parker severns

Absurd Mart

this is the story of crazy mart
whose ramblings weren’t very smart
really quite dense
never made sense
and his sentences always fell apart

and mart lived way out in the woods
avoided people more than he should
except for his brother
they had the same mother
both acted as loony as they could

there was one thing that mart could do
this was playing the trumpet–toot toot
he was really quite good
and it’s understood
that his notes would really impress you

johnny and I had this mission
to put together a group of musicians
we heard about mart
and his instrumental art
we sought to make ‘em an addition

so after a journey deep into the forest
mart agreed to be part of our chorus
so we played and played
sweet music we made
we even impressed uncle horris

the moral now i must push
for without it this story is mush
just remember the plan
that an absurd in the band
is worth two in the bush