parker thomas

  • me when i first heard about tom holland being the new spiderman: wait...what? that smol child? spiderman? nah too precious
  • me when i saw tom holland/peter parker in civil war: holy SHIT ALKJHFAJKGH
  • me when i saw the new spiderman homecoming trailer: thATS IT IM FUVCKING DONE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO FVK U TOM HOLLAND FOR MAKIN ME LUV U EVEN MORE
Dating Peter Parker would include

•him being your best friend
• Him not knowing how to tell you he’s Spider-Man
• Knowing Peter is the crime fighting spider the moment you encounter him on your balcony
• PUnS
• Basically making Peter do your algebra homework while you sit back and nap
• You being his best friend
• You being the one person he wants to go to after a bad or good day
• Hiding your little giggles as he rambles on about how he beat up a bad guy
• Him telling you puny and ridiculous pick up lines but taking it all back and becoming a stuttering mess
• You teasing him about how you like Spider-Man more than Peter Parker
• Him showing up late to study sessions at his own house and clambering through his window in his blue and red suit
• He’d basically be a puppy, always wanting your attention, always wanting cuddles, and food
• MAN BUT imagine him all jealous and his features harden and his eyes darken
• Lots of hand holding
• Him being afraid that villains or bad guys might use you against him
• Him always checking up on you
• Him apologizing after every fight, even if it wasn’t his fault
• Him giving you lots of cheek kisses
• You giving him lots of forehead kisses
• Good morning and good night texts
• Him always trying to make you smile because he loves your smile
• Catching him staring at you
• Him looking at you adoringly and smiling because you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him
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clueless dads
  • me: *stares at a shirtless tom holland pic*
  • dad: *miserably tries to take a peek my phone*
  • me: *mentally drooling over tom holland's shirtless pic (beCAUSE NO ONE CAN EVER RESIST THOSE ABS OK?!)*
  • dad: tf is that? your boyfriend? why is he shirtless? why the hell are you staring at it? thAT'S INAPPROPRIATE, CHILD
  • me: that's fvking spiderman, dad
  • dad: oh. *calms down when he realized it was his fav superhero after all*
  • Andy: So, Jimmy. How did you and Thomas meet?
  • Jimmy(laughs): No. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, Thomas and I are not together. No. No.
  • Thomas: Really? Sixteen no's? ... Really?