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Random Marvel Icons for @seaweedstarshine 

1st Row = Misty Knight (Mercedes Knight), All-New Wolverine/Wolverine II (Laura Kinney), 

2nd Row = Giant Man (Hank Pym), She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Quentin Quire

3rd Row = Adam Warlock (from Avengers EMH cartoon), Foolkiller (Greg Salinger), Flash Thompson as Agent Venom, 

4th Row = Speedball (Robbie Baldwin), Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) 

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Marvel Character Icons - Link 

no but imagine Steve Rogers on Colbert Report and The Daily Show

Tony Stark being a regular guest star on every talk show ever and most of them hating him but he’s great for the ratings so

Jane appearing on Nova as a guest star and hitting it off with Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

Clint being the absolutely most awkward person ever on Saturday Night Live

Thor and the Warriors Three appearing on Mythbusters because there are so many alien myths to be tested! 

JARVIS running  ghost twitters for all of the Avengers, because it’s good publicity but none of them are allowed to tweet unsupervised except Natasha and she usually can’t be bothered

Natasha being a troll and constantly wearing wigs and changing accents when she gives interviews and also feeding false information to any reporter she doesn’t like 

Spider Man having a super popular vine account that’s usually him chasing pigeons and spraying Tony Stark with webs

Pepper having to go on talk shows and news shows every time the Avengers do something ridiculous and explosive to do damage control and she’s on first name terms with all the stylists and camera crews because she knows these things are very important. 

Bruce basically being a recluse from social media and the media in general before he and his cousin Jen start a Youtube Channel that alternates between pranking Tony and blaming it on Clint and explaining complicated law and science things

Betty Ross leading women in STEM rallies and also gets #HulkIsaHero trending on Twitter after her father tries to get Bruce arrested

Steve getting interviewed by the History Channel about everything and Natasha having to make him cheat sheets about what’s still classified and what’s available to the public now

Peggy Carter being the subject of multiple documentaries and giving interviews from her hospital bed

Thor going on a tour of America with Jane, Darcy, Sif and the Warriors Three, and making a web series titled American Gods and it’s basically him rescuing kittens and eating copious amounts of food and Sif beating up everyone and Darcy and Jane trying to stop Thor from reading the Neil Gaiman book at all costs