was done and he was feeling pretty fly. He waited at the end of the stairs and called her name. "Irina, babe…when you are ready I’ll be down here.” He couldn’t wait to see her face when she saw what he did for her.

Prom Date || Parkina

Parker had gotten a call early that week about being a prom chaperone. He was an alumni of the school, left in good standing and was now one of the wealthiest men on the lane. Of course, his money came from Irina, but still. The school also figured that since he was a married man with kids on the way, he would be more responsible. That was probably true. Well, maybe. Parker had agreed to it and said he would be there with his wife. But the problem was it was Thursday and he still hadn’t asked Irina. This was kind of daunting for him. With Taylor, they had been dating and it was just assumed. He didn’t go all out or fancy. Okay, he bought her a rose and did something kind of corny to ask her, but with Irina it had to be good. It would be her first real prom and he wanted to make it special for her.

The man had decided to do it in a quirky song. He was always so goofy and silly. He figured it was the best thing to do. He saw her lounging on the couch and the man walked in, guitar in hand. He was only going to play a quick little melody to go with his song. Parker sat on the coffee table in front of her, perfectly aware that she wouldn’t be happy with him for doing that. “Hey we are married, and this is crazy, but here’s a rose, so prom maybe?” he sang before grabbing a rose and handing it to her.

I Don't Share || Parkina

Parker sighed as he tossed away the burger wrapper and his drink. After his horrible day, he just wanted to lay with his wife, talk to her and the talk about the babies. But things hardly ever happened the way he wanted them. After telling Irina he would get the ice cream, Spencer jumped in on it and Irina invited her to come over. Not only did she do that, she called her ‘baby.’ Usually this didn’t bother the boy but lately it was getting to be a bit too much and he didn’t like it. At all. After seeing Spencer’s reply to a confession about them being 'fake lesbians’ together, he was about to blow. He loved Spencer, he did, but sometimes she took it too far and Irina was his wife. You just don’t do that. 

But he wasn’t going to mention this to anyone because he didn’t want to look like the bad guy. He was glad Irina had friends, he really was, but sometimes he just needed her. He had told her he would be gone for a couple of hours visiting someone but in reality he made his way to a diner that Brad worked at sometimes and decided to eat and play the pinball machine for a while. But now he was done and he was ready to go home. He left the burger joint and got into his truck. Ten minutes later, he pulled into their driveway, parked his truck in the garage and made his way up to the door.

Parker walked in and hung his light jacket up on the coat rack. He took his shoes off by the door and walked up the stairs to their room. Penny was still out, with Brad no doubt, and that was cool with him. He turned the handle to the door and walked in, smiling just slightly at his wife. His day had not gone well but hopefully it would end really great. “Hey babe.”