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Something Wicked

Peter Parker x Reader

A Sequel to Something Revealed, followed by Something Taken(coming soon)

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“Wake up,” Peter murmured in your ear. You stirred around, curling deeper into the blankets and pillows. “[Y/n], wake up,” he said again, pressing his lips to your neck. 

You let out a breathy moan as he kissed down your shoulder.

“If this is how you wake me up, I think I’ll stay in bed forever,” you laughed, turning onto your back and looking up at him. 

Peter leaned above you, twirling your hair around his finger. “As long as you’re in bed with me forever, I’m okay with it,” he smiled. 

“I would kiss you right now,” you said, “but I have morning breath,” you finished with a giggle. Peter mockingly gagged and rolled onto his back, covering his face with the pillow. “I think it killed me,” he said in defeat, his words muffled. “Oh, hush,” you laughed, wrapping your arms around him and leaning your head on his chest. 

“How do you feel this morning?” he asked, moving the pillow. You wrinkled your nose. “Different,” you admitted. 

“Good different?”

“No one likes change,” you sighed, sitting up in the bed. You leaned over Peter, moving the curtain and peering out the window. “Where’s May?”

“She left for work this morning. Said something about emergency power or anything along those lines. The earthquake last night was pretty bad, apparently.”

You shivered at remembering the previous night’s events. “I’m sorry,” he quickly said, noticing your sadness. 

“Why?” you asked. “It’s not anything to be sorry about, you’re just talking.”

“Would you like to eat something?” Peter asked, changing the subject. “I can make pancakes,” he offered. 

“Pancakes seem so…so normal after everything that’s happened,” you sighed. He pouted. “Does this mean you don’t want me to make them?”

You smiled at him and nodded. “I’d love that.”

Peter let your shower up and gave you one of his sweatshirts to wear. It smelled like him, which you liked. It hung off you like a dress, down to your thighs and engulfed your hands. You shuffled into the kitchen, hastily combing your fingers through your wet hair. 

“You’re so beautiful,” Peter said in awe when he saw you. 

You blushed, ducking your head. “It’s too early for me to be embarrassed right now,” you muttered, sitting at a stool, folding your hands on the kitchen counter. 

“Have you talked to your mom?” he asked from his position at the stove. “Ugh,” you groaned. “No. And I don’t want to.”

Peter sighed as he turned off the burner and set the plate of fluffy pancakes in front of you. “You won’t get the answers you want without her. And besides, she is still your mom so I wouldn’t recommend you ignore her. But I’m not pressuring you to so don’t break me,” he added in defense. You arched an eyebrow at him. “I can’t break you even if I wanted,” you told him, shoveling food onto your plate.

“You don’t know that yet,” Peter said. “You’re a superfreak. Like me,” he teased, leaning over and kissing your nose. 

“If you expect me to dress up and be your sidekick then you are sorely mistaken,” you told him, taking a bite. “Oh my god, these are amazing,” you then praised. 

“Thanks. The spidey sense tells me when to flip ‘em.”

Two hours later

What was meant to be innocent teenagers watching a movie led to an intense session of kisses and touches all over the body. Fingers intertwining through hair didn’t seem like something that could set Peter’s entire body on fire but when it was by your hand, he thought he would melt. 

It didn’t help you still wore his sweatshirt; you looked irresistible in almost anything you wore but when it was his clothes, he went absolutely mad. 

And it was all going so well until a knock on his door startled you both. 

“Is that May?” you whisper-yelled. “No! Is that your mom?”

“God, I hope not,” you cringed. 

Carefully and quietly, you both crept towards the door, you holding onto Peter’s hand. 

He cautiously opened the door. 

“Hey there, Underoos. This your girl?” a man asked, pushing his way into the apartment. 

“M-M-Mr. Stark!” Peter squeaked out, his voice higher than you’ve ever heard it. “That’s Tony Stark?” you hissed to your boyfriend. 

“Yes, yes, I’m wildly known blah blah blah,” Tony interrupted, taking off his sunglasses and waving them in his hand. “What are you doing here?” Peter asked. “My aunt isn’t home.”

“You have a thing for his aunt?” you asked incredulously. 

“She is a gorgeous woman,” Tony chastised. “And I didn’t come for your aunt.”

“You didn’t tell me we had an appointment for today,” Peter said, pulling his phone from his pants pocket to check the calendar. 

“I also didn’t come for you.”

“Then why did you come?”

“I came for you,” he replied cheerfully, pointing at you. “Me?”

“Yes, you. You are [Y/n] [L/n], right?”

You nodded hesitantly. “Yes…how do you know my name?”

“I got a very distressed call from a Ms. [L/n] this morning. Lovely woman, you know, allergic to cactuses. Or is it cacti? Anyways, she told me about the little situation and I nobly agreed to help you.”

You raised your eyebrows. “I’m sorry, my mom sent you? There’s nothing you can do that will make me even consider going with you! Tell him, Peter,” he said, crossing your arms. 


Peter bit his lip nervously. “Maybe you should go with him…”

You gasped, throwing a hand over your chest in shock. “You’re kidding, right? What happened to you not pressuring me into doing anything!”

Tony cringed. “Poor choice of words.”

Peter rubbed his eyes. “I think that it’s a good idea for you to get an idea of how your newfound powers-”

“Please don’t say that.”

“-work! And Mr. Stark is a really good scientist. He can help, I promise.”

You shook your head. “Absolutely not.”

You ended up being thrown over Peter’s shoulder and forced from the premises. “There’s no rest for the wicked,” Tony told you as you walked along. 

“Shut up, Iron Boy,” you snarled, trying to reach out and claw at him, though Peter sped up his pace, leaving a sizable distance between you and the billionaire. 

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late night kiss pt. 5

A/N: Well. This took forever, and I deeply apologize. But, man, those trailers got me so pumped and cured me of my writer’s block. So here it is! Finally! Part 5!

Summary: You debate with yourself over whether or not Spider-Man is really Peter Parker.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

part one. part two. part three. part four.

It had to be Peter.

You had sat in shocked silence, blinking at the Brooklyn Bridge above you. Though you couldn’t see anything that was going on since it was too far away, you could still hear the sounds of an ongoing fight, people’s screams echoing in the air. After a few minutes of simply watching, your mind a complete blank, you decided to start making your way home since it was going to take you a while.

On the way, you’d thought about your revelation and validated your own suspicions with small details that you hadn’t noticed in your haze to uncover Spider-Man’s secret identity.

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Marvelmas (1/13) - December 13 - Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 1189
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: picking on poor petey, midterms abhcoabskdubj
Authors Note: SO HERE IS THE BEGINNING TO MY 13 PART SERIES GUYS!! I am so excited for this, it’s going to be fun! All of this will be platonic, and you are about the same age as the maximoff twins, as well as an Avenger yourself. ALSO, this series will have it’s own masterlist! There are so many parts, I feel it will be easier to make it have it’s own masterlist than having to update all thirteen parts with links, so, yeah! I hope you enjoy, and happy holidays. and yes, i called this the thirteen days of marvelmas.

Note: I used Christmas as what the reader celebrates because that is what I celebrate and I don’t want to try other holidays only to get it wrong. I apologize if this makes for any problems with reading, but I hope you have a good holiday season: no matter what you celebrate!

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

“I just, don’t understand,” Peter groaned, throwing his hands on his forehead.

“Is it math? Trust me, kiddo, not many people do,” You shrugged, sitting next to the kid.

Peter was shocked to see you. “W-what are you doing here?”

You raised your eyebrow with a small laugh. “You missed training today; I figured you either said ‘screw you (Y/N),’ or you were doing something important. I decided I might as well see what you were up to.”

“Oh, midterms,” He told you, and you saw the stacks of papers thrown all around the room, “They’re stressing me out.”

“It’s the middle of the night!” You whisper-yelled. It was true, you found Peter surrounded by books at passed one in the morning. “You should have come to practice to hit something; it definitely would have helped you calm down a bit,” You nodded.

Peter covered his eyes again. “Yeah,” He started, “Do you know what this means?”

You took the paper from Peter, and your eyes widened as you read the things the school was trying to teach him. “Um,” You started, “Yeah, I have no idea.”

“You’re such a help,” Peter pulled out another binder.

“Oh, I can help with this!” You jumped.

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Past | Present | Future

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Follows the Captain America series but with a twist involving yourself.

Warnings: Swearing


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

Part 19

Part 20


The Black Dahlia

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You are a mythical creature of sorts. You were a English royal princess in the 1800’s, living in Russia so you could be married to the future King as an alliance of your two countries. You feel no love for this man as he is cruel and hateful. So you do the inevitable leading to a life of never growing old and being feared for centuries. In the 21st however you are captured by an organization. Because you can’t rot away even if you tried, would you ever be freed.

Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Smut


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8


Bucky Barnes

Haunted House

My Normal

Cleaning Habits (SMUT)

Steve Rogers

Can’t Sleep

Peter Parker

Ignore Me

Something Mended

Peter Parker x reader

A Sequel to Something Broken, Followed by Something Rare 

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It was actually quite easy to avoid Peter Parker in his own home. You had a feeling it had something to do with the amount of earthquakes striking the city. That on top of the already climbing rates of crime created a full schedule for him. 

When you felt up to going to school, you didn’t walk there with Peter. Though you generally spent your time at the hospital, talking with your mom’s doctors and going over her condition. 

You went to the hospital with May on a Tuesday morning, only to find your mother without one of her main doctors. 

“Where is Doctor Strange?” May asked Christine Palmer. 

Palmer hesitated. “He…there was an accident, last night, he’s actually checked in here as a patient.”

“So, what does this mean?” you asked. You didn’t know how you felt about someone other than Stephen Strange doing surgeries on your mother; as arrogant as the man is, he certainly had every reason to be. He was practically a medical god. 

“Well, it’s been specifically requested that I be your mother’s main doctor,” Palmer said hesitantly, as if she were waiting for you to lash out.

Instead, you nodded. “Alright.”

You trusted Christine Palmer as much as you trusted Strange. 

“Honey,” May said gently as you two drove back. “I know this past first month of school hasn’t been easy. And Peter won’t even tell me what’s going on between you guys. And don’t worry, I’m not going to ask. But…I just think maybe it would be a good idea for you to drop out of school for the meanwhile.”

You shot May a look of disbelief. “I can’t do that!” you cried, making the taxi man jump. “Sorry,” you mumbled to him. 

“[Y/n], I’m not saying that you have to. I just think it would be a good idea. I spoke with some counselors at your school and they’re more than willing to help you with whatever you want to do. I just thought maybe if you didn’t have school to think about, everything would be easier to handle.”

You gave May a soft smile. “As…as happy I am to hear that you’re willing to help me out, I think it would make everything worse if I stopped school completely. You know what I mean?”

May smiled back. “I understand, sweetie.”

“How’s her mom?” Peter asked May that evening. “Maybe you should ask [Y/n] herself,” May offered. 

Peter sighed. “I can’t do that.”

“And why?”

“Because we-well, she’s probably really mad at me. Even I’m mad at me.”

May put a hand on Peter’s shoulder. “Then you should forgive yourself, swallow your pride, and talk to her.”

Maybe she was right, Peter thought as he found himself standing by your door. Maybe…

He knocked. 

You opened it and frowned. “What?” 

Peter bounced on the heels of his feet, looking down at you. “I-hi.”

“…Hi,” you said cautiously. 

“I just wanted to, er, see how you were doing.”

“I’m doing fine.”

“How’s your mom?”

“She’s…she’s okay, right now,” you muttered. “Alright, that’s good.”

You went to close the door in his face but Peter slid into the room. “[Y/n], we seriously have to talk.”

“What’s there to talk about?” you asked, tilting your head. “We have nothing to talk about at all.”

“Yes, we do,” he said desperately. “I-I am so, so, sorry,” he explained. “I hate myself for being such an ass and I wasn’t even there for you when the accident happened. [Y/n], you are my best friend. I mean, you were,” he corrected himself, running a hand through his floppy brown hair. 

You sat down on the bed, crossing your legs and looking at him expectantly. “What?” he asked after a moment. “I’m waiting for you to be done,” you replied flatly. 

Peter hesitantly sat down beside you. “I’m done,” he told you. “Good. Because there’s something that I have to say. You are such an idiot.” Peter raised his eyebrows. “You’re insane. You’re irrational and stubborn. I can’t stand that way you’re so freakin’ protective over me without even trying to be! I mean geez, you didn’t talk to me for a thousand years over one stupid little fight! You’re stubborn, Peter Parker. You’re absolutely crazy and yet I am still in love with you.”

Peter’s breath hitched. “I, uh-I-wait, what?”

“I said that I am in love with you,” you repeated. Your eyes were locked intently on his. “Are you sure?”

“I’ve been sure all this time.”

Peter took several breaths. “Why aren’t you freaking out and I am?!” he suddenly exclaimed. You shrugged. “I don’t know, because you’re the one that freaks out most of the time, not me.”

“You freak out all the time,” Peter argued. 

“I only freak out because you freak out and it freaks me out,” you counter, standing up now and pointing at him accusingly. 

Peter stood up also. “I can’t believe you,” he exclaimed again. You furrowed your eyebrows together. “What, why?”

“Because you are saying you’ve been in love with me this entire time and you never said anything,” he said angrily. “I’ve been sitting there, pining and pining after you, thinking you only saw me as a friend! And this whole time you’ve been lying to me.”

Your jaw dropped. “Are you saying,” you hissed through gritted teeth, “that you’ve been in love with me and you never told me?”

Peter can’t do anything but nod wildly. 

“Peter Parker!” you yell, suddenly punching his arms. “You’re such an idiot!” you repeated. “Stop hitting me,” Peter whispered loud enough for you to hear. 

“Why should I?”

“So I can kiss you!” 

Peter took your face in his hands and kissed you fiercely. It had all happened so quick that you were caught off guard. The only thing you could focus on was the intoxicating scent of him. 

He smelled like fresh air and books and mint all at the same time and you tasted it on your tongue as you kissed. His arms wrapped around your waist while your hands gripped his shoulders. You feared if you let go then you would fall. 

“Are we friends again?” Peter asked when you both pulled away. “God, I hope so,” you replied.

It was refreshing, in a sense. How, you weren’t sure. It felt refreshing but it also didn’t. 

If that made sense?

For one thing, you and Peter were friends again. Good friends. Such good friends you called each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”

On the other hand, your mother remained in her deep coma. 

You sat beside her bed, holding her hand a few days later. “It’s so weird,” Peter muttered. 

“What’s that?”

“She doesn’t look hurt at all. But…”

You smiled sadly. “I know. I think that all the time.”

It was dipping into the second month of your junior year, the second and a half of your mother’s condition. It neither worsened nor improved. Your gut told you that might be more bad than good. 

“Come on,” you suddenly said, standing up and wiping her tear stained cheeks. “Are you ready to leave?” Peter asked cautiously. You nodded, giving him an assuring smile. “Yeah. We need our rest too.”

He led you out of the hospital, holding your hand as you walked back home. 

“So,” he whistled. “It’s October.”

You chuckled. “Yes, it is.”

“Homecoming is pretty soon. This Friday, right?” 

“That sounds right,” you said. “Do you want to go?” he asked. You bit your lip as you thought. “I’m not sure,” you said sadly. “I kinda made plans with my best friend. We told each other we would be each other’s dates to every high school dance so…”

“Ah, who did you promise that to?”

“Some dork named Peter Parker.”

The entire city had finally begun to calm down. The number of earthquakes dwindled over the week until there were none at all. It was a big accomplishment apparently. 

That was the main reason May felt comfortable with letting you both to go out Friday night. 

“Aw, you two are so cute,” she gushed, taking pictures with her phone. “Hey, you guys should kiss for one picture.”

Peter laughed, though there wasn’t much humour in it. “Alright, May, I think we’re done.”

You chuckle, hiding your red cheeks behind our curly hair. “Ahhh, alright, alright,” May said, wiping her eyes. “I promised myself that I wasn’t going to cry!”

You and Peter comforted her as you gradually slipped out the door. 

“I can’t help it,” you sighed as you waited for a cab to show up. “I’m really worried.” Peter shook his head. “Don’t be worried, I’m positive that nothing will happen.”

You gave him a look. “If you’re positive why did you wear the suit under your tux.” Peter wrinkled his nose as he thought. “Well, uh, you see usually I would answer you, but I think kissing you will be better.”

You nod. “I agree.”

He grinned at you before taking your hands in his and then touching lips. It was something you could never get used to. 

His lips were so soft looking that no one could have ever guessed how passionately he could kiss. 

Your eyes opened when your phone rang in your purse. You groaned in annoyance and pulled away. “Don’t,” Peter sighed, nuzzling his face in your neck. 

“Peter, stop,” you giggled as he kissed along your neck. “H-hello?” you said, trying not to laugh as you Peter continued to tease you. 

“Oh, hi Doctor Palmer,” you said slowly. Peter ceased, straightening up. 

“What? Wait, wait, slow down!” you exclaimed. Peter’s throat grew thick with anxiety. The worst possible scenario was playing in his mind. 

“Alright,” you said, “we’re coming, just do everything you can to help her!” You abruptly hung up and shoved the phone back into your purse. “My mom is awake!” 


The Girl Next Door [part i]

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a Peter ParkerX reader when the reader moves into Peter’s apartment building and they have awkward encounters where they see each other for like the first couple weeks and then her dad (an avenger) invited over to help paint but the reader has no clue that he is Spiderman. Thanks!…. Sorry its so long.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

A/N: I took so artistic liberty when interpreting the second part of the request. I also decided to make it a short series, since the request needs a lot of development. Hope you don’t mind, and thanks for requesting @sassy-and-classy-cowgirl ! 

“The Girl Next Door”

part ii

part iii

“I’m home Aunt May!” called Peter as he stepped into his apartment.

May was in the kitchen when she greeted him, making her signature walnut-date loaves.

“Hey, sweetie. How was school?” she smiled kindly, mixing the batter.

Peter simply shrugs before saying, “It was okay.”

“Well, was there a new girl in school today?” May asked mysteriously, a smile playing on her lips.

Peter slipped his earphones out, scrunching his face. “Uh, actually yeah there was. How’d you know?”

“I saw her family move in. Next door. She’s cute,” May smirked, teasing Peter.

Slightly blushing, he swung his backpack on the armchair. “Yeah, yeah…I guess so.”

Settling into his room after school, Peter lost himself in the world of math equations and science formulas. And before he knew it, it was 8 pm. Stretching his arms, he got up from his chair and decided to take a well deserved break. He walked out of his room and was greeted by the sweet and nutty aroma of the walnut-date loaf that was baking golden brown in the oven. But he noticed three loaves chilling on a rack.

“Smells good, May.” Peter reached for a slice, but chose against it. “But why’d you bake so much?”

Pulling another loaf out of the oven, May looked proudly at her baked goods. “It’s for our new neighbors. We have to greet them!”

“Good thinking,” he commented before turning around to go back into his room.

“Not so fast, young man,” May called out, grabbing him by the hood of Peter’s hoodie. Handing him a nicely wrapped loaf, she urged him to take it. “Bring it over to our neighbors.”

“What? Me?” Peter exclaimed, surprised by the sudden prospect of meeting strangers. “Why?”

“I thought it’d be polite for you to say hello. Plus, maybe introduce yourself to the cute girl. What was her name…her mom mentioned it…(Y/n)! That’s right. Really pretty name for a really pretty girl,” May smiled, having too much fun making fun of Peter. Pushing him out the door, May shouted “Go say hi!” before shutting the door on an unwilling Peter.

He thought it’d be hard to find the apartment, but he saw piles of cardboard boxes two doors down and assumed it could only be (Y/n)’s. 

Truthfully, he had started forming a crush on you. The moment you sat down next to him for a lab, he got major heart eyes for you. He remembered what you had said to introduce yourself, how sweet and silky your voice sounded, how flirty and fresh your scent was…Okay maybe that was a weird detail that he shouldn’t have noticed, but he couldn’t help it. You were gorgeous with your flowy, shiny hair and your smarts. Literally perfect. And now, he was approaching your door, walnut-date loaves in hand, ready to woo you.

[to be continued]

part ii

part iii

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late night kiss drabble

A/N: So. Not LNK pt 6…. BUT ! To quell your thirst (and mine), I’ve decided to post this smol drabble set in the LNK timeline. Enjoy!


You gnawed on your bottom lip as you tried to focus on the white board in front of you, your teacher’s voice floating to the back of your brain. All you could think about was how soft Spider-Man’s lips were. You ran your tongue over your lip to soothe the ache from biting it so much before tapping your pencil against your desk.

Your deskmate shot you a dirty look at your incessant tapping and you smiled sheepishly, stopping your restless movements.

His lips had been so soft against yours, even if it was only for a quick second. You found yourself wishing that he had kissed you longer, harder—but you stopped yourself from that dangerous line of thoughts. You didn’t know him.


You argued to yourself that he obviously knew you.

He’d basically confessed that he knew you, and probably had a crush on you as well. You hoped he wasn’t some stalker that you barely knew. You shivered in fear at the mere thought of whoever Spider-Man was, watching you while you didn’t know he existed.

Sighing, you mindlessly jotted down whatever gibberish your teacher had scrawled on the board, not paying attention. Your mind was occupied by thoughts of who Spider-Man might be. And, of course, how plump and soft his lips had felt against your own.

Quit it, you thought to yourself, feeling your cheeks heat up at the thoughts swirling inside your head.
Marvelmas (9/13) - December 21 - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1257
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Tony, Wanda, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers
Warnings: Probably swearing.
Marvelmas Series!
Authors Note
: this one was fun because damn i love pietro

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

You knew that Pietro celebrated different holidays than you, but he also knew what Christmas was as he did celebrate that as well. He just wasn’t into it as much as everyone in America. Of course, he and Wanda celebrated as kids, but it was more of an extra thing to celebrate.

As he lived in Sokovia, he didn’t hear much Christmas music, so it was your honor to introduce Pietro to the festive time. To be honest, you didn’t have much planned for his day. He told you from the start that he didn’t need one if you ran out of ideas, and he wasn’t just trying to get out of it. But you weren’t going to let him off that easily; especially for someone like him!

“I got the video you wanted. Now show me the Bucky fail, Tony walked to where you were sitting with a flash drive in his hand.

"Not now, I’m trying to come up with something to do with Pietro for today.”

“The list is failing you?” Tony gasped, making fun of you.

“Keep at your sass, and you won’t make it until Christmas,” You smirked at him.

Tony put his hands up defensively to let you continue talking. “Well, what does he like to do?”

“Be annoying? I don’t know! I’m out of ideas!” You groaned and threw your hands over your eyes. All of the sudden you felt a gust of wind and everything was cold.

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Something Dangerous

Peter Parker x Reader

A Sequel to Something Rare, Followed by Something Revealed


Originally posted by tomhollandislife

“Take your time!” you chastised. 

Your mother laughed, shaking her head as she signed various papers she had been given. “I’m ready to go home, [Y/n], I feel fine! I’ve been fine for two weeks now, and I’ve had the okay from the doctors!” 

You sighed, setting your phone in your lap. “Mom, just take your time.”

“Don’t I always?” she replied with a small smile. 

The papers were cleared and a moment later, Christine Palmer walked in with a wheelchair. “Well, Miss [L/n],” she said cheerfully, “as fun as it’s been to have you, it would seem you’re leaving us.”

You chuckled, helping your mother out of the bed and into the wheelchair. “Hopefully,” Palmer added, “we won’t be seeing you again.”

Your mother thanked her, as did you, and you wheeled her out of the hospital. 

“Welcome home,” you sang, leading your mother into the apartment. As small as it was, it was perfect for you both. Two bedrooms, one bath, and a small living area that tied into the kitchen. The dinners you’d spent on the couch watching movies were countless. 

“How nice it is to smell something that isn’t sterilized,” she said gladly. “That hospital was so sterilized, I think it started my menopause early.”

You cringed. “Oh, god, I forgot how weird you are.”

“Where do you think you get it from, sweetie?” she asked. 

After you’d settled her in you had gone to sit down on the couch beside her and take the longest nap in history when your phone buzzed. 

Conversation with My Tiger (AKA Peter Parker)

Peter: how goes your mum-6:30 pm

[Y/n]: it goes !! 

Peter: yay! I’m glad she’s alright, gorgeous 

[Y/n]: omg I’m blushing now 

Peter: that was the intention. Want me to bring your stuff over now???

[Y/n]: no, I’ll get it myself. I don’t wanna trouble you

Peter: okay so I’ll be there in about an hour :)

[Y/n]: PETER NO 


[Y/n]: goddammit Parker 

“What’s got you so smiley?” your mom asks. You quickly shut off your phone and set it down. “Oh, just texting Pete. He’s coming over with my stuff in a little while.”

“Oh. He is now?” she replies. She sounded not very pleased. 

You frowned at her. “No, no,” you quickly assure her, “in an hour or so. I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was a big deal. I mean, he’s not going to stay or anything, he just-”

“No, I’m not upset. I only wanted to have a talk with you. A serious talk.”

A blush loomed over your cheeks. “Is this about Peter and me?” you mumbled. “Because we haven’t-well we never really got around to, uh, you know, that.”

She laughed a little, though it’s short. “As happy I as am to hear that, this isn’t what I wanted to talk about.” With that said, she repositioned herself to completely face you. “[Y/n], you know that I love you very much.”

You nodded at that. “Of course I do. And I love you very much.”

“Honey, there’s something that I haven’t told you. Something about…” She hesitates, biting her lip. “About your father.”

It threw you off guard. You’d never ever thought about your father. You inquired about him when you were younger, wondering why everyone else seemed have on save you, but as you matured, you realized you didn’t care. “What are you talking about?” you asked, a smile on your lips, as though you were waiting to hear the punchline of the joke. 

“I’m being serious.”

Your smile faded. “You’re freaking me out. What’s going on?”

Your mother takes a deep breath. “When I was young, very young, I met a man. I fell in deep love with him. I was only sixteen (16), him eighteen (18). And he was so different from the others. and we, ourselves, were the same. I suppose that’s why I fell for him. We never married. It had never crossed our minds and the first time we considered it, I became pregnant with you. I was insanely happy. He was happy. I dreamt of a perfect family in a perfect world. But soon after I’d announced it, he began to change. It was slow at first. I wasn’t even sure, at the time, if it was actually happening. Eventually, I left. It became unstable for me there and I couldn’t bare for you to grow up in such a tough position. I moved here to the city. The first people I met were Ben and May.”

Parker?” you said in disbelief. Your mother nodded. “Yes.” A small smile took her lips. “Ben almost hit me with a car. I was screaming, going wild and crazy, ready to tear his throat out for endangering us. Oh, he felt so bad, I thought he was about to cry. I mean, I was only twenty-two (22) and alone and pregnant, so we were both terrified at my state. And right then, my water broke. May was there for your birth, you know.”

You took a deep breath. This was all new information to you. “ Why didn’t you tell me before? Why didn’t May say anything? I’ve known Peter for, what, five years? None of this ever came up.”

“Because it’s not something either of us like to talk about. it was when Ben was still alive for her and for me…well, it was a dark time for me. [Y/n], this isn’t easy for me to say so I just have to get it over with.”

You nodded, squeezing her hand in comfort. 

“I’ve been lying to you.”

Your heart began to skip several beats; at this point, you could hear your pulse that had quickened in fear and nervousness. 

“I’m not what you think I am. And the worst part is that you aren’t what you think you are.”

You pulled away, standing up with your hands clenched at your sides. “Mom, you’re really starting to scare me.”

She bit her lip again and you saw tears prick her eyes. Everything she was doing was scaring you. You’d never seen her cry; you’d never seen her so nervous. 

“You have a gift,” she finally said through a ragged breath. “A very special gift and I’ve kept it from you for too long.” 

“What the hell are you talking about?” you demanded, your voice getting louder. “I’m just me. Just me. I’m not special at all, I don’t have any gift!”

Your mother stood, her form slightly taller than yours. She gripped your hands tightly. 

Your heart raced and raced, blood rushing in your ears, sounding like a tsunami of reality that was about to crash over your head. 

The overhead light began to rattle. The floor beneath you shook. “Honey, it’s okay!” your mom exclaimed, holding your shoulders. “Don’t be afraid of it.”

“What are you even talking about?!” you shouted. “This isn’t me, this isn’t my doing so stop making me feel like it is!” The electricity flickered out instantly, leaving you in the dark. 

You yanked yourself away from your mom, rushing to the window and peering out. “Shit,” you muttered. “The entire city’s out,” you said to yourself more than anyone. “I’m getting candles,” you declared, trying to walk away from your mom. 

“[Y/n], wait, we’re not done!” she pleaded. 

“I think we are,” you replied through gritted teeth, your back turned to her. 

“You don’t understand.”

You whirled around in anger. “I understand that you’re scaring the complete shit out of me! Mom, you need to stop and listen to what you’re saying because it doesn’t make any-” Your words were cut short when your mom lifted an arm out.

Fire had engulfed her limb, all the way up to her shoulder. You’d opened your mouth to scream but the fire vanished into thin air, not even a swirl of smoke in its wake. 

“You really don’t understand, [Y/n],” your mother said sadly. 

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The Girl Next Door [part ii]

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

A/N: I just realized this fic isn’t gender neutral and i’m sorry! I’ll try to be more aware next time. And it is yet to be determined how many installments there will be…probably 4? 5? If I don’t get bored of my own writing by then lol. Also, how do you feel about smut scenes? I’m a little conflicted because Peter’s only a sophomore so it’s like…idk let me know. Feedback is always welcome! Enjoy~~~

“The Girl Next Door”

part i

part iii

Peter could hear his strained breathe and wobbly footsteps as he approached the dark brown door. Inhaling a stressfully painful breathe, he raised a hand to knock on the door. But as he moved his hand to hit the door, it suddenly opened and out came (Y/n). Maybe it was his nerves or his lack of cool, despite Peter’s spider fast reflexes, he couldn’t stop his hand from hitting (Y/n) right in the middle of her forehead.

“Ow! The fuck?” you grunted, holding your forehead with one hand. You glared up at the familiar face with a grimace. “Peter?!”

Oh shit.

“Shit! I am so sorry! I didn’t–You just ca–That was an accident. Oh, fuck,” muttered Peter. Feeling his face burn up, he pushed the walnut-date loaf into (Y/n) and said, “Here, Aunt May made this for you” And left. He ran to  his apartment, and you watched curiously, and kind of annoyed, at him with one hand still clutching your throbbing forehead. 

Huffing, Peter sprinted into his apartment and slammed the door behind him. He leaned against the door and stared blankly, his heart racing 1000 miles per hour. Frozen in place, he replayed the scene over and over and over. 


“Damn it,” he whispered, still suffering from the embarrassment of knocking his crush’s forehead. 

May peeked her head from her room at the sound of the door banging closed. “How’d it go? Did you say hi to (Y/n)?”

“Huh? Yeah, I didn’t even get a chance to say hi to her,” Peter sighed.

“What’d do you–”

Speed walking to his room, he waved to May. “I’m gonna turn in early, good night!”

“Who was that?” a deep voice called as you closed the door.

Looking back behind you at the closed door, you rubbed your head as you replied, “Uh, the neighbor…I think it was someone I met today at school.”

Rubbing his hands on a kitchen towel, Steve strutted towards you and took the walnut-date loaf. “Sounded like a boy,” he teased, tussling your hair. Then, he spotted the red spot on your forehead. “Where’s this from?”

You were about to mumble an answer before waving him away. “Don’t worry about it, dad. And yes, it was a boy actually.” When you saw his slightly angry, concerned look, you quickly added, “You don’t have to worry about him. Don’t go all protective-dad on me.”

“Well, he better not give me a reason to go all Captain America-dad on him,” he said in a half joking, half serious tone. He walked back into the kitchen to finish dinner, leaving you in the living room by yourself.

You rolled your eyes and slumped back into your room. You could only wish Peter would give you a reason to see him again.

part i

part iii

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late night kiss pt. 2

A/N: Ahhh, thank you all so much for the wonderful love that ‘late night kiss’ has gotten! I appreciate every single one of you, and all the love is what motivates me to keep writing. I hope you enjoy this part as much as you did the first.

Also, I might make this into a series with more than just two parts, but let me know if you’d be interested in a part 3….

summary: After the Spider-Man incident, you decide you need to tell your best friend, Peter Parker. It has some unforeseen, yet good, consequences.

pairing: peter parker x reader

part one. part three. part four. part five.

You rushed into your algebra class, slamming your stuff down onto your desk, right beside Peter. He startled and looked at you with wide eyes. His cheeks were dusted with pink, but you chose to ignore it.

“I have to tell you something,” you said, looking at him intently.

“Wh-what—what—what is it?” he stuttered, rubbing his neck with one hand and then crossing his arms.

You raised an eyebrow at his odd behavior and then peeked at the clock. Your teacher was already setting up for class.

“You won’t believe what happened to me last night,” you told him. He raised his eyebrows in a gesture to continue, though his cheeks were starting to get a little darker. “Freaking Spider-Man showed up in my room,” you whispered, leaning in close.

Peter’s eyes darted down to your lips, but you didn’t notice. He laughed stiffly. “Oh?”

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Something Broken

Peter Parker x Reader

Sequel to Something Odd and Something Obvious, Followed by Something Mended

Originally posted by lauraharrier

Warnings: angst I guess (??)

You didn’t speak to Peter throughout the rest of the school year. 

You switched seats in every class you had with him and always skipped lunch. At least then you could pretend this was all by your doing. At least the you could pretend that it was your choice not to see him. 

Though that didn’t do much to put your mind at ease. 

When summer came, you spent most of your time with Netflix and your mom. 

“Sweetie,” your mother said one evening, knocking on your door. “Come in,” you replied, pausing your show. 

“Hey, hun, I got called into the office tonight. Some emergency thing,” she said with a smile. “Is that okay?”

“Of course, mama,” you replied, sitting up and hugging her. “Are you okay?” she further asked.

“I’m fine,” you replied with a shrug. She sighed but didn’t press. “Alright. I’ll be back later.” She kissed your forehead. 

“Love you.”

“I love you too, [Y/n].”

You had fallen asleep an hour later, tangled in your quilts and pillows. 

You dreamt of a world where Peter was yours, where earthquakes didn’t strike New York every other day. 

A pounding on your door made startled you from your sleep. 

You sat still for a moment, unsure if you really heard it. Sure enough, it came again. 

You quickly jump from your bed, your feet grazing the cold, hardwood floor as you run into the living room. 

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” you exclaim to whoever was there. You undo the chain and lock, opening wide the door. 

“What’s going on?” you ask slowly. 

“[Y/n]? [Y/n] [L/n}?” one of the police officers standing at your door asks. 

You stared. “Y-yes?”

“Your mother is in the hospital.”

The police took you there immediately. Your shock prevented you from crying or screaming or much of anything besides gnaw profusely on the inside of your cheek. 

“Y-yes, I’m here for my mother,” you stutter out to the receptionist. 

“Is this [Y/n]?” a woman asked. You turn and nod. She gives you a small, sympathetic smile. “Hi. I’m one of your mother’s doctors, my name is Christine Palmer.”

“I-it’s nice to meet you,” you say, though it’s really not that nice at all given the circumstances. 

“I got her,” Christine assures the officers, leading you away towards a quiet waiting space. 

“What happened?” you demand. 

“There was an accident at her office. A fire. She slipped and hit her head. She’s undergoing surgery right now for shards of glass found her lung.”

Your eyes widened. “Her lung?” you nearly shouted. “How the fu-”

 “Miss [L/n],” Christine said soothingly. “I understand this may come as…as a huge shock. But you must understand that we are doing everything we can.”

You swallowed a lump in your throat. “What else?”

Christine looked uneasy and hesitated before continuing. “There may have been some brain damage. We have our best doctor in there with her right now for both procedures, one Stephen Strange. And if all goes well, then the least we have to worry about is her going into a coma.”

“And if it doesn’t go well?”

Christine ran her tongue over her lip, eyes not meeting yours. “She could not make it out of the surgery or become brain dead.”

You excused yourself, thanking Doctor Palmer for everything. After that, you ] locked yourself in a bathroom stall and cried for hours on end. 

Eventually, news of your mother came. “At this point,” Doctor Strange told you, “it’s going to be a waiting game.” 

You nodded, biting on your thumbnail. “T-thank you,” you managed to whisper to him. 

On that point, you left, returning to the number of officers that stayed with you. You were not allowed to return to your home since you were only sixteen. Without any relatives in New York, you were forced to stay with the only emergency contact your mother had listed. 

May Parker. 

Was it utterly insane that despite everything that was going on, you were terribly nervous too see Peter? 

It made you feel shallow, really, knowing that your mother was in the hospital and you were still concerned with your ex-friend. 

It was only five (5) in the morning when you were dropped off at May’s. She obviously knew what had happened and hugged you tightly once she saw you. 

The police and May stayed behind to speak, catching May up on the current situation. 

It left you to wander aimlessly around the apartment. 

“Hey,” a soft voice muttered. 

You turned around, finding the one person you couldn’t stand to see. “Are you okay?” Peter asked. You ran your tongue over your lips. “What do you think?” 

Peter bit his lip. “[Y/n]…I am so-”

“Don’t,” you interjected. “Just don’t. I am really not in the mood for this, Peter.” You grabbed your duffle bag and walked off towards the guest bedroom. 

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The Girl Next Door [part iii]

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

A/N: sorry it took so long guys! i’ve been busy with school work and procrastinating to the mAX.

part i

part ii

“The Girl Next Door”

The sound of the alarm going off shook Peter awake. He went through his daily routine, the same motions he’d been doing for four years. That morning, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. May had made him pancakes, which he took two of, and a cup of coffee on the go.

“Bye, hon!” May shouted as she scurried back and forth in the apartment, getting ready to go to work.

Peter mumbled back a reply before slipping into the elevator. But his morning turned upside down when he wasn’t watching where he was going, and ended up bumping into someone. He backed into the person, spilled his coffee, and dropped his pancakes–not onto the floor, but onto the person. Somehow. Typical.

“Oh my god,” the person cried, trying to shake off the coffee. “What the hell?”

“Shit, I am so sorry!” Peter exclaimed turning around to apologize. And guess who it was? (Y/n). “Damn it.”

“Ha, well it’s good to see you too.”

Judging by (Y/n) tone, Peter could tell she was not happy to see him. Groaning with frustration, she gave up on trying to clean herself up while Peter just stood in the middle of the elevator, not having moved one step.

“God, I am just so–” Peter started.

“Clumsy? Yes, you are,” (Y/n) stated with a hint of annoyance. When she saw Peter’s red face, she quickly added, “I’m kidding. It’s okay, Peter.”

“Yeah…thanks,” Peter whispered, frozen.

The elevator door dinged open, and (Y/n) stepped out. She was about to walk away when she realized Peter wasn’t next to her. She flipped her head around and saw Peter still in the same spot.

“You coming?” she shouted, throwing her arms to side.

This incident, however, was the not the only embarrassing accident to occur. Some other interactions included a pencil, a chalkboard, a desk, and a cup. There were probably a total of six accidents, all started by Peter. Each time, Peter felt more and more humiliated. But (Y/n), the victim of all these accidents, felt more and more attracted to him. Yes, he had spilled coffee on her, threw a pancake at her, drew on her clothes, pushed her over while she was sitting in a desk, and had almost stabbed her with a pencil, she couldn’t help but smile every time she saw him. 


“Wait, so you’re into him?” your friend, Michelle suggested.

“No, I wouldn’t say that I’m into him, more–” you tried to explain.

But Liz cut you off, “In love with him?”

The girls laughed their asses off at the thought of you liking the dork Peter, but when they saw that you weren’t laughing as hard as them, they realized that she actually was into him.

“Oh my gosh, after all the things he’s done, you like him?” Liz asked with surprise.

“After the things he’s accidentally done,” you corrected. “He’s kinda cute…”

Michelle and Liz both discussed among themselves who worthy they thought Peter was of you, talking about scenarios and what you should do the next time he does something stupid. But you were lost in your own thoughts, brainstorming what you should do and how you should do them. What could she do to see him in a safe, accident-free environment? How could she even bring it up? She barely talked to the guy except when he spilled stuff on you. 

And then it hit you: a dinner. 

One problem though, how to convince your dad a.k.a. Captain America.

part i

part ii

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Why am I so attracted to TV Psychopaths and Villains?

I think I have a problem.

Christmas Mini-Series Part Three

Written by Christina

Category: Christmas fluff 

Word count: 1261

A/N: Here’s part three! The final part will be published at noon on Christmas day. :) Thanks for all of the love and support for each and every one of you! Once this series is completed, we will start knocking out those requests! Loves, and happy holidays! - Christina

Part One 

Part Two

Part Four

“Oh my gosh,” You said, feeling your feet slide out from under you. You were going to fall, and you were going to hit the ground hard. But before you felt the hard ice slam into your body, you felt strong arms holding you up. You glanced at your hero; Peter Parker. And he was standing upright, totally at ease with thin metal blades under his feet and holding the weight of another human being as if he did this every day. He gently pulled you onto your feet, keeping an arm around you as you wobbled again.

“How come you’re so good at this?” You asked, breathless. Peter shrugged.

“I don’t know,” He mumbled, looking a little embarrassed. “Guess it just comes naturally.” He smiled softly.

“Well, just stay close to me,” You say, grabbing one of his arms for support. “Because I don’t want to fall over again.” Peter chuckled softly and tapped your hand with his. He started to slide forward, dragging you with him. He moved at a steady pace and helped you not fall. People sped past the two of you, but you didn’t pay attention. You were paying attention to the wonderful boyfriend you had.

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Something Rare

 Peter Parker x Reader

Sequel to Something Mended, Followed by Something Dangerous 

Originally posted by manny-mellark

The young man and the young girl across the street kissed. When they pulled away, the girl was crying. The young man hugged her tightly before they managed to catch a cab. Both scurried into the car and it immediately sped off, leaving the man watching them alone.

You and Peter sprint into the hospital. “I’m here to see [M/n]!” you exclaimed. “She’s awake! Is she awake?”

“I can take them,” Palmer said to the receptionist. You and Peter gladly followed her, hands tightly intertwined. “How is she?” you asked, trying not to cry again. 

You’d already cried off your eye makeup in the cab. 

“She’s tired and groggy but asked to see you as soon as she woke up,” Christine told you. “That’s a really good sign,” she added. 

Your knees wobbled when you were brought to the room. Peter kissed the side of your head, holding you up, as you walked in. 

“Mama,” you cried, rushing forward. You fell by the bed, grasping her hand in yours. 

“Ssh,” she cooed. “It’s alright, dear, it’s alright.”

“May’s here,” Peter said a while later. “I’ll let you guys be alone for a minute.”

You smiled at him as he left. 

“So,” your mother said, sipping on her water. “You’re finally dating. How did that happen? Last time I checked you weren’t talking.”

You blushed, smoothing out your dress. “Long story. I don’t want to tell you everything already,” you teased. “You’re dressed quite nice, were you out on a date?” she gushed. “Kinda,” you said slowly. “We were on our way to the Homecoming dance but then you woke up.”

She put a hand over her chest. “Oh, I’m sorry for ruining your evening, then,” she teased. You could only hug her again. “I missed you so much,” you whispered. “I honestly thought you were going to-”

“[Y/n], honey, I didn’t,” she cut you off. “I’m right here. I’ll always be right here.”

In the end, your mother couldn’t be checked out quite yet. And you weren’t allowed to spend the night. It took a lot of convincing from May, your mom, Peter, and the doctors to finally get you to agree to going back home (on the condition you could come back the next day).

Your mother, settled down in her bed, alone once more. Her heart beat gently, contently. You were okay and finally with Peter. She’d always liked Peter, though every time she suggested him to you, you would immediately shut down.

“You didn’t tell her,” a voice muttered. She sat upwards, startled at the broken silence.“Why?” the voice asked.

Your mother swallowed down her instinct, which was to yell for help and make him disappear. “I didn’t think it was the right time. [Y/n] is doing so well. She’s getting a grip on her powers already. And don’t tell me you can’t see it. There’s hardly been an earthquake in the past week!”

“She doesn’t even know she has powers,” the voice replied angrily. “She has no idea what she’s doing. She’s a rare child, we both know it, but controlling and not knowing are two different things, Alya.” Your mother gripped onto the blankets tightly. “Don’t call me that,” she quickly said. “That isn’t my name anymore.”

“But it was once. Whatever happened?”

She glared into the darkness of the hospital room. “I realized that you were wrong. I realized that I wanted my daughter-”

Our!” the voice yelled. 

“She will never ever be yours,” your mother hissed. “[Y/n] will not know about you nor about what she can do. I forbid it!”

There was no reply. 

That was how your mother knew he had left.

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