parker wood


Request: Can you do 15,35,75 ily thanks

Prompts: “So, I found this waterfall…” “You heard me. Take. It Off.” “I’m going for a swim. Do you wanna join me?”

Imagine~ Kai shows you a waterfall that he’s found. 

“Hey babe, I have an proposal.” Kai said, entering the front room seating himself next to you. 

“Awh, finally putting a ring on it?” you grinned, holding your hand up showing your empty ring finger. 

He chuckled lightly before slowly shaking his head, looking towards the ceiling. 

“Not yet.” he grinned making you roll your eyes, a light giggle escaping you. 

“So what was your proposal?” you giggled looking into your boyfriends eyes. 

“So, I found this waterfall…” he started as you raised your eyebrows. 

Kai had never seemed the romantic type, the both of you cuddled and ate dinner and everything but this was beyond anything he’d brought up before. 

“And?” you said wiggling your eyebrows at his proposal, hoping he’d planned something even slightly romantic. 

“I was thinking we could go. Have some couple time or whatever normal people in relationships do.” he grinned, making you laugh and roll your eyes. 

“Sounds like a plan.” you said as a huge grin spread across his face when you accepted his idea. 

“Good, go pack a swimsuit.” he said making you jump up and look for a swimsuit to wear. 

After a while you found a simple black swimsuit with simple design patterns on it, seemingly perfect for a waterfall date. 

You pulled your clothes off, putting it on under your clothes seeing as you really didn’t want to get naked in the middle of nowhere. 

Kai entered the room a few minutes later, asking if you were ready to leave which you were. 

You could tell Kai was clearly completely unprepared for this whole thing but it added authenticity to the date. 

The car ride there was full of laughter and random chats and after about an hour Kai pulled over next to a fairly large wood. 

“Kai, are you sure about this? I feel like you’re going to take me into the woods and kill me.” you said, a nervous chuckle following your words. 

“Trust me, I’ll protect you against any murderers.” Kai chuckled, wrapping his arm around you. 

You already knew about Kai’s abilities especially since you used to have similar abilities. But when you first got with Kai your coven asked you to choose between him and your powers. 

When you said Kai they took your powers, you didn’t even know it was possible that they could do it but they did. Kai disapproved but you’re still in touch with magic, you can still feel nature but you can’t do spells. 

“Whatever you say.” you grinned as Kai pulled you into the woods. 

After a few minutes of walking you found yourself in a clearing, a large waterfall over looking the nature of the scenic area. 

“It’s beautiful.” you whispered, taking in your surroundings. 

The bright blue water cascaded down the rocks with vines lining the rocks, small white flowers sprouted out between the rocks adding a brighter tone to the scene. 

Large trees overlooked the water with beams of sunlight pushing through, reflecting off the water. 

Kai wrapped his arms around your waist, grinning gleefully. “What’s got you so happy?” you asked, acknowledging his grin. 

“Being here with you.” he said, his grin becoming wider if that was even possible. 

“That was a bit cheesy.” you giggled making him roll his eyes at his poor attempt to be the slightest bit romantic. 

You wriggled from his grip and quickly stripped down to your swimsuit whilst Kai just stared. 

“Do you mind?” you giggled making Kai snap out of his trance and cough awkwardly. 

You slowly approached the pool of water, dipping your toe into check the temperature. “What are you doing?” Kai chuckled looking over at you when you quickly re flexed your foot away from the cold water. 

“I’m going for a swim. Do you wanna join me?” you smiled, entering the freezing cold water. It sent chills down your spine but you quickly got used to the temperature. 

Kai stripped down as well, entering the water with a gasp. “It’s freezing.” he chattered with wide eyes. 

“Come on, Kai. It was your idea.” you giggled as you bounced around in the water. 

He slowly walked in, scrunching his eyes closed in an attempt to cope with the cold. After a few moments of being in the water he became immune to the cold and began to relax. 

“Okay, I can handle this.” he breathed as he looked around the water. 

You swam over to him, the cold water droplets covering your skin. 

“I swear your always cold because according to everyone you have no heart and I’m assuming that would make someone pretty cold.” you explained before you were just rambling. 

Kai rolled his eyes as he splashed you with water making you squeal and quickly distance yourself from him. 

“You know what would make this more fun?” Kai said looking over at you with a smirk and you knew something was up. 

“No, I don’t. What would make this more fun?” you sighed, twinges of sarcasm in your voice. 

“If we were naked.” Kai smirked making your jaw drop. 

You raised your eyebrows, your jaw still agape. “Excuse me?” you giggled, as if to make sure you heard right. 

“You heard me. Take. It Off.” he said, his smirk becoming wider when he saw your expression. 

You were unsure for a moment but something seemed fun about it so you submerged your body under the water as you pulled off your swimsuit. 

You thew it to the side of the pool of water and looked over at Kai in anticipation. 

All he was doing was staring you up and down, biting loosely on his bottom lip. 

“Your turn.” you grinned as he took in your body. He slipped off his shorts effortlessly, not taking his eyes off you for a second. 

“This is fun.” grinned as he slowly swam towards you. “How is this any more fun?” you giggled as he reached you. 

“Everything’s more fun when your naked.” he giggled before kissing you lightly.