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Are you still taking prompts? I kept thinking about how (possibly after infinity war) when someone on earth would offer Peter one of those super fancy and high tech iPod/stark-phone to replace his "out-of-date" zune, and peter would just refuse

Okay, so first of all, I’ve actually read a really neat fic that deals with this, with Tony and Peter.

I can’t do anything that awesome, so here is what came to mind instead. Because maybe it’s Peter Quill’s turn to deal with a curious young Terran, also named Peter.

Also posted on AO3: Good Morning Starshine.

“So, Earth must be pretty boring compared to what you’re used to, huh?”

Peter looked down at the teenager skipping along at his side as they explored the main shopping district of what Peter had been told was one of the biggest cities on this particular continent (Fifth Avenue, New York City, North America, Earth). “Boring? Why?”

The kid – whose name was also Peter, so they had settled on “Parker” and “Quill” – looked up at him with wide, guileless eyes. “Dude, you’ve seen whole different planets. You’ve been on spaceships.”

You’ve been on a spaceship,” Peter pointed out mildly. “My spaceship.”

“Yeah, but, like, once. You can fly them! You’ve been to whole shipyards full, I bet. And – and Infinity Stones, and – I mean, all I can compare it to is sci-fi movies and stuff, but you’ve seen the real thing. How in the world can anything on Earth compare to that?”

Peter looked up and down the street. They had been walking for awhile, and had wandered out of the high-class stores further north and were into an area now that the little handheld map on his StarkPhone told him was called Greenwich Village. He liked this better; it had a lot of interesting little shops that he found more appealing than the glitzy shops uptown, which put him in mind of certain districts on Xandar that tended to try to arrest him for loitering as soon as they got one look at his Ravager-red coat.

The thing was, objectively speaking, Parker was right. Once you’d been to Knowhere, once you’d been offered your own planet, once you’d flown through the Well of Ten Million Stars at incredibly unsafe speeds and held an Infinity Stone in your bare hands, how could a small planet in a quiet neighborhood of the galaxy possibly hold any wonder at all?

But that was asking the wrong question.

He’d been to a hundred planets, and every last one of them was interesting in its own way. This one was even more fascinating because it was the one that his people had come from. Every single person on these streets looked just like him. He couldn’t get over it. Oh sure, some of the colors were different, some of them were a little shorter or taller, but that was such a tiny difference that he hardly even noticed it. Every last person he saw around him could be related to him – in fact, actually was related to him, if you went back far enough. And every last item in each one of the shops had been invented and built by his people.

If he were going to lose his sense of wonder, he’d have long since lost it after a few years of wandering around alien markets with Yondu and the Ravagers. Instead, everything he saw just made the next thing more interesting by contrast … all the more so on his long-lost planet of birth. Nothing here could ever seem dull to him.

But he wasn’t quite sure how to explain this to Parker, who had literally never been off this planet (which Peter still found hard to wrap his mind around) except for very briefly on the Milano.

Peter couldn’t help thinking that Yondu would have laughed and laughed to see him showing the galaxy, even tiny little bits of it, to another wide-eyed Terran kid who even happened to be also named Peter. There was a time when that thought would’ve felt like a ragged saw blade across his heart, but time’s passage had done what he’d once thought impossible: it had faded his grief to something gentle and warm and only slightly sad.

We’ll meet in the stars someday, you old bastard, and I’ll tell you all about this, just in case you don’t already know.

But he couldn’t imagine how to explain any of this to someone Peter Parker’s age, someone who’d literally never even met anyone except Terrans until Peter’s team showed up, so all he said was, “I like Earth. I wish I could see more of it before I have to leave, but this city is my favorite place so far.” He watched the kid preen, because of course the city was his place (and the odd thought occurred to Peter that he might actually have already seen more of this kid’s world than Parker himself had had a chance to, so far). “What else should I see before I leave?”

“Ooh. The Brooklyn Bridge, for sure. There’s a pedestrian walkway, which is pretty rad, but I like to web-sling from the towers. That’s the best part, and it’ll be sunset soon, which is awesome from up there.”

“Where’s that?” Peter asked. He held up the StarkPhone and let Parker touch the map with quick, deft fingers. “Oh, that bridge. The one with the big swooshy parts. Here, hold on.”

“What are – ack!”

Peter had engaged his rocket boots, swooping away into the sky and leaving behind a chorus of awed gasps and some flashes of those little communication devices everyone carried here. A moment later, they dropped out of the sky on top of the peak of the bridge’s towers.

“Dude,” Parker panted, sitting down on a concrete buttress. “You can’t just do that here. I mean, seriously. People don’t just fly around here.”

“Literally half the people I’ve met on this planet can fly.”

“Yeah – but – look, the people you’ve met so far aren’t exactly, uh, normal.”

“Neither am I,” Peter pointed out. He put away the StarkPhone and put in an earbud from the Zune. Parker was right, the sky was beginning to show the first flush of color. He hadn’t seen a sunset on Earth yet and he was looking forward to it, so this needed some music.

“You know you can play music on the StarkPhone, right?” Parker said, eyeing the Zune.

“I know. Tony told me.”

“I mean, how many songs can that thing possibly have on it?”

“Three hundred,” Peter said absently, scrolling through his playlists. Perfect: Otis Redding, (Sitting’ on) The Dock of the Bay. “Want to listen?” he asked, holding out an earbud to Parker.

“Three hundred … songs. You know the StarkPhone can fit like 500 times that many, right?”

“Oh, believe me,” Peter said, “I’m not leaving this planet without all the music I can stuff onto whatever storage media you have here.” He’d asked each of the Avengers if they would put some of their favorite songs together for him, and he was looking forward very much to hearing all of them on the long jumps between the cold stars. He’d heard some of Tony’s music and liked it already; they even knew some of the same songs, which was something he’d never actually had in common with anyone besides his mom before.

“But, don’t you think –”

“Do you want to listen or not?”

“Okay … fine.” Parker took the earbud. “Even this thing is kinda old-fashioned looking,” he remarked, looking at it. “I would’ve thought a spaceman wouldn’t be so … retro.”

Peter couldn’t help smiling again; Yondu was definitely laughing his goddamn blue ass off about this, somewhere out there in the stars. “Someone gave it to me … someone who loved me, and now I carry a little of them with me, wherever I go. That’s important when you don’t live on the same planet with the same people all your life. Home isn’t places, not really; it’s people.” He ran a light thumb over the Zune. “And sometimes this is the closest thing you have when people aren’t there anymore.”

He was fully expecting this to sail straight over Parker’s head, but instead the kid gave him a smile with a trace of wistfulness. And yeah, come to think of it, he didn’t remember hearing anything about any of Parker’s relatives except for an aunt. Peter’s mother had died on Earth; he should know better than anyone that his birth planet was not without its full measure of pain.

“What did you say this song was called?” Parker asked.

“Dock of the Bay. Otis Redding.” Peter tapped to start the song. “Now, show me one of these Earth sunsets I’ve heard so much about.”

“It’s right there,” Parker said dryly, pointing at the western horizon as the first beats of the music began to play.



Updated: 06/27/2017

Tom Holland:

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Winning More Than Oscars

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I Miss Everything About Her

All About Her


All For Nothing

Sing Me To Sleep

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The Nanny Series:

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

It’s For The Best series:
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Bonkai + Kai hiding the ascendant (6x04 vs. 6x17)


The avengers tower was nearly empty, and you were bored beyond belief. Since food always cures boredom, you went to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of berries.

As you scrolled through your feed on wattpad, you heard a thump and a soft omff. “What the hell?” you mumbled, turning to find Peter Parker brushing off his pants. 

“Yo, Y/N. What’s up?”  He smiled, leaning against the counter. 

You chewed your food slowly, grinning at the one and only Spider-Man. “Nothing much Peetie. Just eating some berries.”

“Haha. Yeah. I love berries. They’re great.” Peter then grabbed some from the bowl and chewed fast. “Ha. So fresh and good. You know like berries are the best and they’re just so goo-”



“Shut up.”


A/N: I was thinking about how Michael got super attached to Daniel the Lion plushie, and how he never took off his Fennekin poke hat but wore it all around Japan. So I’m absolutely sure his child is going to inherit this and have a plushy that he/she carries everywhere like a security blanket. This is based on that concept. The ending is somewhat open for another part so if you want more, reblog/message me/give feedback!

Special thanks to @chagrind-amour and @fower43 for suggesting the names Parker and Jagger! 

AU: Single Dad! Michael + Teacher! Y/N | Words: 1.8 k

Children have empathy for everything; for those who surround them; for toys, animals, plants, rock. For them, everything is alive and has a soul.

Sticking character Band-Aids on scraped knees, wiping runny noses, and waking in the middle of the night to fight monsters in the closet. Michael never thought that these things would come to define his life. It seemed like just yesterday he was having food and beer delivered to him on demand, enjoying food from every country he toured. Now he’s living on cheese toasties, dinosaur chicken nuggets, and juice boxes because his 4-year-old doesn’t seem to eat anything else. And while his friends are out frequenting bars and clubs, Michael is at home tucking Parker in by 8 o’clock.  As drastic as all these changes were when they first began, they slowly became Michael’s new sense of normal.

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Parker’s Birthday !

Originally posted by huckleberryb

Artist: Jay Park

Work Count: 1.2K

It was your baby boys birthday today and he was turning five, you couldn’t believe how fast he was growing up. You and Jay decided to throw him a birthday party and invite everyone over.

You decided to prepare the cake yourself this time, and after asking Parker what flavor he wanted and him choosing vanilla, so vanilla it is for your boy. It took quiet some time after doing a three layer cake and it was finally in the fridge to set over night.

For lunch it was going to be a BBQ since it was always a tradition when the families all came together, and you decided to keep going with it.
Jay wanted to make this birthday to be unforgettable for his boy so he rented a whole playground with all the airy slides and such in your guys backyard, there was pretty much a lot of space so it worked out really good, plus all the kids will love it

Your morning started when you felt Jay shifting around the bed but before he could leave the bed you pulled him back wanting to cuddle with him,

“Morning” you said in your sleepy voice

“Morning Baby” he said and held you in his arms

“Are you going to work” you asked

“Yeah, I’m going fir a few hours and I’ll be back to help you prepare everything okay”

“Okay, I love you” you said and gave him a kiss, he kissed you back and said

“I love you too” and headed to go shower and leave.

You went and checked on your little man and saw that he was still sleeping and the dogs Oscar and PJ sleeping next to him, it was such a cute sight. You took that chance to go and shower while Parker was still sleeping.

After you showered and changed into comfy clothes until you changed into your other outfit you went to the kitchen and started getting the meats and side dishes ready so when their ready to get cooked you won’t have to rush into it. You felt someone tug on your leg and you looked down and saw Parker pulling onto your pants trying to get your attention.

“Good morning baby” you said and picked him up, he was still waking up so he nuzzled to your neck and got comfy searching for warmth.

“Today we’re having your partyyy, are your excited” you asked him and he nodded his head, and you smiled at how cute he was being.

“Mommy, I’m hungry” he said

“Okay I’ll make you food right now” After making him food and letting him eat it by himself you continued making the food for lunch.

“Com on let’s get you showered” you told him and he followed you, and the two dogs also followed thinking you called for them. Parker of course wanted to match his clothes to his dad’s, he loved doing that and it always brought a big smile to Jay and everyone that saw the both of them couldn’t take their eyes away from how cute they were.

You loved the relationship Jay had with Parker, they were like bestfriends, even though Jay was super busy with his work he always found time to hang out and spent time with Parker and you, work was Important but his first priority was you guys. And you loved seeing that since growing up you didn’t have a father figure around you, it was always something you never wanted your kids to experience and you told that to Jay from day one, he always stuck to him promise of always being there not just for Parker but also you, and that’s what made Jay a great person.

Everyone started coming and soon enough the house was full with everyone, and everyone was enjoying their time, it wasn’t just a party it was also a get together for everyone there since everyone is busy with their own lives and it gets hard to always see each other.

“Hey gorgeous” Jay said, he came behind you and hugged you when he saw you doing something in the kitchen

“Hey babe” you said, he leaned forward to see what your doing and in the process kissed your cheek which brought a big smile to your face. You turned around and put your arms around his neck and leaned forward to kiss him, and you almost forgot how full the house was and there’s people around you, when you heard someone passed you shoved Jay and acted like nothing happened, Jay was laughing at you and your scared face expression.

You went out to check on everyone and see what Parker was doing, and you were glad that he and everyone were having fun and enjoying their time.

“Mommy, mommy looked at me” you heard Parker shouting to get your attention from on top of the slide, you looked at him and nodded to let him know your watching him, he then slid down the slide and came running to you with a big smile and that was one of the reason you do this for him, just to see him smile.

“Did you see me mommy”

“I did, your such a big boy you could do this all on your own” you told him and ruffled his hair and he went back to playing.

After everyone was done with their lunch you decided to get the cake out, once everyone saw it and came running circling the table. You got Parker and put him on a chair to stand on, then you turned off the light

“You guys this will be on my social media so I want a nice performance, there’s about a million people watching it, so no pressure” Jay said and everyone cracked up. On the count of three everyone started singing and the look on your boy’s face just makes everything worth it.  

Jay thought it would be a good idea to give Parker his gift after everyone was done eating their cake.

“Okay keep your eyes closed” you told him.

“1 2 3 open your eyes” you said and removed the wrap and waited to see his face expression. He was shocked and happy to see the gift he’s been wanting for months now in front of his eyes. It was a mini car that looked like Jays Bentley and that he could charge and play with outside.

“Mommyyy” he came running to you to hug you.

“Do you like it”

“mmm” he said and nodded his head

“Thank you Mommy and Daddy” he said and kissed your cheeks and also went up to Jay so he could hug him and kiss him.

When he was done thanking you guys he went on to try his new ride and he was loving it.

Today was a big success, everyone enjoyed their time, and Parker loved his party. It was late at night, Parker was super tired by the end of the day and fell asleep super quickly, you and Jay were cuddling on the bed while the TV was playing in the background, you were laying next to him and playing with his hair which soon enough made him drift to sleep from how soothing it was. At the end of the day you were glad to see that big smile never left your little mans face


Who Do You Belong To?

[Prompt: Phil’s spending more time editing than w/ Dan, so Dan uses the app from ‘Sexy Interent Dating’ to sext other men then purposely leaves his phone unlocked so Phil find out & will see what he did and show him who’s boss and teach him a lesson]

wow more smut bc you guys got my last post to over 100 notes (yh thats right fucking aMazING)

Warnings: angry sex, a lot of dan moaning and begging, cheating(ish), sexting, teasing, dirty talk (quite a lot tbqh lmfao), powerbottom!dan ayy lmao, facial lolololol, 


Dan strides into the office walking over to where Phil sits and wrapping his arms around him, “Hey…”

“Oh hey Dan!” Phil smiles, not turning away from the video he’s editing.

Dan leans his head down and starts to kiss Phil’s neck, “Mm, what are you doing?”

“I’m editing a video right now Dan, could you save this for later?” Phil asks, moving away from Dan’s lips.

“But Phil… We haven’t done anything for over 2 weeks!” Dan complains.

“I know but I’m just busy editing.” Phil says, moving a clip over into a different area.

Dan groans, walking out of the office. He walks into the lounge flopping onto the couch, completely bored. He opens up his phone and scrolls through some of the apps before landing on a particular app. The app that he used in his 'Sexy Internet Dating’ video. He smirks, opening up the app. He quickly changes the profile settings like, his profile picture (he changed it to a pretty explicit photo that Phil took of him with his phone after they had sex one day), his interests, and description. He scrolls through a list of guys before settling on one with a quite attractive profile picture.



Hey baby ;)

He waits until he phone vibrates in his hand.



Hey ;)


God, I’m so horny right now…

Dan smiles, looking at the doorway to make sure Phil isn’t there.



Me too baby… You’re so fucking hot in your profile pic with that jizz all over you…

Dan smirks, patting himself on the back for choosing it.



Thanks ;) I wish it was your cum on me right now…

Dan thinks, is it too early to send that? Eh, whatever. He presses send and waits for the next response.



Fuck… How bad do you want it?


So fucking bad… God I just need a cock in me right now…


I wanna fuck you babe. I’d fuck you right into the goddamn mattress…

Dan breathes, that was kinda hot…



Fuck me so hard that I cum twice.

Dan smirks, Phil would kill him if he found out about what he was doing.



I’d fuck you so hard you pass out with only my cock.


Cum all over me daddy.

Dan laughs quietly, he’s too sexual for his own good.

Parker, however, doesn’t respond. Dan believes that he fell asleep or something.

Dan chuckles, exiting the app. He never realized how tired he was. He gets off of the couch, glancing out the door and up the stairs to see if Phil is still sitting there and sure enough, Phil is there with his headphones on. Dan sits back down, and smirks to himself; he’ll leave his phone unlocked so that Phil will see when Parker responds. He’ll probably open up Dan’s phone and look through the messages. Dan nods, taking off the password to his phone and setting it down on the coffee table. He gets up and walks over to the bottom of the stairs.

“Phil! I’m heading to bed!” Dan calls.

“Okay! I’ll be there soon, love you!” Phil calls back.

Dan smiles, that smile soon turning into a devilish smirk as he walks away from the office. He soon walks into their room and strips his clothes, down to his boxers. He hops into bed and soon drifts off.


“Dan!” Phil yells from the lounge.

Dan shoots up, looking around until Phil calls his name again.

Dan, goddammit!“ Phil shouts.

Dan chuckles, Phil knows. Dan gets up, walking out of the room and rubbing his eyes, "Yeah Phil?” he answers sleepily.

“Who the fuck is Parker?” Phil asks, angrily.

Dan doesn’t answer, looking around innocently.

“Don’t fucking play games with me! I said who the fuck is Parker?! And why the fuck were you sexting him?” Phil yells again, storming over to Dan.

“I wasn’t sexting him…” Dan tries to hold back laughter.

“Oh really? Then what the fuck is, cum all over me daddy, supposed to mean?” Phil booms.

Dan shrugs, playing with his fingernails as a small smile plays on his face.

Phil drops Dan’s phone on the ground, pushing him up against the wall, “This isn’t a fucking joke. You belong to me and only me. Okay?”

Dan bites back a smile, “But Park-”

“I don’t give a fuck! You are mine, the cum on your face in your profile pic is mine. No one else’s but. Mine.” Phil growls, his northern accent coming out.

Dan bites his lip, Phil is hot as fuck when he’s angry. Phil attacks Dan’s neck, sucking a large bruise before licking over it. Dan gasps, holding onto Phil’s half buttoned flannel as Phil leaves more marks on Dan’s soft skin. Phil’s hands hold Dan’s hips against the wall, grinding against him. Dan moans, clutching tighter on Phil’s shirt. Phil pulls away looking at the deep purple marks on Dan’s neck.

“Hope you look at those marks days from now and know that you’re mine.” Phil grumbles.

Dan nods frantically, pulling Phil in for a kiss. Phil grips tighter on Dan’s hips, making sure that they leave bruises. Dan tangles his fingers in Phil’s hair, tugging slightly. Phil pulls away, looking into Dan’s blown out eyes.

“Bedroom. Now.”

Dan runs to the bedroom, ripping off his boxers and laying on the bed. Phil walks in, his flannel barely hanging on him and his boxers sliding off of his hips. Dan bites his lip, laying on his back as Phil hovers over him. Phil presses his hips into Dan’s, rolling them as a squeaked moan comes from his mouth. Phil smirks and does it again, slower, causing Dan to arch his back.

“P-lease P-Phil…” Dan chokes out.

“Hm?” Phil says back, pretending he didn’t hear him.

“Please… Oh my fuck…” Dan moans.

Phil leans down to Dan’s neck, licking up to his ear, making Dan shiver, “Please what, baby?”

Dan groans at Phil’s heavy voice in his ear, biting his lip, “Please j-just…”

“Spit it out. Come on baby. Because when I’m done with you, you won’t be able to spit me out.” Phil growls.

Fuck me!” Dan whimpers.

Phil snickers, his smirk present once again, “Mm, listen to yourself. All desperate for me. For my cock? You want this?” Phil says, cupping himself. He’s just as hard as Dan.

“Yeah..! I want it so fucking bad please Phil!” Dan cries out, biting his fingers, “I’m so fucking horny Phil…”

Phil can’t take it, Dan begging and whimpering just for him. He rips off his boxers and he snatches the lube off the bedside table. He pours it on his fingers and doesn’t even warm it up as he plunges two fingers into Dan. Dan gasps loudly, moaning as Phil pumps his fingers in him.

“M-More…” Dan moans, tilting his head back.

Phil adds another finger, curling them until he hits Dan’s spot and Dan swears he was about to cum.

“Fuck! Right there Phil…”

Phil pulls his fingers out, wiping them on his boxers, which he pulls off in two seconds. Phil slicks his cock up, stroking himself. He lines up with Dan and he pushes the tip in, causing both of them to moan, but Phil recovers. He stares at Dan, smirking.

“Phil! Please..!” Dan cries, trying to push himself onto Phil’s cock.

“Please what?” Phil asks again. He’s gonna tease this boy until he’s crying. That’ll teach him not to sext other guys.

“Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Dan yells, “Fucking pound me!”

Phil slams in with no warning, making Dan scream and clutch the sheets. Phil keeps plowing into Dan, moans and soft grunts. Dan wraps his arms loosely around Phil neck, high pitched 'uh!’s flowing put of his mouth. Phil looks at Dan’s face, his eyes closed, eyelashes fluttering, and his mouth open as gorgeous sounds of pleasure pour out of his mouth. Phil stops his movements when he’s literally balls deep in Dan.

“What the fuck?” Dan says.

“Who is Parker.” Phil says, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

“Oh god, Phil. It was nothing now can we please just- uh!” Dan interrupts himself with a moan.

Phil caused the moan, interrupting Dan in the middle of his sentence to slide his hips back before slamming them back into place, “ I said, who is Parker?”

Dan pants, “Well you were busy yesterday so I thought,” pant, “Why don’t I piss off Phil? And it fucking worked.” Dan smirks.

Phil pulls out completely, another one of his teases. Dan whimpers at the emptiness, looking at Phil.

“Phil.. Please come back…” Dan bites his lip, propping himself up on an elbow.


“Phil, I’m sorry! I won’t happen ever again…” Dan says.


“Phil! Please, I’m so so sorry!”

Phil doesn’t even respond, he hates not being inside of Dan’s tight heat but he’s teaching Dan a lesson, “No.”

“Phil, listen to me! I’m so fucking sorry, please forgive me… I’m so sorry…” Dan says, on the brink of crying.

Phil pushes Dan onto his back, slamming into him. Phil pounds into Dan, making him cry out loudly. Phil angles his thrusts and Dan screams in pleasure.

“Fuck Phil! Yeah right fucking there..!” Dan growls, whimpering after.

“So fucking tight baby…” Phil moans, watching Dan’s hard and red cock bouncing on his stomach.

Dan feels his orgasm reaching as Phil continues to pound into him, “I’m gonna cum so fucking hard… Oh shit I’m gonna cum.”

“Me too baby…” Phil moans, thrusting even faster.

Dan feels Phil abusing his spot and he swears his orgasm hits him like a fucking train. Dan screams loudly, his cum spurting onto his chest.

Phil shoves his fingers into Dan’s mouth to quiet him a little, “I’m gonna make you a new profile picture…”

Dan moans, sucking on Phil’s fingers and Phil pulls out, moving over Dan and angling his cock at his face. He groans Dan’s name, shooting his load onto Dan’s face and onto his tongue as he sticks it out like a kid outside in the snow. Phil pants, coming down from his high.

“Take a picture baby, I’m dirty again…” Dan says, licking his lips.

Phil reaches over to their nightstand, grabbing his phone. He slides up the camera app and he angles the camera towards him. Dan pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, looking dead on into the lens. Phil takes the photo, looking over it. Dan uses his finger to get the slightly cold cum off of his face, putting it into his mouth and sucking it off. When Phil puts his phone down, Dan had cleaned his face completely. Phil chuckles, lying beside him.

“Who do you belong to, Dan?” Phil asks, almost asleep.



Reel Her In


Prompt: Reader doesn’t want to dance with Peter BC she doesn’t know how so Peter uses his webs to ‘Reel them in’

A/N: I tried to make it gender neutral but I wasn’t really sure how so I’m really sorry bout that.

Relationship: Peter Parker X  Fem!Reader


“Peter, I’m not gonna dance.” You laugh at your boyfriend as a slow song starts to play in the Avengers tower. “You know I can’t.”

“It’s easy Y/N!” Peter whines playfully. You laugh once again and start to walk away to your next ‘chore’ Tony had the two of you guys doing. Whenever he would throw a party, you and Peter would sneak in, thus Tony ordering you two to clean up the remaining trash that the suits so happened to ‘miss’.  “I’ll teach you!”

“Like Hell you will,” You state walking farther and going to the coffee table which is filled with red plastic cups that where once holding some type of alcohol.

As you bend over to put the cups into a the white trash bag you’d been lugging around you feel a small shove like feeling on your butt. You immediately know Peter has webbed you. You turn around with your hands on your hands.

“What are you doing Peter?” You ask in mock anger a small smile playing at your lips. Another song starts to play, it’s a little more upbeat than the one that was playing. No doubt it was one of the songs Steve had chosen.

“I’m gonna teach my girl how to dance,” He said pretending to ‘Reel you in’ with his webbing until you where fitted into his arms. “and she’s gonna like it.”

You laugh and throw your arms over his shoulders wrapping them around his neck loosely. His hands find your hips and lift you onto his feet. You look down blushing like a mad man as Peter moves your feet atop of his side to to side rocking the both of you.

“Peter I don’t think this really qualifies as dancing.” You state.

“Oh.” He says quietly. “Well if thats the case neither of us can dance.”

He shrugs with a dorky smile on his face. You laugh and press your lips to his softly.

“Yuck, hey if you two are done smooching in my living room could you finish cleaning. I’m about to vomit up here.” Tony’s voice says over the towers intercom.

You laugh along with Peter as Tony continues to rant about the ‘young kids these days never able to keep it in there pants.’