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Peter x Fem!Reader x Dad!Tony

Imagine request: I’m currently binging on Peter imagines since both Tom and Peter are ador(k)able and I was wondering if you could write some fluff in whatever scenario you would like. I love your writing (and blog) btw!

Could you do one where reader and Peter are dating and reader gets pregnant? (Sorry for my english)

Dad!Tony and Peter parker maybe even pietro…

Warnings: Mentions sex.

So I just want to say, you and Peter are 20 years old. Young, but not teenage young.

Note: So Peter is so cute and Dad!Tony is cute as a father. So, bam!

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You and Peter had been dating for 4 years, since 16 years old, why was it so nerve-wracking to think about having a baby together?

You guys had a healthy relationship, you guys could manage a baby, right?

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It was a normal day for you. Quiet, even, which was particular. Your dad, Tony Stark, had left early and was now in Queens for some reason that he didn’t say. You were on the couch, watching some random TV show that was on when you turned it on. Things wouldn’t stay that peaceful for long.

You didn’t flinch when you heard Tony come in. You barely glanced his way, but you looked again when you noticed the cute boy he had brought with him. “Who’s this?” You asked.

“Oh, Y/N, this is Peter Parker,” Tony introduced the two of you, “Peter, this is my daughter, Y/N Stark.” You stood up and held out a hand to Peter. It took him a little time to realize and he hastily shook your hand with a slight blush.

After the civil war between the Avengers ended, you continued to see Peter, or Spider-Man. He went to a different school, but occasionally, you’d lend him a ride to training. You had even gotten used to the looks the boys sent you when they saw you waiting near Peter’s locker.

Soon, you began seeing Peter during your free time, even if it was to be with him while he did his homework. It was clear that they both liked each other. There was even an awkward accidental first kiss, that you didn’t really feel the need to go into. The only thing that had to be done was to tell Mr. Stark.

To be honest, Peter almost forgot about him. He rarely saw you when your father was there. What he didn’t know was that you assumed that he had already told Mr. Stark. It was random when you mentioned it. Peter had invited you over and the two of you were watching a movie. “My dad is a lot less grumpy than I expected,” you stated with a laugh, “You must have impressed him when you asked him.”

“Asked him?” Peter echoed.

“Yeah,” you said slowly, “If you could ask me out. You did ask my father, right?” It wasn’t that you were unable to do anything without your dad’s permission. It was that your dad had a potentially deadly metal suit and trained with Peter, so you had assumed that he had asked him if it was okay first.

Peter rubbed his neck. “If I didn’t, would that be a problem?”

“Maybe a problem for you,” you muttered, “Did you not consider that my father would be mad if we did this behind his back?”

“Or he could be mad if I asked him,” He pointed out.

You waved that statement off. “He won’t be mad. Just do it tomorrow.” You continued watching the movie, unaware of your boyfriend’s nerves for the next day.

Peter hesitantly knocked on Tony’s office. “Mr. Stark? May I speak with you?” There was a sound of approval, so he walked in and remained standing.

He looked up from his desk. “What is it, Spiderling? I’m pretty busy.”

“It’s about Y/N.”

The sound of his daughter’s name made Tony more attentive. “Yes?” He said.

“I was wondering how you would feel,” Peter replied nervously, not wanting to reveal the secret relationship, “If I were to ask Y/N out?”

Tony seemingly groaned, rolling his eyes. “I was wondering how long it would take for you to ask,” he sighed, “You’re a good kid, Peter. You can protect her. She can protect herself.” He rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Don’t make me regret this, Parker. You have my blessing to ask Y/N out.”

Falsely smiling, Peter took a few steps to the door. “Thank you very much, Mr. Stark,” he rambled as he got closer to the door, “It really means a lot to me.” When Peter reached the door, he took a deep breath and looked back at him. “I kinda already asked her out and she said yes. Okay, bye!” He said in a rush before quickly exiting the office.


Miss Wilson (Deadpool x Sister!Reader x Peter Parker)

(CACW) Peter Parker x Deadpool’s Sister!Reader

Request: Hi! Could you write an imagine where the reader is Deadpool’s little sister and he finds out that she is dating Peter Parker (Tom Holland) knowing Deadpool, he becomes over protective because he doesn’t want her getting hurt or being in danger

Warning: Swearing (Obviously, it’s Deadpool)

Tags: @alejandra1358

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Denial (Peter Parker)

a little quickie for you guys – been spending the last few days running errands and doing a lot of projects! 

Tony only has to take one look at Peter’s longing eyes following your departing form before he brings forth a rather amused expression. “Oh my god. You’re in love with her.”

“What?” Peter stammers, straightening from his original position against the kitchen counter. He runs his hand down his clothes to provide him with a distraction of some sort from Tony’s inquisitive eyes. “No I’m not! She’s just a friend! Yeah, right, a friend. Nothing more. I’m not in love with her!”

“I never thought I’d be alive long enough to see you get a girlfriend, Spiderling,” Tony continues as if Peter hadn’t said anything in the first place.

“M-Mr. Stark, I’m serious!” Peter practically squeaks, wondering if it would be socially appropriate to hurtle himself out of the window. “W-We’re just friends!”

“What are you abusing Peter with this time?” Natasha inquires, sliding into the kitchen next to Tony, and Peter wants to web himself to the ceiling.

“Spiderling is in love with (Y/N),” Tony fills in casually.

“Hm, I was wondering when someone else would figure out the truth,” Natasha quips, as if the pair of them were talking about the weather.

“You guys aren’t listening to me!” Peter protests, his heart thumping uncontrollably out of his chest. He feels light-headed with a sudden wave of anxiety.

“He’s still in denial?” Natasha inquires. Peter feels like a small and insignificant bug.

“By the looks of it.” Tony cradles some aspirin in his hand before tossing them into a mouth.

“Can you stop talking about me like I’m not even here?”