parker the hunter

Spider-Man finds his allies (Captain America, Daredevil, Thing, Human Torch and others) have been taken out-of-action and as hostages by his enemies. 

(Spoiler: This is actually Peter Parker’s bad dream about his wedding anxiety). 

- Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 #21, 1987


“The Originals is pretty high up there [for most fun on a set], but I did another show a few years ago called The Secret Circle where I met some of my best friends that I still have to this day. It was a very important time in my life, it was my first American job. We drank a lot of red wine, shivered our way through Vancouver and laughed for 10 months straight.”

Dean was pretty sure he’d never wanted to smash somebody’s face in so badly in his entire life.

He didn’t give a shit that Parker was a fellow hunter. That he was a friend of Bobby’s. That his dad had been a friend of John’s. 

If he even looked at you again, Dean was gonna beat him within an inch of his life. 

You were currently across the bar with Sam, casting worried glances in Dean’s direction every now and then. Parker had just slid his hand far too low down your back while the four of you played pool, celebrating after a completed job. Instead of punching him out yourself like you usually did whenever strangers got handsy, you’d done something completely unexpected. You’d looked at Dean in alarm. Like you were asking for help. 

Dean’s eyes had shot down to Parker’s hand on your ass and in an instant he’d had the fellow hunter by the front of the shirt, practically carrying him across the room. Said hunter was now glaring angrily at Dean, spluttering about the sudden aggression. 

“Shut up,” Dean growled, shoving Parker into a nearby chair and leaning down to get in his face, “you ever touch her again, I will break your face. You understand me?”

“Dude, calm down! I didn’t know you two were a thing. I asked Sam, but he said you weren’t-”

“I don’t give a shit what Sam said. You don’t touch her, got it?” Dean snarled, clenching his fists until his knuckles ached.

“Yeah, man. Alright. Sorry,” Parker said quietly, holding his hands up apologetically. Dean gave him another glare before pushing away and heading back over to where you still stood by the abandoned game of pool.

“Dean, listen, it’s okay-” you stammered, but Dean wasn’t listening. He cupped your face in his hands and you fell silent, staring wide-eyed up at him. Clinging to the shred of courage he had left, Dean leaned down and kissed you. You practically exploded back at him, arms snaking around his neck as your lips worked against his. “Not okay,” Dean said when he finally pulled away, “can’t have another guy with his hands on my girl.”

“Your girl?” You asked breathlessly, pulling your lip between your teeth nervously. 

“All mine.” 

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This is how you COULD introduce Miles Morales into the MCU without discarding Peter Parker

On CBR, the Mary Sue, Screenrant, tumblr and many other places there has been a lot of talk about how Miles Morales should have been Spider-Man of the MCU and/or how people are fed up of Peter Parker.

This is asinine for many, many reasons but here’s how you COULD do Peter AND Miles.

Whilst Miles gets his animated movies concurrent with the MCU Peter Parker movies, Peter is allowed to mature and age. There has been talk that Feige wants Peter Parker to go at least 7 movies covering high school and college, with comparisons to Harry Potter.

By the end of that whoever is playing Peter Parker is going to be a thoroughly adult actor playing an adult character leaving full time education.

Whilst Miles would’ve been around in animated movies and what not, it could then be at this point that he is introduced into the MCU.

This way we get a return to young teenage Spider-Man albeit one different to Peter was at that age. Meanwhile Peter goes forward telling more adult stories again, reminiscent of Harry Potter which got darker and more serious as they went on.

Whilst Miles tells fairly light hearted jovial movie stories about a kid growing up Peter deals with more serious and less clear cut tales addressing the realities of the adult world.

Miles could be working up the courage to ask a girl out for the first time whilst Peter is trying to adjust to moving in with Mary Jane who’s he’s in a serious relationship with and has taken to the next step. Miles could be trying to figure out how to get his homework done and be a superhero whilst Peter is trying to bring down a religious serial killer like the Sin Eater. You get the idea.

And as a way to not completely warp Miles’ origin you could have Peter seemingly killed by Kraven the Hunter and buried alive for a time. During that time Miles could step up and become the new Spider-Man only for Peter to obviously return and the two begin operating in tandem.