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i love everything about him, especially his face. and his personality. and his body. and his friends. and his tv shows. basically everything. i love how he’s an adorable, lovable, idiot and a fanboy. i also love how he can play different types of roles so well, kai and jake are complete opposites yet he slayed as both characters. he also talks and stands up for a lot of things like mental health issues and breast cancer and other stuff like that, which is really nice of him to do despite him being famous and all. he’s also not afraid to show both the good boy and the bad boy side to him and i adore both. his smile is also beautiful and adorable and his voice is pretty sexy too. i love christopher charles wood and i always will. #chriswoodforever #kaiforever

chris wood appreciation week - day 7/7

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Siamese Cat, 1939 by Agnes Miller-Parker by totallymystified

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />From English Wood Engraving 1900-1950 by Thomas Balston, Art and Technics Ltd, 1951.

Agnes Miller Parker (1895–1980) was an engraver and illustrator. Born in Ayrshire, she spent most of her career in London and southern Britain.